Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS

The thought of having a brand-new Ford Focus RS has kept us exciting for nearly a year now. Although the Blue Oval brand has yet to make an official statement, details about the hot hatch and spy shots with several test mules kept pouring in. Excitement has reached a new level, as a prototype vehicle was just spotted taking laps around the Nurburgring track, hinting that the Focus RS is inching closer to production.

While it reveals very little details as to what design enhancements the RS will sport, the video brings important data surrounding the beefed-up hatch back. The vehicle’s way of dealing with the track’s turns is a clear indication that Ford is sticking to front-wheel-drive. Despite numerous reports that the RS could go AWD, it seems Ford is not yet willing to take the big step, most likely due to financial concerns.

The second thing we learn from the footage is that the upcoming Focus RS will sound downright gorgeous. If you’re a rally fan, than this hatch will keep your ears satisfied. The powertrain Ford has prepared for the RS is still a mystery, but most clues lead to a 2.3-liter EcoBoost. The unit is the same four-banger offered in the 2015 Mustang , but with more power set to reach the wheels. We expect the Focus RS to boast around 330 ponies, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Ford push things up to 350 horses. Whatever the output, the Focus RS boasts the soundtrack of a race car .

Expected to arrive for the 2016 model year, the Focus RS will stand out from the pack with its reshaped bumpers, a roof spoiler, new wheels and a host of chassis updates, including bigger brakes. Although Ford is not known to post Nurburgring times, keep an eye out for a new Nurburgring record for front-wheel-drive cars.

Rumors about Ford ’s planned revival of the Focus RS have been flying around since late 2013, with many sources claiming the hot hatch will return with as much as 330 horsepower on tap. As of 06/26/2014, the Focus RS is no longer a rumor, as our skilled paparazzi caught the upcoming rocket testing disguised as a Focus ST .

Don’t let the "ST" badge around back fool you, this mule is more than that, with plenty of details giving its true identity away. Look closer at the front end’s uncamouflaged area and you’ll notice a lip spoiler and a larger air intake in the lower apron. Of course, that’s not what the front bumper will look like in production form, but the intercooler seen in the spy shots is certainly different from the one fitted on the Focus ST .

The mule’s RS-ness becomes even more obvious around back, where a different exhaust pipe configuration peeks out underneath the bumper. Whereas the ST has a center-mounted, twin-pipe arrangement, the RS mule comes with separate tips placed toward the sides. Lastly, the camouflaged roof-mounted spoiler appears to sport a new design.

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The next-generation Ford Focus RS is still about a couple of years away and, although the company has yet to confirm its development, reports about the high performance hatchback keep pouring in with all sorts of details.

The latest piece comes from Britain’s Auto Express, who almost managed to pull a confirmation from a couple of Ford representatives during a recent company event in Italy .

"Let’s say there’s a strong desire. Something like that makes a great halo car," Ford of Europe CEO Barb Samardzich said when asked about a successor to the RS. While this statement doesn’t shed too much light on the car’s development, a Ford spokesman hinted that the company is hands deep into a new superhatch.

"We have a rich heritage of RS cars, and we’re not about to let any competitors overtake us in that respect. You can rest assured that Martin (Smith, director of design at Ford of Europe) and his team are fully focused on the future of our performance strategy," he stressed.

Although no details were squeezed out of the two officials, Auto Express claims the new RS could arrive with as much as 350 horsepower under the hood. The figure matches the output available on the limited edition Focus RS500 and represents a 20-horsepower bump over previous reports. As we’ve already mentioned, the hatch will be motivated by a 2.3-liter, four-pot EcoBoost engine similar to the one fitted in the 2015 Mustang .

The new RS is also expected to arrive sometime in 2016 and wear a sticker of around £27,000, which is nearly $46,000 at current exchange rates. There’s no word as to when the vehicle will reach U.S. shores, but stay tuned to TopSpeed for more details.

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Source: AutoExpress
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The Ford Focus RS is one of the most impressive sports hatchback in the European market. And if you were impressed by the current generation, wait until Ford unveils the new generation Focus RS in 2015. According to the British magazine TopGear, the soon-to-be-launched Focus RS is fixing to go down as the most impressive RS ever, delivering a total output of 320 horsepower — a 20-horsepower increase over the current 300-horsepower model.

The current Focus RS is powered by a 2.5-liter five-cylinder, but for the next generation Ford will replace it with a new 2.3-liter four, with turbo, direct injection and balance shafts. Incidentally, this is the same engine that will be used for the Mustang starting in 2014, although for the RS, it will be updated to deliver more power.

The next RS will also be equipped with a RevoKnuckle front suspension and big brakes, but most importantly it will be a five-door model and not a three-door version like the one currently in the market. About the only potential downside is that Ford will not offer a 4WD system because this will add too much weight for an RS.

Updated 02/24/2014: Swedish magazine Auto Motor Sport reports that the new generation Focus RS will be powered by an updated version of the new 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine used in the Mustang, with the output increased to about 330 horsepower - which represents a 30 horsepower increase over the previous generation.

Source: TopGear
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Ford is currently preparing to unveil the new-generation Focus RS , but British tuner Kahn Design came up with a pretty cool tuning kit for the current model . The package is called Focus RS250 and, as usual, it’s all about updating the car’s exterior and interior look.

On the exterior, the tuner opted for a Diamond White couture paint contrasted by some satin black elements. For the interior, the tuner combined blue leather with gray Alcantara. While these are the standard colors offered by the tuner, it also announced customers can opt for any imaginable color for both the exterior and the interior.

Kahn Design left all the under-hood bits alone and for good reason. With a 2.5-liter engine that abuses concrete with 300 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque, the Focus RS is plenty fast from the factory.

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A lot of cars make their way to Jay Leno’s Garage but not a lot of them are of the sports-hatch variety.

The Ford Focus RS is one such car and normally, it doesn’t find its way to Jay Leno’s Garage, because, well, it’s not legal to own in America. But this isn’t an ordinary Focus RS; this one has been stamped and tuned by no less than Galpin Auto Sports.

In this episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, the affable comedian and certified car nut invited Beau Bachman, the head honcho of Galpin Auto Sports, to his garage with the latter bringing a heavily-tuned Focus RS. The two proceed to talk about the car itself, including the aftermarket work Galpin Auto Sports did to bump up the output to an impressive 420 horsepower, far and away more than the 305-horsepower output of the standard European Focus RS.

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Wolf Racing is no stranger to aftermarket programs for the Ford Focus ST . It’s done it before and now it’s doing it again.

This time, though, the Focus ST was treated to a wide range of modifications, highlighted by a performance kits that crams the word “sports” back into “sports hatchback.”

The first kit, appropriately dubbed Stage I, provides a significant boost to the Focus ST’s 2-liter EcoBoost engine, thanks to a new air filter and a remapped ECU. With these modifications, the Focus ST can pump out 285 horsepower and 326 pound-feet of torque from its tiny engine. This nets the ST a 0-to-100 km/h (62 mph) time of 6.5 seconds.

If you’re above sub-300-horsepower hatchbacks, then you can opt for the Stage II kit, which adds a turbocharger to the air filter/ECU combo of Stage I. In the end, there’s another notable output jump, this time up to 300 horsepower and 333 pound-feet of twist.

Last but not least is the Stage III kit, which includes everything found in Stages i and II, plus it slaps a new sports exhaust system under the Focus. Now that the Focus ST can properly exhale, it is capable of massacring pavement to the tune of 370 horsepower and 409 pound-feet of torque.

With all of that extra power comes the extra responsibility of dragging it to a halt and a new performance brake system is responsible for that. Additionally, Wolf Racing tosses in a coilover suspension that drops the Focus ST by 50 mm (1.96 inches) in the front and 40 mm (1.57 inches) in the rear.

It’s not like Wolf Racing to add that much pop to the Focus ST and just stop there. Nope, this program also includes a number of new styling components, including: headlight covers, roof spoiler lips, and new side skirt and rear skirt attachments.

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Ford Focus RS

Rumors about a new generation Ford Focus RS have been circulating for quite some time now, but today, British magazine AutoExpress is offering new details on the company’s new sports hatchback. The next Focus RS will be powered by a newly developed 2.3-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine - also rumored to be used in the 2015 Mustang . This new engine will deliver a total of 350 horsepower - a 50-horsepower increase over the current model.

The engine will send its power to the front wheels, but will use an active limited-slip differential - E-diff - that will optimize traction in all driving situations. The model will be offered with a standard manual gearbox, but Ford is taking the development of a new dual-clutch automatic, using PowerShift technology under consideration. However, this kind of transmission is heavier and Ford needs to find a solution to adapt it to the RS model.

The new Focus RS is set to be released in early 2014 and will be priced at about £25,000 ($39,965 at the current exchange rates).

Source: AutoExpress
Ford Focus RS

Ford’s SVT group is still on the fence on whether to break its own mold by manufacturing a five-door Focus RS – all previous Foci RS were three-door hatches – or replace the Focus RS with the smaller Fiesta RS. That said, all of the confusion between what to build does not mean Ford isn’t raking its brain to plan on how to maximize the Focus’ power plant to satisfy RS buyers.

According to reports, the 2.0-liter plant in the Focus ST is pretty much maxed out and attempting to squeeze too much more power from it could be catastrophic without massive upgrades, and Focus RS buyer will not be happy with a simple 10 to 20-horsepower increase over the ST model. To help rectify the situation it appears as if engineers are turning to the future Mustang for an answer.

Ford is currently developing a turbo four-banger measuring 2.3-liter and pumping out 330 horsepower for the upcoming Mustang redesign , which will replace the base level V-6 engine. Matthias Ton, a chief engineer on the Focus RS project, confirmed that if indeed the Focus RS is produced this year, all signs point to it bearing this new 2.3-liter boosted four-cylinder under its aggressive-looking bonnet. That would give the newest rendition of the RS a full 32 ponies more than the latest model and only 15 horsepower less than the special edition RS500 Focus .

In addition to the extra ponies, the RS would include the typical larger brakes and stiffer suspension. There is also talk of a mechanical limited slip differential coming standard on the new RS, but that has not been confirmed.

We will continue to follow the Focus RS saga and let you know what is going on. We assume that the SVT division will come to its senses and just roll out a five-door Focus RS. Rolling out a low-horsepower, lightweight Fiesta RS just to retain the three-door body seems like a huge risk, as the Fiesta is not a “tuner” style car and an RS model is unlikely to draw much interest.

Source: Auto Express
Ford Fiesta

When the head of Ford’s Special Vehicles Team (SVT) jetted for another opportunity at Volkswagen, Ford was left debating what to do with the popular RS line of vehicles, which we unfortunately have yet to see in the U.S. Up until recently, it has been pretty much a certainty that the Focus RS would simply carry on into its third generation, but according to Autocar, Ford is becoming a little indecisive since SVT’s recent shakeup.

Now Ford is starting to consider replacing the popular Focus RS with the Fiesta RS. The biggest reason for Ford’s reconsidering of the Focus RS is the fact that the newest generation of the Focus will not include a three-door hatchback, the staple body style for the RS line. The Fiesta , on the other hand, is available in a three-door hatchback in the European market, making it the obvious replacement.

It looks as if the RS might just make it to the U.S. market in this generation, as the other main part of the holdup on Ford’s decision is the fact that the U.S. market would likely prefer the larger and more powerful Focus RS over the compact Fiesta RS. That would give the U.S. market a nice group of performance compact Fords, regardless of the model it chooses. The Focus ST is already heading to the states and the Fiesta ST is in development, which will also likely come to the States. Add in the RS line and that gives us three hot Ford compacts to play around with.

We honestly think that given the recent market swing toward quick hatchback models, Ford would be best suited to get into that market early by handing the Fiesta the “RS” badge. If Ford manages to get into the hot-hatch market early enough with the Fiesta RS, it could benefit the entire Fiesta lineup in coming years.

We will continue to keep you updated on this growing story as more details emerge.

Source: Autocar

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