Ford F-150

Ford F-150

After yesterday’s announcement on better fuel economy , Ford released pricing on the 2009 F-150 pick-up that will go on sale this October. Prices start from $ 21,320 for the XL version and go up to $44,860 for the Platinum one.

Ford may be finding a tougher sale for large trucks in an economy that is been beaten by high gas prices. Like other truck makers in the industry, Ford hopes to spur sales through offering more options as standard equipment and better fuel economy.

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The 2009 Ford F150 will go on sale in October with fuel economy that has improved an average of 8% across the entire lineup. Ford says this savings came from using lightweight steel to lighten the truck by about 100 pounds and aerodynamic refinements.

2009 Ford F150 on sale in October, fuel economy improved by 8%

Also new for 2009 is the SFE package ("superior fuel economy") available on F-150 SuperCrew XL and XLT 4X2 vehicles with 4.6-liter, 3-valve V-8 engines and 5.5-foot beds. The SFE pickup will achieve 15 mpg in the city and 21 mpg on the highway. It will be a no-cost option on XLT SuperCrew pickups with the chrome package and will cost $1,095 when ordered on XL SuperCrew pickups with the decor package. So the lesson here is get chrome, get more miles?

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First rumors about a F-100 were revealed back in May. It was supposed to be a smaller version of the F-150 based on a mid-sized truck from South Africa that uses the Ranger name. Now it seems Ford decided to put aside those plans. The new truck was to have been built at the facility in Wayne, Michigan, but Ford will now retool that plant to produce small cars. The funding for the F-100 will now be utilized to further the EcoBoost technology that extends fuel economy. Rumors are going around that Ford is hoping that the fuel savings from EcoBoost will eliminate the need for a truck like the F-100.

It could still build the F-100 at one of its other truck plants if it later determines there is a need for the product. Ford has also taken steps to ensure that it can quickly change its mind if it decides it needs to bring the South African Ranger to the United States.

Though sales have collapsed in the face of rising fuel prices, Ford’s F-series remains the best-selling vehicles in the United States.

Source: Detroit News
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The HEVT(Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technologies, Inc.) brings some important improvements to the famous pickup F-150 especially in regards to fuel savings and still using the Ford chassis. This truck serves as a model for pickups, SUVs and vans using the efficient technology of reducing fuels, gas and emissions. In the case of the Ford F150 the results of HEVT are quite surprising, pushing it from 16mpg(14.7l/100km) during a daily driving to just 41mpg(5.7l/100km).

The brain of this technology is the ACU(Adaptive Control Unit) which controls the hybrid drive train and, when driving, it controls the use of the electric motor and gasoline engine. The ACU features a display unit which shows all the time how much charge is left and how much energy is being recaptured through regenerative braking.

Ford started building specialty trucks back in 1999 with the sporty 340hp F150 Lightning, and two luxury trucks, the ’King Ranch’ and the Harley Davidson. Since then, the Lightning production stopped in 2004, but both luxury trucks have been doing very well in sales. In fact, high end trucks are doing so well that next year Ford will bring out their all new 12th generation F150; with the luxurious ’Platinum’ trim as a part of the regular F150 line. The 2008 Harley Davidson truck is filling the gap in the meantime.

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Ford unveiled the 2009 F-150 pick-up in January at the Detroit Auto Show and sales will begin in autumn. The 2009 F-150 features new exterior, with a bigger and brawnier grille and fatter fenders designed to make the wheels look larger. Also a new chassis offers the new pick-up a stronger frame for more torsional rigidity.

The 2009 F-150 is being offered in seven different trims: XL, STX, XLT, FX4, Lariat, King Ranch and the new Platinum model. Prices are extepected to start at around $19.000.

Ford F-150

The pick-up is being offered with a choice of three V8 engines: 5.4-liter, 3-valve Triton V-8, which has been optimized for better performance with improved horsepower and torque, and is capable of running on E85; 4.6-liter, 3-valve V-8, which is new for F-150 and the 4.6-liter, 2-valve V-8, a third V-8 choice in the line-up that delivers more horsepower with the same fuel economy performance as the outgoing truck’s V-6.

The new F-150 offers segment-first standard AdvanceTrac® with RSC® (Roll Stability Control) and Trailer Sway Control plus available Rearview Camera Assist as well as Integrated Trailer Brake Controller a segment-first on light-duty pickups.

Ford F-150

The interior of the new 2009 F-150 SuperCrew offers more usable space for moving more people and gear thanks to a 6-inch stretch that improves rear seat legroom and cargo capacity. A mechanically articulated second-row seat flips up and out of the way. Combined with a truly flat load floor, the feature gives the new SuperCrew class leading 57.6 cubic feet of space behind the front seats and can accommodate items up to 47.9 inches tall, such as flat-screen TV that needs to be hauled from the electronics store to home.

The 2008 Ford F-150 Foose Edition, which will be available through Ford Dealers in early 2008, will be among 3dCarbon’s featured show vehicles at the upcoming SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The F-150 Foose Edition is a result of an exciting collaboration between world-renown hot-rod customizer Chip Foose, Ford Design and 3dCarbon.

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