Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS

Models like the Volkswagen Sirocco R and the Ford Focus RS are hits on the European market, so it’s not surprising to see them get put next to each other on the Nurburgring race track for a little competitive action. The two cars provided quite a show tooas you will see in this video which is about eight minutes long. Take a seat and enjoy!

As a reminder, the Volkswagen Scirocco R is powered by a four-cylinder 2.0 liter TSI engine that delivers 265 HP and 258 lbs-ft of torque. On the other side, the Ford Focus RS is powered by a 2.5 liter 20 V DOHC RS engine that delivers 300 hp and 325 lb-ft of torque. The Volkswagen can hit a top speed of 155 mph, while the Ford goes up to 163 mph.

For those of you who do not know: Tanner Foust is a professional racing driver, stunt driver, and television host. So its really no surprise why Ford picked him to get behind the wheel of the new Focus RS500 . Better than just driving it around the block, Foust took the RS500 to the Nurburgring and pushed it to its very limits.

The Focus RS500 is powered a 2.5L 20 V DOHC RS engine that delivers a total of 345 HP (up from the standard 300 HP that comes with the Focus RS ) and a peak torque of 339 lb/ft. The result is a sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds and a top speed of 163 mph.

So what do you think? Was he able to push the boundaries of the Focus RS500’s power and the beauty? All you need to do is watch the video and you will find out!

The Focus RS is maybe one of the few Ford models that are just perfect from factory, but since there is always room for improvement, Kahn Design is offering an aerodynamic package that will make the RS look even more impressive.

The package includes a Kahn lowering module, red calipers, Kahn privacy glass, and a Kahn exhaust, along with a new back spoiler, side vents, rear and front diffusers, and bonnet vents, all in matte black for an even sportier and intense driving experience.

The final touch for the exterior of the Focus RS has been provided by a new set of wheels bearing the legendary Cosworth mark. They are available in 17, 18, and 19 inch sizes, depending on the customer’s request.

The interior of the Focus RS follows along with the usual tuning trends from Kahn; customers can choose from a wide array of customization accessories to illustrate the customers’ personality. The tuner has promised to go as far as to paint the exterior the color of the customer’s shirt and the interior the same shade of your living room.

About a week after tuning company Anderson Germany treated us to a stealthy upgrade of the Ford Focus RS , another German aftermarket company has taken a stab at their own program for the American hot hatch.

MR Car Design developed the latest in a long line of performance kits for the Focus RS, one that takes the hot hatch’s 300-horsepower output and bumps it up all the way to 360 horsepower. This was accomplished when the German tuning company fitted the Focus RS with a new custom-made exhaust system with its own downpipe and a 200-cell catalytic converter. They also added a new air filter courtesy of K&N, as well as a newly-optimized engine management system.

While the engine remains the same - a 2.5-liter 20-Valve DOHC - the original 300-horsepower has jumped to a whole new level - 360 horsepower - resulting in a car that can accelerate from 0-62 mph in 5.9 seconds.

It’s not the fastest-tuned Focus RS we’ve seen, but anytime you can pack as many as 360 ponies on a hatchback, you know you’ve got a car that can throw down with the best of ’em.

We’re used to seeing these "Black Edition" tuning packages from Anderson Germany on many different sports cars available, but their latest project seems to be a little on the questionable side of the spectrum. The talented tuning firm has gone from the Ferrari 458 Italia and the Audi R8 V10 to a run-of-the-mill Ford Focus RS . Don’t shake your heads just yet though; after all, thrill-seeking speed is not just for people with thick wallets and hefty bank accounts.

Like with all of the other Black packages offered by Anderson Germany, the RS Black Racing Edition starts off with a black exterior and red contrasts. The aerodynamic package includes more pronounced wheel arches, an extra thick spoiler, and a matte black wrap. For the interior, the tuner has added leather upholstery, Alcantara, and beautiful red stitching.

The real work, however, was done under the hood. Anderson Germany took a hatchback that produced 305 HP out of its 2.5L 20 V DOHC RS engine and added a turbo system and a new exhaust to achieve 420 HP. Now that’s how you kick a hatchback in the ass and get it going.

It may not be a sports car, but at least now it can drive like one.

The Ford Focus RS is no doubt a very powerful car, but it’s simply not powerful enough for a car with its stance. Enter German tuner, Stoffler, with their new series of updates. Thanks to the adapted intercooler, the improved fuel pump, the down pipe, and the suction pipe, the 2.5 liter engine found in the sporty hatchback has been updated to deliver 356 HP and a peak torque of 440 NM.

This package also comes with a choice of three different exhaust systems for optimal power performance, including a sport exhaust with remote-control made from stainless steel. And if you want even more, Stoffler is also offering 200 cell sport catalytic converters and GGR Sport Air Filter or the GGR Carbon Air Filter. The package comes with all the MOT certification for driving on regular roads.

Stoffler didn’t unveil how these new additions would affect the car’s performance, but we figure they still won’t be as good as thetuning package provided by BBR for the same hatchback. BBR was able to get the Focus to deliver 404hp and 408 lb.-ft. of torque, which, in our books, makes their package that much better. Aesthetically speaking, the two versions are pretty similar so it really comes down to the performance aspect. Nice try, Stoffler, but BBR has you beat.

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High speeds require great brakes, and brake specialists, Mov’it, have created a brake system for the Ford Focus RS that will facilitate the stopping power needed to control the 300hp produced by the sports car’s 2.5L 20 V DOHC RS engine. Currently, the Focus RS comes with large 336mm x 30mm, ventilated front discs gripped by stiffer, single 60mm piston calipers and supported by 302mm x 11mm rear discs. This is good, but Mov’it has done better.

This new brake system combines a BILLET caliper made from solid pieces of ultra-high-strength aircraft spec aluminum and special performance brake discs made from a special alloy. What makes this brake system even better is that it can be painted according to the customer’s wishes, as shown in the Ultimate Green brakes pictured.

Prices for the Ford Focus RS’ new brake system by Mov’it have not been announced yet.

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On the surface, this comparison seems like it wasn’t thought out all the way through. For starters, the two cars belong to two different markets. One is a German marquee brand recognized as one of the most sought-after automakers in the world while the other is an American original that’s more of the everyday brand.

But for the purposes of comparison, here we are. Auto Express took it upon themselves to undergo a comparison test between a Porsche Boxster and a Ford Focus RS . In fairness to these guys, the whole point of the comparison test wasn’t focused so much on the car’s engine performance and styling points, but more so on which car should get you the most bang for your buck. Over in the UK, both cars come out with pretty similar price tags so, as far as Auto Express is concerned, choosing between the two boils down to preference. By numbers alone, if you’re looking for a car with more ponies in it, then the Focus RS is the way to go. But if you’re more interested in which car is lighter, then the Boxster is the one for you.

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Source: Auto Express

The British tuner BBR has unveiled a tuning package for the Ford Focus RS sporty hatchback. The kit is offered in four different power levels, each coming with a suspension upgrade package.

In phase one the engine’s power is upgraded to 342 HP and the peak torque to 369 lbs-ft. This package includes calibration of the standard Focus RS MK2 ECU, fuel, ignition, torque, airflow, and boost requirements.

In phase two, the engine’s output goes to 355 HP and 378 ft-lbs of torque. Next to the engine upgrades, the phase two also includes gloss black and an aggressive front grille. In phase three the Focus RS develops a total of 382 HP and 388 ft/lbs of torque. For this phase, BBR is also offering a Turbo back high flow exhaust with sports cat and BBR spec high flow fuel injectors.

And finally, in phase four, BBR was able to take the engine to an impressive 404 HP and 408 ft/lbs of torque.

BBR took the Ford Focus RS through 18 months worth of testing to ensure that no other Ford tuning company could possibly have a more complete range of tuning kits for the hatchback.

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The current generation Ford Focus RS turned out to be a great car, even though Americans can’t enjoy it. There’s good news for us on the horizon, however, because with the next generation Focus RS, Ford plans to go global. Want some more good news? The next RS will be offered with both a turbocharged petrol engine and an electric motor mounted on the rear axle. Depending on the market, the next RS will be called the ST, SVT, and XR.

The current Focus RS is powered by a 2.5 liter 20 V DOHC RS engine that delivers 300 hp at 6500 and a peak torque of 440 NM, but the next generation will be more powerful than that.

As for the electric version, Team RS is already testing the combination between a 2.0-liter Ecoboost engine with 250 HP with an electric motor mounted on the Focus’s rear axle. The result will be the same performance as the current RS500 , but an improved economy and lower CO2 emissions.

When talking about the next RS, Jost Capito said: "We certainly have to guard the RS badge and its motorsport heritage very carefully. We won’t put an RS badge on any type of car; it has to have a race or rally link."

Source: Autocar

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