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Ford Falcon

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The Ford Falcon has been in production since 1960, and since 1972, it’s been entirely a product of Australia — designed, developed, and produced entirely separate from the U.S. It holds the position of Australia’s best-selling car, and sells with a variety of engines and trim levels. Over the last seven generations, more than 3 million of them have been sold. That’s a lot of Falcon Falcon s. They even produce a Ranchero-like ute version that takes the awesomeness to a whole new level. Heading into 2015, Ford is releasing a new performance version of the Falcon, dubbed the FPV GT F.

Sometimes, I swear Ford is just trying to make its customers in the United States jealous of its customers in Australia. Sure, they gave the U.S. a much more capable Focus than was previously available, the tiny-but-flickable Fiesta , and a number of quite enjoyable ST models, but even so, it seems like the Australians have all the fun.

Even as the Fusion and Taurus improve leaps and bounds over their predecessors, neither sedan is offered with a V-8, and neither is rear-wheel drive. The Australian Ford Falcon, however, comes with both rear-wheel-drive and an optional V-8, which makes it much more desirable than the Fusion or even the Taurus in the United States. If you want tail-out fun from an American sedan , then the Ford Falcon is one of those cars that you know you love, but you know you can’t have.

To make things worse, Ford has just introduced the Falcon-based 2015 FPV GT F, a 5.0-liter, V-8 monster of a sedan that makes more horsepower than a Mustang GT and still manages to have the capacity to drive your friends down to the neighborhood pub.

If you were jealous of the Ford Falcon before, the 2015 FPV GT F will leave you even more jealous than before.

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Undisciplined drivers on the Australian roads now have a new reason to think twice before putting the pedal to the metal, as the highway patrol has just added a new Ford Falcon GT to its fleet. With 536 horsepower under the hood (up from the car’s standard 449 ponies), this is the most powerful police car to ever patrol Australian roads. These extra ponies are thanks, in part, to a bigger exhaust system and high-flow fuel injectors.

The car has been specially developed to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the NSW Police. It comes equipped with the latest radar unit, number-plate-reading technology and a suite of on-board computers that will make catching the bad guys really easy. In all, the Falcon GT police cruiser cost in excess of $100,000 and there is no mention of whether it will see actual police use, or just be a show car. We assume it will be relegated to the latter.

’’It’s a conversation starter,’’ says Inspector John Lipman, the commander of the traffic technology section. ’’It’s about interacting with car enthusiasts and having a similar vehicle to what they would have or what they might aspire to.’’


Australia’s very own Ford supercar, the mighty Falcon V8 , has been getting quite the run in the spotlight lately and turns out, there’s another version ready to take some names.

This new version is the Ford Performance Racing Falcon V8, which is set to compete in the V8 Supercars series in Australia. It has been dressed in the team’s Ecoboost motorsport livery and will be driven by both Mark Winterbottom and Will Davidson for the 2013 season.

While the car is still heavy in the testing and development phase, the team is already looking into making all the necessary adjustments leading up to its racing debut next season.

“While there is still a lot of work to be done to understand the new car ahead of next season, our ability to have the car on track running what we hope will be the final specification of many parts will give us the best chance of starting 2013 at the head of the field." said FPR Team Principal Tim Edwards.

Expect to see and hear more about the Ford Performance Racing Falcon V8 when the 2013 season of the V8 Supercars series in Australia draws near.

Five years after the first Transformers movie, it’s safe to say that the sizzle from seeing cars transforming into robots and vice versa isn’t a novelty anymore. But don’t tell that to Ford Australia, which found a new way to promote the release of the new video game Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

Whereas you’ll normally see TV plugs or maybe even a billboard or two, Ford Australia took to Facebook to present a conceptual design of its very own Transformer, Falcatron. Apparently, Falcatron is an Autobot and was born from a Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo, a car that packed a 4.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine and produced 362 horsepower. The design of Falcatron is noticeable too, to say the least, particularly the electric blue color, the orange grille and headlights, and a aerodynamic bodykit that, quite frankly, defies description.

So what do you think of Falcatron? Is he worthy to roll with Optimus Prime and his bad-ass band of Autobots?

Pikes Peak is the home of the dramatic wreck, thanks to its 156 twists and turns over a 12-mile-long mountain course. Thanks to Paul Dallenbach, we got a really cool first-hand account of one of the two most dramatic wrecks of this year’s run. Fortunately, he is doing well and seems ready to hop back in the driver’s seat.

By far the most dramatic wreck, but only because we get to see the entire thing unfold, is the one that Jeremy Foley and his co-driver endured. As his Lancer Evolution was heading toward an area very appropriately named “Devil’s Playground,” Jeremy lost control of his Evo and went straight over the hill, rolling about 10 times – by our count – before finally coming to a smoking rest. The two had Dallenbach-like luck, as neither broke any bones, according to reports, but the co-driver is suffering from a sore shoulder. Check out the dramatic video above.

Click past the jump to see additional footage of other wrecks from the 2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Far from the land we call America where the Ford Mustang travels its fair roads, Australia has its own muscle car version, called the Falcon .

So while we get inundated with all the Mustang variants left and right, the Aussies now have something to brag about with the unveiling of the GT RSPEC Limited Edition Series, or as they describe it, the fastest Falcon ever made.

Certainly, we’d love to see what the Falcon is capable of when lined up against a Mustang, but that’s a discussion and a debate for another day. What needs to be done now is to pay respect to this special edition muscle car that boasts of some pretty cool features that would make even the iconic Mustang proud.

Understandably so, Ford Performance Vehicles director Bryan Mears has nothing but gushing words for his company’s latest project. "On the track the RSPEC’s capabilities are just awesome, he said, "it is the finest-handling GT in history."

"We have put 18 months into the development of the FPV GT RSPEC and we are extremely proud of the results; anyone who drives it on the track will be blown away by just how complete and capable this car is."

Find out more about the Ford Falcon GT RSPEC Limited Edition Series after the jump.

Australia has become a unique market for American automaker Ford and it’s no more evident than in the growing popularity of the Falcon GT (the Mustang representative in the Land Down Under).

Now it appears that Ford has a surprise for its Australian customers because the fastest Ford Falcon GT ever created is set to debut at the upcoming Australian International Motor Show in October.

No technical details have been officially announced, but it’s expected that the car, which has been codenamed as "Panther," will carry a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 engine that produces an impressive 449 horsepower at 5,750 rpm and 420 lb/ft of torque at 2,200 rpm. This allows the car to hit 0-62 mph in just five seconds with a top speed of 155 mph.

The Falcon GT Panther is also looking at carrying a set of 19" wheels to go with tuning work done on the suspension to make it sportier, as well as stability control systems, and an upgraded transmission to improve its overall handling.

Expect more details of the Ford Falcon GT "Panther" when it makes its debut at the Australian International Motor Show in October 2012.

Note: Photo is of the Ford Performance Vehicle GT Black Limited Edition

The Stig is an intimidating character that even the most professional of racers can’t help but be in awe of. At least that’s what the Stig likes to think of himself. We can’t blame him for the lack of oxygen in his head. Lord knows how long it’s been since he last took that helmet off, but whatever you think of him, the dude is a polarizing figure that needs someone of equal stature to put him in check.

Enter Ken Block.

The world-class rally driver recently teamed up with Top Gear ’s resident test driver for a promotional gig for Top Gear Australia magazine. The two are scheduled to be in the cover of the November issue of the magazine and you can expect that article to be a must-read.

Before that issue hits newsstands, though, Top Gear Australia bought a camera crew to a race track to film the two drifter extraordinaires participate in a one-on-one Hoonigan show in Melbourne, featuring Block’s Monster Rally Fiesta and the Stig’s ride-of-choice, the Australian-born Ford Falcon FPV.

Check out the video after the jump and wait for the dramatic climax in the end. There’s plenty of rubber-burning, tire-shredding action in this 90-second promo video.

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Bark out vehicles like the DeLorean , Aston Martin DB5 , and Pontiac Trans Am, and there’s a good chance you’ll be met with Back to the Future, any James Bond film, and KnightRider. There are just certain vehicles that stick in our minds as being the epitome of whatever big screen role they played. The 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT may also sit as part of the movie role elite as the Black Mad Max Interceptor in the Mad Max franchise.

Mad Max was a post-Apocalyptic, "western" type film that was released back in 1979. This Australian dystopian action film centered its attention around the breakdown of society, love, and revenge, and spawned two sequels in Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior and Max Max Beyond Thunderdome. And since every hero has a bad ass ride, Max Rockastansky - played by a young Mel Gibson - had the modified Ford Falcon XB GT featuring a 500 HP 5.8L V8 engine. This one ride sticks out in the Mad Max franchise, but is only one of a number of stellar vehicles featured in this trio of films. From a 150 HP custom built vehicle for Beyond Thunderdome to a 1,000 HP beast in Mad Max 2, the long list of featured vehicles were built to fill the needs of the renegade police officer and his rival gang members.

Now we hear that Director George Miller is off to the races yet again, working on Mad Max 4: Road Fury (2014), so we thought it would be appropriate to tackle a vehicular breakdown of Mad Max to prepare fans for the arrival of the new age Interceptor . Take in the ruggedness of the past, because the future Mad Max is going to be smooth.

Check out the rest of the infographic to get a more detailed breakdown of the vehicles from the Mad Max franchise and remember to check back with us for our next installment in the Car Infographics series.

We’ve never been to the Land Down Under despite it being a beautiful country/continent. From what we’ve heard though, that place is the home of some of the best beaches in the world, thousands of beautiful women, and some pretty randy performance vehicles.

One of the cars that caught are attention is a machine built straight out of Ford Australia’s Performance Vehicles division: the Boss 335 GT.

The mere fact that it carries the legendary ’Boss’ monicker is enough to warrant this car a stamp of approval, but we’re not all about judging something based on sheer name value alone. We went out and took a look at the 335 GT to see if it was deserving of a ’Boss’ badge.

What we found was a car that packs quite a bit of meat under its hood, although not to the stratosphere of the Boss Mustang 302 in this neck of the woods. Nevertheless, it’s still pretty powerful and, on top of that, it has its fair share of features to boot.

Sure, we’ve seen more powerful cars here in the US, but over in Australia where the cars drive on the other side of the road, the Boss 355 GT is one car you wouldn’t want to mess with.

UPDATE 04/10/11: In Australia, Allan Moffat is considered as one of the finest racers in the country, having won four Australian Touring Car Championships to go along with his four Bathurst titles. So when he gives his stamp of approval on anything, those Aussies will definitely listen. Recently, the racing legend got behind the wheel of the new Australia-exclusive Ford Boss 335 GT. The rest, of course, is a matter of taking his word for it, which we believe people at the Oz take seriously. Check out the video for your viewing pleasure.

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