Ford Focus

Ford Focus

So it is official, Ford has gone absolutely crazy with the EcoBoost trend, but it’s a good crazy, as the EcoBoost both lowers emissions and sharply increases fuel economy. The latest engine to spool its way into the EcoBoost lineup is the all-new 1.0-liter inline three-cylinder version. When most people think of a 1.0-liter three-banger, they tend to picture the early-1990s Metro with its concrete massaging 49 horsepower zipping it to 60 mph sometime in the next century, while driving downhill.

Fortunately, this isn’t your Metro’s three-cylinder engine. This boosted three-banger will pump out a respectable 98 horsepower on the base level and an even more impressive 125 horsepower on the top-level engine, the latter exceeding the current 1.6-liter’s output by 5 horsepower.

FEV, the leading developer for this engine, also claims that both versions of the engine will twist out 125 pound-feet of torque, which is 13 more pound-feet than the 1.6-liter engine and it saves 20 pounds worth of weight compared to the 1.6-liter.

The press release makes it a little unclear as to whether or not this new EcoBoost will be offered in the U.S., but given the fact that it mentions the 1.6-liter in a Focus , and it being offered in the C-Max and B-Max , we can assume that it will start off in the U.K., as the B-Max and C-Max are U.K. models, and the Focus only comes with the 1.6-liter in the U.K. . Granted, the C-Max is coming to the U.S., but as a hybrid model only.

With the power output of this engine, you can expect to see it making its way over here soon. The likely host for it would be the Ford Fiesta , as it is more accepted with a smaller engine. Focus buyers would generally not accept a 1.0-liter-powered model.

We will continue to keep an eye on this and let you know if Ford makes mention of it coming to the U.S. or not.

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The Zetec S is back, baby!

At least some of us are happy about it while the rest of the population can only kick the sand in envy.

The 2012 Ford Focus Zetec ST is the sportiest version of the Focus short of the ST model. Fans of the Focus in the UK will once again get the treat of dibs as the hot hatchback is being primed for a UK release.

The Focus Zetec S will come with numerous styling cues, including a new sports styling kit, a new sports suspension set-up, LED taillights, and a new set of 17" alloy wheels. Inside, the added goodies for the Focus Zetec S include aluminium-style sports pedals and a starter button.

Under the hood, the Focus Zetec S will feature a 1.6-liter EcoBoost turbo-charged engine that produces an output of 180 horsepower with a 0-62 mph time of 7.9 seconds and a top speed of 138 mph. Despite its numbers, the Focus Zetec S is capable of only emitting just 139 grams of CO2 per Km.

Other than the 1.6-liter EcoBoost turbocharged engine, the Focus Zetec S will also have a 1.6-liter Ti-VCT engine that produces 125 horsepower and a 2.0-liter TDCi that has an output of 163 horsepower.

Then there are the optional items that are being offered for the Focus Zetec S, which reads like a list of things you’d want to have on your car. There’s the Driver Assistance Pack, cruise control with Active Speed Limiter, heated front seats, a power driver seat and power rear windows, to name a few.

So, are you interested in the Focus Zetec S? If you are, you should know that it costs £18,745, which is around $29,300 based on current exchange rates.

Hatchbacks may not offer the same kind of thrill as sports cars and muscle cars. They also don’t have the utility of SUVs and pick-ups. Heck, they’re not so much for luxury, either. But at the 2011 SEMA Auto Show , hatchbacks will have their turn in the spotlight as a host of custom-modded hatches will be making their way to Las Vegas.

This list comprises most of the vehicles you’ll see. There are Scions iQs, Ford Fiestas , Ford Focus , and even a Lexus CT200h . Not only are these vehicles modded to the brim, but they also give us an idea on all the possibilities that come with aftermarket works being done on hatches.

The people who think that hatches aren’t cool enough should take a good look at this list and if they don’t change their minds, then they really need to check themselves before they wreck themselves.

But for those like us that enjoy modded hatchbacks, this list will tell us all the vehicles we need to look out for at the SEMA Auto Show.

Check out the 2011 SEMA Auto Show: Hatchbacks after the jump.

Galpin Auto Sports isn’t the type that anyone would consider tame. The American aftermarket tuning company speaks the language of aggression and all that certainly manifested itself in their latest Ford Focus project called the "ATK."

You don’t need to be a genius to figure out that "ATK" stands for ’attack’ and that’s exactly what this car is all about. The sports hatch offers a fantastic aesthetic look, thanks to an Alchemy Gray paint finish coated with metallic gold pearls by PPG. The attractive paint job on the Focus ATK is complemented by a new 3d Carbon rear spoiler, gloss-black badges, and frosted taillights. The Focus also gets handling and set-up improvements, thanks to the addition of Eibach lowering springs, a Borla exhaust system, and a set of 19" gold powdercoated Monotech wheels with Vredestein tires.

GAS’ extensive program for the Ford Focus ATK continues with a completely mind-blowing custom Katzkin leather and suede interior dress-up and an equally ear-splitting new sound system courtesy of JL Audio. The latter includes two 8W7s, two digital amplifiers, and four 6.5” speakers, all housed in a custom enclosure.

As with most street menaces go, Galpin Auto Sports’ Ford Focus ATK is built to attack the streets and look good while doing it.

UPDATE 12/10/11: Galpin Auto Sports has released a new batch of photos for their Ford Focus ATK program. Check out the new pics in the gallery below!

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Aston Martin One-77
Cadillac Ciel Concept

For automakers, there’s nothing better than showing up at the debut for one of your automobiles and getting a top notch award for your hard work. Aston Martin , Cadillac , and Ford will vouch for that since their One-77, Ciel Concept, and Focus Plug-In Electric Vehicle were all given best in show awards at the 41st annual South Florida International Auto Show (SFIAS) by the Southern Automotive Media Association (SAMA). SAMA had to choose between many of the participants in Miami, but in the end, these vehicles were chosen because of their styling and marketability.

The Aston Martin One-77 was awarded the “Star of the Show” trophy because the nine-member SAMA judging panel decided it was the single vehicle on display at the show that South Floridians will most want to see. Other vehicles considered for the award were the Audi A7 , the Lexus GS sedan , the Mercedes-Benz C-Class , the Toyota Camry , the Range Rover Evoque , and the Hyundai Veloster .

The Cadillac Ciel Concept was given the Best Concept Vehicle in the Show because of its stunning beauty and because SAMA considered it a forerunner of future Cadillac styling. Meanwhile, the Ford Focus Plug-In Electric Vehicle took home the “Best Green Technology Vehicle” in the show because of the fact that it is Ford’s first non-emissions, plug-in electric car to be mass produced and marketed in the United States. Other vehicles considered were the Mitsubishi i-MiEV , the Toyota Prius V , and various manufacturers’ hybrid and clean diesel technology vehicles.

The South Florida International Auto Show (SFIAS) runs until November 6, 2011, so stop by the Miami Beach Convention Center to check out these award-winning models.

Look at all of the Ford Focus models headed to SEMA and we’re not going to blame you if your head starts to spin. We understood the whole point of a show like SEMA, but all the Focus models that will be in attendance - seven in all - will be tuning heaven for fans of Ford ’s sports hatchback.

COBB Tuning is one of the aftermarket companies that worked on the Focus, and they’re bringing a program that’s as extensive - maybe even more - as any of the other Focus models.

Called the ’Motorsports Challenger Focus’, the COBB-tuned Focus features a carbon fiber hood, a redesigned front bumper, and a large rear wing on the exterior. As far as performance modifications are concerned, the Focus the following items: a custom turbo kit mated to a new exhaust manifold, a front-mounted intercooler, intake, and airbox set-up, Cosworth forged pistons.

The Focus’ chassis was also upgraded, courtesy of a StopTech Trophy big brake kit, an Eibach Multi-Pro R2 coilover suspension, and COBB Tuning’s own suspension bushings.

The improved performance numbers have yet to be announced, but you can definitely expect a significant increase in power for the Blue Oval’s popular sports hatchback.

Of the seven Ford Focus models that were displayed at the SEMA Auto Show , picking one as our favorite is like picking what kind of beer we like the best. There are plenty of great choices that makes singling one out next to impossible.

But if we HAVE to choose one, we’d find it extremely difficult to bypass ID Agency’s Ford Focus.

According to the ID Agency, their work on the Ford Focus was inspired by European and Japanese tuning styles, highlighted by an olive paint finish, a Wraptivo-wrapped roof, a Ford Licensed Accessory Thule bike rack with a Custom Leader bike, a set of Recaro Sportster seats and an interior dressed up by Top Stitch. To go with the aesthetic modifications done on the sport hatch, the ID Agency also made some performance upgrades of its own, including the installation of a new Magnaflow cat-back exhaust and an enormous big brake package courtesy of no less than Brembo Brakes.

If you wanted to be technical about all the modifications, it appears that the ID Agency-tuned Focus isn’t as extensive as its counterparts. But in terms of sheer awesome looks, this one is on a league of its own.

UPDATE 11/07/2011: We have added live images from the 2011 SEMA Show. Check them out in the picture gallery!

The armada of Ford Focus models headed to SEMA is nothing short of overwhelming. A total of seven Focus models - you read that right: seven! - are set to be unveiled, offering a wide variety of choices and options for the Blue Oval’s sports hatchback.

One company that worked on their own tuned-up version of the Focus is Steeda. As a veteran of Ford tuning since 1979, Steeda knows a thing or two about working on Ford performance vehicles and they’re bringing all that experience and expertise on the new Focus with comprehensive aerodynamic and performance modifications.

Among the modifications the Ford tuner gave to the Focus include a new Steeda cold-air intake with Cool Tube technology, a new rear swaybar, a front tower brace, and new lowering springs that improves the Focus’ overall performance capabilities. On top of that, the Focus also received a 3dCarbon body kit, a G-Track front end brace, underhood billet aluminum-appearance items, and a new set of 19" HRE P43S Monoblock wheels wrapped in Nitto NT05 performance tires.

For a tuning firm that can boast of having over two decades of Ford tuning experience, Steeda’s work on the Ford Focus certainly does their reputation justice.

3D Carbon is one of the tuners with a very impressive presence at the SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas. Their cooperation with Ford Motor Company is quite impressive and over the years we have seen some pretty cool update package. This year their attention will be focuses on a smaller model: Ford Focus . Maybe this is the tuner’s way of telling that with the right updates any car can get cool.

Their upgrade package is a "standout style statement" and includes: 3M satin wrap, smoked windows and race red accents to bring the car’s more edgy side to life. Next to these the Focus has also received an impressive 3D Carbon body kit and Sticky Fingers racing stripes. On the functional side, a 3dCarbon upper roof spoiler, Eibach springs and Pirelli tires offer an aerodynamic and handling boost.

More details on the performance updates will be revealed on November 1st. Stay tuned!

A lot of people might not know this but the new Ford Focus has will only be making its debut at the SEMA Auto Show this year. That’s probably why Ford decided to roll out a fleet of Focus models to the event, all of which were tuned by a different aftermarket company.

One of the Focus models scheduled to attend SEMA comes by way of Bojix Design, which is no stranger to modifications on the Focus after already boasting of a number of programs for the sports hatch.

For the SEMA-bound model, Bojix decided to add a little European flair to the car, complete with an aggressive styling that includes a Bojix body kit, a 3dCarbon upper roof spoiler, a set of 20" Rennen M10 wheels on the exterior. As far as the interior is concerned, the changes come in the form of Katzkin leather seating surfaces and door panels, Alcantara-covered surfaces, and a new Accele rearview mirror that features a panoramic view.

In addition to the Focus dress-up, Bojix Design also gave some technical improvements, including a chassis that comes with a new H&R Sport Springs lowering kit, Bojix rear cross-drilled rotors, and an AP Racing big brake kit.

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