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Ford Focus

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If you haven’t already seen the “Green Car Challenge ” on NBC’s the Jay Leno Show then you might want to check out Hollywood starlet Drew Barrymore making her way around the new track in a zero emissions all electric Ford Focus . In this video, Jay invites world class racing driver Justin Bell to come along and say a few words about the electric orange Focus before the host of the show takes advantage of his title and gets behind the wheel of his latest toy.

Jay Leno is the epitome of a car guy, knowing that the world’s fossil fuel supply is eventually going to run dry, he sees electric vehicles taking over on our daily commutes or for around town shopping, while our favorite gas powered cruisers will be kept for Sunday driving. There is also one other benefit from an electric car, instantaneous torque. One of the things that Jay boats about, is the Ford’s endless amount of low end torque, which is quite useful on the new back lot short track.

The unique battery powered Focus started life as a European production Focus ST, built in Germany before being delivered to Ford’s world headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, where engineers went to work, removing the traditional engine and gas tank and installing an entire electric powertrain before fitting a set of Recaro racing buckets, a full roll cage, five point racing harness and bespoke electric orange paint scheme. With a sophisticated electric powertrain, the zero-emissions Ford Focus BEV delivers nearly as much torque at the wheels as a 2010 Ford Mustang Ford Mustang V6. It also stores enough energy to power an average household for 24 hours. Thanks in part to the battery placement, the race-ready Ford Focus BEV has a nearly ideal 50/50 weight distribution for improved racetrack handling.

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As part of the late night comedian Jay Leno’s newfound power with his own prime time television show appropriately named the "Jay Leno Show" the automotive enthusiast is using that newfound fame to promote environmentaly friendly vehicles with a Green Car Challenge . The bit is very much like the BBC’s Top Gear segment, "star in a reasonably priced car" except that the American show will feature an environmentally friendly vehicle, in this case an Electric Orange Ford Focus battery electric vehicle.

Ford has prepared an electric Focus to star in "The Jay Leno Show's" Green Car Challenge

As we learned a few days ago, actress Drew Barrymore will be the first famous person to lap the specially designed track inside of the NBC compound inside a zero emissions vehicle. The show airs tonight, so check you local listing for the time and channel in your area.

The Green Car Focus features a sophisticated electric power train that delivers almost as much torque to the wheels as a V6 powered 2010 Ford Mustang Ford Mustang and is capable of storing enough energy to power an average household for an entire 24 hours. Thanks in part to the design team’s attention to detail, the Ford Focus BEV has a nearly 50/50 weight distribution due to the battery’s placement and a set of front springs and dampers from a Ford Focus RS as well as a unique rear suspension make this the perfect Focus to see constant time on the track.

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The blue oval has just unveiled the extremely efficient new for 2010 Ford Focus ECOnetic at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany without the use of any electric motors. The new more environmentally friendly Focus incorporates the American automaker’s new Ford Auto-Start-Stop system that eliminates wasteful emissions by brining the car’s engine to a halt when the Focus is at rest, this mild hybrid system was first previewed on the Ford iosis MAX Concept from the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year.

Ford Focus ECOnetic

The 2010 Focus ECOnetic is powered by a 1.6 Liter Duratorq TDCi engine that makes a maximum output of only 109 HP because when you are looking for efficiency, power isn’t quite a priority when you are getting 74 MPG. The Duratorq four cylinder engine makes use of a standard coated Diesel Particulate Filter that reduces the vehicle’s harmful emissions to a road legal level. The Focus ECOnetic is also the first vehicle from the automaker to feature Ford’s new Eco Mode system standard, a software application that is integrated into the instrument cluster in order to give the Focus’s driver a more useful and realistic green driving experience.

According to Dr. Thilo Seibert, Manager of CO2 Technologies for Ford of Europe, "From the very beginning of Ford’s ECOnetic approach it has been our clear intention to offer customers affordable eco-technology, and to also pave the way for the possible integration of these technologies into the core vehicle programs,...with its new comprehensive set-up, the new Focus ECOnetic offers exactly what it takes: versatility, latest level technology and – regardless of version – excellent CO2 and fuel economy figures."

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The Ford Focus is a popular automobile around the world and the restyled ST hatchback is an even sportier model guaranteed to captivate a few more automotive enthusiasts. The German tuners from JMS Racelook have just developed a subtle appearance package made up of a few simple yet tasteful touches that only accentuate the new car’s good looks.

Ford Focus ST by JMS Racelook

The kit starts off with a more aggressive front lip, a rear apron with integrated diffuser and a pair of lower hanging side skirts to round out the ground effects package and a pair of Focus RS style front fenders vents for that extra visual muscle. Perhaps if we can’t have the 300 HP fire breathing monster here in the states at least we might be able to look something like it with some pieces of carbon fiber fiber fender jewelry.

Complimenting the sports inspired body pieces, JMS lowers the Focus with a set of H&R lowering springs which bring the front end down by 40 mm and 35 mm at the rear virtually eliminating whatever wheel gap was in between the new 19 inch rims and the Ford’s fenders. JMS also upgraded to a dual exhaust that not only looks better underneath the rear diffuser, but add an extra 5 to 8 HP thanks to its free flowing stainless steel construction.

Source: JMS Racelook

The good news just keeps coming in for Ford.

After already posting the first positive sales month in 19 months, the Detroit-based automakers also learned that the Ford Focus has emerged as the runaway winner for most bought car under the Cash For Clunkers program.

With the program having seemingly opened a floodgate of automotive sales, Ford has taken advantage of this unexpected interest to post strong sales numbers, including the company’s C-Segment vehicle, which increased its sales percentage by 43.6%. In addition to that, the Ford Escape also posted a dramatic 97% rise in sales last July.

While Ford is the first to say that the Cash for Clunkers program may have had a lot to do with it, the company is nevertheless ecstatic about its increasing sales numbers. The Detroit-based automakers two main rivals – GM and Chrysler – have also had their fare share of sales spikes.

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Source: Detroit News
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The 2009 Ford Focus Coupe is an excellent economy car that features attractive fastback styling that will make you think twice about this car’s role as an econobox. Our Focus gives the impression of being a sports car with its Sangria Red metallic paint, large rear wing and rally inspired 17 inch premium dark painted wheels. However the exterior is only the beginning of the story, it was the interior of our $20,000 Ford Focus Ford Focus Coupe that made us fans of the well finished affordable method of transportation. It’s not the gauges or the synthetic door panels, but the Medium Stone leather seats and Ford’s voice commanded Sync audio system that earned our affection. These are two luxuries that you won’t find in many other $20,000 new cars.

Our Focus is powered by a 2.0 Liter Duratec 16 valve four cylinder engine that makes 143 HP when connected to a 5 speed manual transmission. The blue oval guys claim that the Coupe comes with a sport tuned exhaust as well as a sport tuned suspension, two things we thoroughly enjoyed listening to and putting through its paces. Despite the sporty nature of the Focus Coupe, Ford is already ready for the future CAFÉ standards because our car gets an EPA estimated 35 MPG.

However, no matter how good the Focus is, for some reason U.S. consumers have never been able to focus on the car’s highlights. You have to travel all of the way to Europe where the Ford Focus has earned multiple Car of the Year awards where these automobiles stand for value, sport and convenience. If only Ford could convince domestic consumers how good this car really is, perhaps next year wouldn’t be a Europe only model.

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The 2010 Ford Focus is taking on a European feel.

Apparently, the latest model of the Focus franchise will not be produced on its home continent and instead, will be manufactured exclusively at Ford’s Saarlouis production plant in plant in Germany.

While it may seem strange to produce the Focus from across the pond that is the Atlantic, Ford justifies their reason by saying that the move will allow its European division to get back on its feet. According to John Fleming, the Chairman and CEO of Ford Europe, “Our objective is to return to sustainable profitability as soon as we can.” He also added: "We’ve already shown that we will make the necessary decisions and do whatever is required to ensure that Ford of Europe emerges from the downturn as a leaner and stronger company, ready to take on the opportunities presented once the economic situation finally improves."

The Focus is not the only Ford vehicle that will be produced exclusively in Europe. One of its variants, the Focus C-Max MPV will be produced in Valencia, Spain. Incidentally, the same plant in Valencia that produces the C-Max will distribute the vehicle to all the European markets and if plans push through, all the markets outside of Europe, including the US.

With the industry taking a massive hit in America and in Europe, it figures that Ford is putting all its resource into making sure that all of its plants have an opportunity to keep their heads above water.

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Ford extended our test session with their stylish two door and we have to admit that we are enjoying double stinting the Focus. As we drive the coupe around for a little longer we are starting to notice the small things, like the colorful bunch of LEDs throughout the interior, and the removable cup holder for easy cleaning. Although we are pining for a version where the driver can sit in a sport bucket that isn’t supported by an electronic platform and has a turbo strapped to the back of the engine, after all there’s plenty of room for it.
Unfortunately we had to make a trip to the gas station, but without paying too much attention, or money we filled up the tank for $30, not bad, but we’re still waiting for higher prices this summer.

This is a great entry-level ride, coming with features like leather, Sync and a set of really nice looking wheels. The Focus is a different vehicle all together when seen in the eyes of a European; these cars stand for value, sport and convenience. If only Ford could convince domestic consumers. The Ford engineers can try a little harder with the styling possibly a Ford Edge Sport treatment, but definitely on to something.

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We have just received the all new 2009 Ford Focus Coupe in the Top Speed test fleet. The profile of the two-door Focus with its fastback styling immediately reminded us of the old Sierra Cosworth, with the modern day car’s long slanted C pillar and oversized rear wing. The Focus Coupe gives the impression of being a sports car, something that is only accentuated by its Sangria Red metallic paint and the rally inspired premium dark painted wheels.

The interior of our Focus Coupe comes with Medium Stone leather seats and Ford’s Sync audio system. These are two luxuries that you won’t find in many other $20,000 new cars. It looks like Ford is targeting the youth market with the Focus Coupe, aside from the sporty exterior styling; the gauges have a very tuner style look to them, they are bright, bold and in your face. Another interesting feature that we’ve noticed is the door chime, gone is the annoying monotonous “ding” and in its place is a sound that is more reminiscent of something coming from an Atari video game.

Our Focus is powered by a 2.0 Liter Duratec 16 valve four cylinder that makes 140 HP. The blue oval guys claim that the Coupe comes with a sport tuned exhaust as well as a sport tuned suspension, two things we are looking forward to listening to and trying out. Despite the sporty nature of the Focus Coupe, Ford is already ready for the future CAFÉ standards because our car get an EPA estimated 35 MPG.

For a 360 degree view of the Focus check out the video after the jump.

Ford revealed at the Geneva Motor Show the iosisMax , a concept that it was said to offer glimpse for the company’s next generation global C-segment (compact) car. Now the people at AutoExpress have tamed down the concept to show what the 2010 Focus may look like.

Since 2004 Ford split the Focus line between North America and the rest of the world. While the North American Focus has been profitable for Ford, the international model has been a best seller. So for the 2010 car, Ford is reuniting the Focus line and selling one car with European appeal. Sin Sin ce Ford has a lot riding on its European cash cow, we in North America can not only expect the 2010 car to have more European characteristics, but also one that has spent a lot of time in development.

Since the original iosis concept of 2005 was a curvy interpretation of the production Mondeo, we think the iosisMax is likely to be a good indication of the next-generation Focus. Now in it’s third International generation, the 2010 Focus will feature what almost seem like rounded and stretched lines of the current car . Just like in the iosisMax, the production car should have less dramatic lines that will blend the front end with the rest of the car.

The engine lineup should include both gas and diesel variations as well as Ford’s new EcoBoost system. The international offerings should start with a 1.0-liter gas engine making 89 hp, and should top out at units approaching 200 hp. North America will not likely receive the smallest capacity engine nor many or all of the diesel offerings.

Source: AutoExpress

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