Ford Focus

Ford Focus

Whoever believed that the new Ford Focus was just a boring sedan for everyday use was wrong. And Ford has proof of that statement in the form of the new Focus race car arriving today at the Los Angeles Auto Show . This new concept demonstrates the car’s potential in road and touring car championships with teams around the world, at least that is what Ford is saying. We don’t know if we buy that statement just yet.

The concept car is powered by a 2.0-liter Ford EcoBoost I-4 engine and features performance coil-over adjustable dampers, Ford Racing upgraded sway bars with adjustable end links, front brakes with 320-millimeter two-piece rotors, and race pads. The concept sits on Anthracite 18-inch wheels and Hoosier race tires.

The interior also got the racing treatment with an FIA Super 2000 regulations roll cage, Recaro racing seats, an AIM MXL Pista data system, and an AIM Smart Smart yCam. Added safety features include a Ford Racing fire suppression system and Ford Racing six-point safety harness.

We’re still not entirely convinced that the Focus race car will make Ford proud out on the track, but this is just a concept as of yet and should serve as a decent base for the production model. Ford is production will be ready by 2012, leaving them plenty of time to build on a good thing.

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Ford armed themselves with a host of Fiestas at the 2010 SEMA Auto Show, but the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show will see a mass of Focus models enter their show floor. One of those models will be the Ford Focus by Ford Vehicle Personalization. This Focus is out to prove that it can be cool when given the right Ford custom accessories.

The new Focus by Ford Vehicle Personalization features a new white body kit with an expressive concept graphic on the side panels, Caribbean Blue accents on the belt moldings, headlamps, mirrors, wheels, and fog lamp bezels. Attracting more attention to the exterior is the Liquid silver paint applied to the roof spoiler, mirrors, headlamps, and fog lamps.

The interior uses a black and white theme featuring all-leather seats with accent stitching. The steering wheel continues the same color theme with white and black leather. The center stack was left with soft touch white paint while the aqua accent lighting bring s a little color to the interior.

"We created a theme of an all-white vehicle with bursts of Caribbean Blue accents running throughout, which lends itself to many of the current trends seen in fashion."

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While most sporting drivers will be waiting for the Ford Focus ST , the automaker will offer up something a bit more civilized for the time being. When the newFocus goes on sale in 2011, Ford will offer sport packages with the SE and Titanium models. This package will add a more tuned up suspension, larger wheels, better brakes, and some interior bits.

The SE Sport Package, available on the sedan and hatch, will equip the car with four-wheel disc brakes, sport suspension, 16-inch alloy wheels, piano black, grille sports seats, metallic interior trim accents, leather-wrapped steering wheel, and a five-speed manual transmission. It will also get a rear spoiler and come in Ford’s Yellow Blaze Metallic paint.

If you opt for the Titanium model, it will come with sport suspension, the Titanium Handling Package - which adds better suspension components for more driving feel - and 18-inch alloy wheels with summer tires.

Ford has not yet released pricing.

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While most of our readers will be waiting for the high-performance ST version of the new Ford Focus , most of America will be buying up the base versions and today, Ford has just made them happy people.

The base 2012 Ford Focus will get a 2.0-liter four-cylinder that will put out 160 horsepower and 146 pound-feet of torque. On top of that, the new motor will be able to muster 40 miles per gallon. Take that Chevrolet .

The new motor will feature direct-injection, twin independent variable camshaft timing and E85 flex-fuel capabilities and will be produced at Ford’s Dearborn plant.

“By combining direct injection and Ti-VCT, we’ve been able to make a quantum leap in fuel economy and performance,” said Derrick Kuzak, group vice president, Global Product Development in a statement. “We’re meeting the goals of our global powertrain strategy, and we now have another key engine in our lineup.”

The Ford Focus ST , yes, that hot little hatch that we’ve been drooling about, was the focus – no pun intended – of a drive-around video made by the Blue Oval’s Europe division to promote the new car.

The video looks to have been done professionally with the artistic shots coupled with the electric beats complementing the pure awesomeness of the Focus ST’s Tangerine Scream paint job that seems to glisten in the presence of the sun.

If there’s one little detail that we think Ford should have added, at the very least, is that they let us listen to the sound of that 2.0-liter Ecoboost engine it’s supposed to come in. Really, it’s not too much to ask, right?

When you have a Focus that packs in 247 horsepower, you’re going to want to listen to that power-packed engine, which, unfortunately, the makers of this video, neglected to even consider.

Give it a watch; it’s still cool enough to use up a minute of your life.

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We sure do love leaked information. If you need to keep a secret, don’t tell the people who work in the automotive industry. The recently unveiled 2012 Focus won’t be going on sale until late 2011, but we already have a rough idea of its pricing information.

The base S sedan will cost around $16,270, while the SE trim level will raise that price to $17,270. The SEL model, which adds Sync, ambient lighting and 16-inch alloy wheels will cost $20,270. The high-roller Titanium Focus will cost $22,270. That might seem a bit high for a Focus, but don’t forget that this model comes with MyFord Touch, a Sony audio system, sport seats and 17-inch sport alloy wheels.

The hatchback versions will cost a tad more than the sedans. The SE, SEL and Titanium models will run $18,065, $21,065 and $22,765. If you want your Focus loaded to the hill, then you need the Titanium Premium Package that adds rain-sensing wipers, leather seats, reverse sensing system and more. All that can be yours for just $1,295.

While this information isn’t official, if you look hard enough on the Ford website, you will find it. It’s clear that the price of a Focus has gone up, but so has the quality and the design. If money is tight, order before February 28, 2011 and you can save $500.

While everyone is waiting for the new Focus ST to go on sale, Ford has unveiled the special edition Sport on the UK market. It will be offered in two engine versions, and prices will be £16,545 for the 1.6-liter petrol and £17,845 for the 1.6-liter TDCi.

The new Focus Sport will be distinguished by satellite navigation with European mapping, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, voice control, parking distance sensors, 16-in ST-style alloy wheels, auto headlamps, rain-sensing wipers and self-dimming rear-view mirror. It will be offered in six exterior colors, while the interior will get Titanium seat fabric "New York Ebony".

"We wanted to create a stylish and practical package which represented outstanding value for money, and the Focus Sport delivers that. This is a vehicle that should appeal to our retail and fleet customers alike, and will continue to be offered alongside all-new Focus through 2011."

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It wasn’t that long ago that Ford was offering us vehicles that were just plain awful. Showrooms were filled with Five-Hundreds, older Escapes, and current generation Focus models. Could this have been the reason why Ford went down the tubes? Possibly.

Ford wasn’t alone though, as General Motors and Chrysler were falling like dominoes as well. General Motors owned more car companies than Coca Cola does drink brands, and needless to say, it wasn’t working. Pontiac went down the drain, as did Oldsmobile, Hummer, and Saturn. What they were left with wasChevrolet , Cadillac , and Buick , three companies that failed to offer a competitive vehicle.

Chrysler , who owned Dodge and Jeep, might have been worse off, if that’s possible. Most of the Jeep products were horrendous and Dodge was in the same boat. Chrysler on the other hand, had a hit on its hands with the 300C, but outside of that, most of their products weren’t very good. After it was all said and done, Chrysler was partly taken over by Fiat, in the attempt to turn the company around and GM was in the hands of the government.

Among the big three car makers in the United States, Ford has undertaken the largest overhaul. The new 2011 Mustang and the new Fiesta are just starting points, but they have changed the way we think about the company. They are wonderfully built, gorgeous to look at, and sensational to drive.

The next machine to come out of the Ford juggernaut is the 2012 Focus , which will be shown at the 2010 Paris Auto Show in just days. The new Focus is an example of Ford’s “One Ford Ford ” product strategy and it will likely be the largest seller for the company. The Focus that we have been seeing in photos will be sold in Europe and in North America, with a few changes in the motor offerings and minor details.

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Ford has unveiled today the first details on the Focus ST model that will make its world debut at the Paris Auto Show later this month. While the model to be revealed in Paris is just a preview version, production model is expected to be unveiled in 2012.

Under the hood of the future Focus ST, Ford will place an unique 250 HP version of the new 2.0-liter, four-cylinder Ford EcoBoost engine. The car displayed in Paris will come with a highly distinctive sports exterior, which is finished in ’Tangerine Scream’, a dramatic new body color that reflects the new ST’s exciting and energetic character.

Next to the ST version, Ford will also be unveiling the new generation Focus that comes with more affordable technologies and features than customers have ever experienced in this critical vehicle segment. Next-generation Focus also offers customers the highest standards of quality and detailed craftsmanship, plus outstanding fuel economy, and will take the legendary Focus driving dynamics to a new level.

Updated 09/29/2010: Ford has unveiled today new images and details on the new Focus ST. Check the picture gallery to see a total of 30 new images and hit the jump to read more about the new model.

UPDATE 03/24/11: A new video of the screamin’ hot 2012 Ford Focus ST has made its way to the Web. It doesn’t get mentioned enough, especially in this supercar-obsessed world we live in today, but the Focus ST really does epitomize the term ’hot hatch’. We love everything about this car, so much so that the video, despite being only 38 seconds long, has been on our loop for pretty much the whole day. Watch it and enjoy!

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We have to admit, we are a bit confused. If you remember, last month we reported that Ford would bring the new generation Focus ST to the Paris Motor Show in September. Now, Autocar reports that Ford will axe the ST version of their newest generation Focus.

And the reason for this decision is quite simple: Europe’s tightening emissions standards. The Focus ST will be the second model, after the Honda Civic Type R , who will have to be axed due to the new emissions standards. The same fate will attack the 3.2 V6 in the Alfa Brera, the Mazda RX-8, and the VW Group’s 5.0 V10 turbodiesel.

So, in this case, the car expected to debut in Paris will drop the usual 2.5-liter turbo five-cylinder engine and will get a new 2.0-liter direct-injection turbo engine that will deliver around 250bhp and 350Nm of torque. Derrick Kuzak said the new model will get "an EcoBoost turbocharged engine, be exciting to drive, great to look at and certainly worth waiting for”.

Source: AutoCar

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