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Ford Fiesta

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Last time Chris Harris tested the Ford Fiesta ST he decided to do so in a rather strange way...

In the latest episode of Drive, Harris decided to find a more suitable test for the ST, as he put it against a Renault Clio RS 200 . We’ll need to be completely honest with you from the start, and let you know that this was no ordinary ST. This one is actually carrying with it a dealer-installed Mountune performance kit.

For those that aren’t familiar with the Ford Fiesta ST Mountune, we’ll remind you that this petite hatchback delivers 215 PS (212 horsepower) at at 6,000 rpm and 320 Nm (236) pound-feet of torque at 3,000 rpm. This puts the Clio at a 12-horsepower and 59-pound-feet disadvantage, but it has a paddle-operated gearbox to the Fiesta’s manual, making it easier to launch and shift.

Check out the video to see Harris pushing the two little hatches to almost to their breaking point, and find out if the paddle-shift auto helps out enough to overcome the huge power gap.

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The growling Fiesta ST is finally arriving in American Ford stores! After a long run-up and many tweaks to the global three-door’s interior technology and body style, this five-door pocket rocket is finally on the Ford order books with a starting price of just $21,400. A hot body kit and the 2014 Focus ST ’s Rado Gray wheels with red calipers are available, as are Recaro bucket seats to keep you in place while pulling G-force in this monster go-kart.

Endlessly lauded by the English car mags, the Fiesta ST’s American debut was partially delayed by a Fiesta-wide nose restyle and revamp for this year. The two models launch together with deliveries starting in September to Ford dealerships nationwide – and both have an EcoBoost engine option for the first time.

The base Fiesta’s turbo-charged 1.0-liter triple marks a first in this modern age of fuel economy, but still lags nearly two seconds behind the potent ST’s 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder at the drag strip.

Power is only part of the fun with this flyweight sports car – the other half comes from its responsive corner attitude and impressive agility while changing direction quickly. Even the quickest luxo-barges like the Bentley Continental GT have nothing on the Ford when it comes to transient handling dynamics – like you need on the tightest of race tracks.

In this regard the Fiesta ST is indeed the most accomplished in a U.S. market class that also includes the Chevrolet Sonic RS and the new Kia Forte5 Turbo .

Is the ST’s rally styling even better in other colors? Does it even come in any colors that are not orange or red?

Click past the jump for the full review of the 2014 Ford Fiesta ST – including an exclusive graphic of the ST-exclusive paint colors offered.

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The Ford Fiesta sedan and hatch are fresh for 2014, with a nose restyle and additional interior features, like an optional touchscreen infotainment. The biggest mechanical news comes from the hot Fiesta ST performance model, but the humble four-door sedan and five-door hatchbacks are packing a new EcoBoost option as well.

Ford is bringing the award-winning EcoBoost 1.0-liter three-cylinder to the U.S.-market Fiesta for 2014, where the engine’s 148 pound-feet of torque will be the top offering. The in-line-three cylinder engine is a marvel of power and efficiency, with a predicted mpg score that is well above even the 41 highway rating of the Special Fuel Economy version of the sedan.

The Fiesta’s previous styling effort and lackluster engines have slowed the adoption of this compact car by most U.S. shoppers. 2014’s tasteful new nose helps bring the Fiesta’s appearance in line with the handsome new Fusion – with a sculpted trapezoidal grille with horizontal chrome slats. Paired with the Fiesta’s new bumpers and hood-mounted Blue Oval badge – the Fiesta is finally looking chic enough to be cross-shopped with the Fiat 500 and other fashion super-minis.

In reality, the bulk of the Fiesta’s market is also considering the Chevrolet Sonic and Dodge Dart – but benchmarking the Fiat 500 is important for the Ford to attract young city drivers. Among this ‘fashion compact’ segment, the Fiat ’s quirky design and image helps make the car seem more like an accessory – a designer handbag of a car instead of just boring transport.

Click past the jump to see how the 2014 Ford Fiesta compares with rivals, plus detailed information on the new EcoBoost three-cylinder engine’s performance chops.

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In the latest episode of Drive, Chris Harris performed a rather interesting head-to-head comparison, putting a Mercedes G63 AMG against a Ford Fiesta ST . That may sound insane, given the ST hits 60 mph in around 7 seconds and the G63 AMG does the same in 5.3 seconds, but there is a twist. The twist is that Harris wanted to see if the G63 AMG could beat the Fiesta ST to 60 mph while towing, well... the Fiesta ST...

That’s right, Chris strapped 4 tons of trailer and car to the G63 AMG and put the pedal to the metal to see if monstrous Benz SUV can get to 60 mph in under 7 seconds. Quite an interesting and original comparison.

As a reminder, the G63 AMG is powered by a 5.5-liter V-8 biturbo engine that delivers a total of 544 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque. The Fiesta ST’s 1.6-liter turbocharged engine produces 197 horsepower and 214 pound of torque.

So, is the Fiesta ST faster under its own power or while strapped to the back of the Mercedes ?

Metropolitan cities are fast becoming scenes of some impressive rallying action. Whether its on races or the usual number of promotional events, big cities like New York and San Francisco have played host to these awesome events.

Well, Detroit felt a little left out of all the fun, so in an attempt to bring the Global RallyCross series inside its area code, the city decided to try out one of those promotional rally stunts right at the heart of the city.

The car of choice is the Ford Fiesta ST GTC , which has gained quite a reputation in the rally series as a dominant force, helping manufacturer Ford gain sole possession of the manufacturers’ standings.

If you’re from Detroit, you might recognize some of the sights where the Fiesta ST does its rally business. If you’re not from Detroit, don’t be too dismayed because you’re more likely to enjoy the Fiesta ST than try to see where in the city it’s going.

Either way, the video is a must watch for all rally aficionados. Heck, if you’re not one, this video just might be what converts you into one.

Click past the jump to read about the Ford Fiesta ST Rally Car

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In the last episode of Drive’s "Chris Harris on cars," Chris Harris had the opportunity totest-drive the upcoming Porsche 918 Spyder. In the newest episode, he decided to go for something a little more timid and got behind the wheel of a Ford Fiesta ST .

Ever since the Fiesta ST was announced, there was a great dispute on which one was the better subcompact pocket rocket: the ST or the Renault Clio RS? So, Harris tries to help you find an answer to this question, as he tested the car on the road and track, and ended up being quite impressed by the petite ST. Of course, the car could use some improvements here and there, but overall, he thinks the ST performs quite well.

The Fiesta ST is powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine with an output of 197 Horsepower and 214 pound-feet of torque; all rather impressive stats for a subcompact hatch that tips the scales at only 2,720 pounds and sets you back only about 21k.

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Let’s face it, short of the ST model, the Ford Fiesta isn’t much of a car. It is the epitome of a point-A-to-point-B car with just enough features to keep entry-level buyers occupied.

The latest project that Ford is working on in cooperation with Schaeffler demonstrates than even cars like the Fiesta can become even more agile and somewhat fun to drive.

Their Fiesta-based eWheelDrive car project drops the conventional gasoline engine in favor of two electric motors placed in each of the rear wheels. This compact system may lead to four-door sedans of the future having a footprint similar to that of current two-person cars today. Additionally, it will offer the possibility to move sideways into parking spaces, so all of you folks that stink at parallel parking may finally enjoy parking in the city.

What really makes this system is its surprising amount of power. Sure, the system maxes out at only 80 kW (110 horsepower) but that’s not all that comes into play here. The two electric motors twist out a stump-ripping 700 Nm (516 pound-feet) of torque from the second you push the accelerator pedal.

So, while this system may only allow the eWheelDrive project to hit about 100 mph, its 0-to-30 mph and 0-to-60 mph times are bound to be pure awesomeness. It really depends on how the drive system is geared, but the potential is definitely there.

Ford hopes to have two new drivable vehicles by 2015. Stay tuned for more info.

Click past the jump to read more about the standard Ford Fiesta.

So, Ken Block’s now a globe-trotter. Surprise, surprise.

Of course, he’s not actually doing it in real time, but this partnership between Block and GoPro has yielded some impressive results.

First, they went to the frozen woods of Russia to film a Gymkhana-like video that called for Block to smash GoPro cameras along the way. Now, Block and GoPro are back on U.S. soil, specifically in a technical forested rally course in Potosi, Missouri.

As is always the case with a guy like Ken Block, you better expect and prepare for some nutty things to happen in this video. You have to have a new level of appreciation for Block’s navigator who somehow manages to keep his wits together through all those bumps to give out instructions from that notebook of his.

And in case you missed out on Block’s Russian exploits, click past the jump to check it out.

Ken Block is one of the most famous racing personalities in the world and anytime fans have a chance to ride shotgun with Block in the driver’s seat, it’s a treat not a lot of people will say “no” to.

Recently, Block took his hooning skills to Budapest to treat some fans to a ride of a lifetime; that is if you consider driving the Ford Fiesta ST around an ice rink as a “ride of a lifetime.”

Considering the difficulty of driving around an ice rinkion a Fiesta ST, it’s safe to say that Block wouldn’t be able to execute the kind of Gymkhana-like stunts that he’s come to be known for. Nevertheless, having this man behind the wheel of a car with nothing but pure, unadulterated fun fueling him is still the stuff of awesomeness.

Check out the video above and be sure to click past the jump to know more about the Ford Fiesta ST.

Setting a world record is no small feat, especially when you’re doing it in less-than-ideal circumstances.

That’s why WRC racer, Mads Ostberg, deserves a raucous round of applause after setting a new world-record for the longest ever jump on snow by a rally car. Driving a Ford Fiesta WRC , Ostberg managed to fly his little race car over 60 meters (196.85 feet) in Trysil, Norway.

The World Rally Championship corroborated the record, posting Ostberg’s record-setting jump on its official Twitter account.

While the record is in itself an impressive accomplishment, it still fell way short of the overall jump record of 82 meters (269 feet) that Travis Pastrana accomplished a few years back when he jumped into a barge in the middle of the sea back on New Year’s Eve 2010.

Still, Ostberg’s attempt is impressive in its own right, considering the circumstances he had to deal with in order to set the record. Like we said, give the man his due props.

Check out Pastrana’s record jump after the, well, jump

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