Ford Falcon

Ford Falcon

The 2011 HSV E-Series 3 cast a huge spotlight on the Holden brand when it was released earlier this year, but that attention was quickly diverted when Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) announced that their Falcon GT sports car would be getting a supercharged engine making it the first supercharged V8-engined GT in their history. Not satisfied with just one feature distracting the public eye from their competitor, FPV is now releasing plans to send the supercharged V8 over to the U.S. market, a market that Holden used to participate in until General Motors cut off the Pontiac brand and, in turn, the rebadged Commodore .

Jim Farley, Ford’s US-based vice-president of global marketing, said that the company plans more performance-based focus — including rear-wheel-drive models — for the US market. This will begin by bringing its supercharged V8 technology back to the US, but keeping it wrapped in its Australian skin.

"The team at FPV is on the record about their desire to potentially use the supercharged V8s elsewhere in the Ford world but at this stage there are no definite plans. It’s no surprise to us, though, that others would love to experience what we have on offer down here."

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Ford has recently been all about the “One Ford” idea, in which all Ford’s across the globe, will have a few things in common. After the 2010 Detroit Auto Show, we had thought that the next Ford Falcon would share a platform with the front-wheel drive Taurus .

Despite our initial thoughts, it seems that they were wrong. Ford CEO Allan Mulally told reporters that rear-wheel drive vehicles were still a major part of Ford’s business and that the company would continue to make vehicles that customers want to buy.

“When you look at all of the vehicles people want ... there are a set of vehicles that rear-wheel-drive makes a lot of sense (for)," he said, alluding to the likes of the US’s Mustang muscle car and the Australian Falcon that’s predominantly sold here. "We’re going to continue to make what customers really want and value - starting with you [Australians]."

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To commemorate 40 years of the GT nameplate in Australia Ford Performance Vehicles created a special-edition of a Falcon GT. This special Falcon GT designed to mark the nameplate’s 40th anniversary in Australia will be sell in just 200 models. This car is tuned for track-day enthusiasts and the chassis underneath will be made available to many more buyers. The Falcon was unveiled at Melbourne Motor Show this year, 40 years after the XR Falcon Falcon GT from 1967.All vehicles will be finished in (...)
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The XA GT was the first Australian designed Ford, and the GT version was a more refined car than its predecessors (which had been designed more as road going race cars than true Grand Tourers).

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