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The Ford Falcon has been in production since 1960, and since 1972, it’s been entirely a product of Australia — designed, developed, and produced entirely separate from the U.S. It holds the position of Australia’s best-selling car, and sells with a variety of engines and trim levels. Over the last seven generations, more than 3 million of them have been sold. That’s a lot of Falcon Falcon s. They even produce a Ranchero-like ute version that takes the awesomeness to a whole new level. Heading into 2015, Ford is releasing a new performance version of the Falcon, dubbed the FPV GT F.

Sometimes, I swear Ford is just trying to make its customers in the United States jealous of its customers in Australia. Sure, they gave the U.S. a much more capable Focus than was previously available, the tiny-but-flickable Fiesta , and a number of quite enjoyable ST models, but even so, it seems like the Australians have all the fun.

Even as the Fusion and Taurus improve leaps and bounds over their predecessors, neither sedan is offered with a V-8, and neither is rear-wheel drive. The Australian Ford Falcon, however, comes with both rear-wheel-drive and an optional V-8, which makes it much more desirable than the Fusion or even the Taurus in the United States. If you want tail-out fun from an American sedan , then the Ford Falcon is one of those cars that you know you love, but you know you can’t have.

To make things worse, Ford has just introduced the Falcon-based 2015 FPV GT F, a 5.0-liter, V-8 monster of a sedan that makes more horsepower than a Mustang GT and still manages to have the capacity to drive your friends down to the neighborhood pub.

If you were jealous of the Ford Falcon before, the 2015 FPV GT F will leave you even more jealous than before.

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The Stig is an intimidating character that even the most professional of racers can’t help but be in awe of. At least that’s what the Stig likes to think of himself. We can’t blame him for the lack of oxygen in his head. Lord knows how long it’s been since he last took that helmet off, but whatever you think of him, the dude is a polarizing figure that needs someone of equal stature to put him in check.

Enter Ken Block.

The world-class rally driver recently teamed up with Top Gear ’s resident test driver for a promotional gig for Top Gear Australia magazine. The two are scheduled to be in the cover of the November issue of the magazine and you can expect that article to be a must-read.

Before that issue hits newsstands, though, Top Gear Australia bought a camera crew to a race track to film the two drifter extraordinaires participate in a one-on-one Hoonigan show in Melbourne, featuring Block’s Monster Rally Fiesta and the Stig’s ride-of-choice, the Australian-born Ford Falcon FPV.

Check out the video after the jump and wait for the dramatic climax in the end. There’s plenty of rubber-burning, tire-shredding action in this 90-second promo video.

This is what happens when a concept car receives great praise; a production version, albeit a limited edition, soon follows. Last month, Ford Performance Vehicles introduced the FPV Concept at the Australian International Motor Show to tremendous praise. The fallout has resulted in a limited edition version of the car, called the GT Black.

Similar to the FPV Concept, the GT Black kept the all-black finish that made it so popular. It’s dressed in a Silhouette Black paint finish complemented by matte black stripe decals on the entire car, including the bonnet, front and rear bumpers, rear diffuser, rear wing, and even the upper and lower grilles. Heck, even the fog lamp bezels have been finished in black! Rounding out the exterior feature are a set of 19" five-spoke alloy wheels finished in - you guessed it! - gloss black.

Inside the car, there’s plenty more of that all-black treatment. The seats are dressed in black leather. The Interior Command Center comes in black and the gear shift badge found on manual transmission models also comes in a unique black finish. Suffice to say, the FPV GT Black Limited Edition does its name justice, wouldn’t you say?

Then there’s the engine, which we assure you doesn’t come in black. What it does come in is a 5.0-liter Miami supercharged V8 engine with an output of 455 horsepower at 5,750 rpm and 420 lb/ft of torque from 2,200-5,500 rpm.

The Boss GT -based muscle car will only be limited to 125 units with each model coming with a unique build badge and certificate of authenticity, making it a true special edition muscle car that should attract its fair share of attention.

We’ve never been to the Land Down Under despite it being a beautiful country/continent. From what we’ve heard though, that place is the home of some of the best beaches in the world, thousands of beautiful women, and some pretty randy performance vehicles.

One of the cars that caught are attention is a machine built straight out of Ford Australia’s Performance Vehicles division: the Boss 335 GT.

The mere fact that it carries the legendary ’Boss’ monicker is enough to warrant this car a stamp of approval, but we’re not all about judging something based on sheer name value alone. We went out and took a look at the 335 GT to see if it was deserving of a ’Boss’ badge.

What we found was a car that packs quite a bit of meat under its hood, although not to the stratosphere of the Boss Mustang 302 in this neck of the woods. Nevertheless, it’s still pretty powerful and, on top of that, it has its fair share of features to boot.

Sure, we’ve seen more powerful cars here in the US, but over in Australia where the cars drive on the other side of the road, the Boss 355 GT is one car you wouldn’t want to mess with.

UPDATE 04/10/11: In Australia, Allan Moffat is considered as one of the finest racers in the country, having won four Australian Touring Car Championships to go along with his four Bathurst titles. So when he gives his stamp of approval on anything, those Aussies will definitely listen. Recently, the racing legend got behind the wheel of the new Australia-exclusive Ford Boss 335 GT. The rest, of course, is a matter of taking his word for it, which we believe people at the Oz take seriously. Check out the video for your viewing pleasure.

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The 2011 HSV E-Series 3 cast a huge spotlight on the Holden brand when it was released earlier this year, but that attention was quickly diverted when Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) announced that their Falcon GT sports car would be getting a supercharged engine making it the first supercharged V8-engined GT in their history. Not satisfied with just one feature distracting the public eye from their competitor, FPV is now releasing plans to send the supercharged V8 over to the U.S. market, a market that Holden used to participate in until General Motors cut off the Pontiac brand and, in turn, the rebadged Commodore .

Jim Farley, Ford’s US-based vice-president of global marketing, said that the company plans more performance-based focus — including rear-wheel-drive models — for the US market. This will begin by bringing its supercharged V8 technology back to the US, but keeping it wrapped in its Australian skin.

"The team at FPV is on the record about their desire to potentially use the supercharged V8s elsewhere in the Ford world but at this stage there are no definite plans. It’s no surprise to us, though, that others would love to experience what we have on offer down here."

Source: Drive

Not everyone is turning to electric vehicles, and we are pretty psyched about it. Ford Performance Vehicles Australia is stepping it up a bit by putting together their very first supercharged V8-engined GT in their history. This sports car is being rocked by a new 5.0 liter V8 engine and a custom Eaton supercharger that will be offered in all GT, GT-P, and GT E models.

Fitted with an all-aluminum design with double overhead cams and 32 valves configuration, the new V8 engine can deliver 450 HP and 570Nm of torque. This translates into a pretty good slap in the face for the recently unveiled HSV E-Series 3 whose engine line tops out at 442hp. Looks like they are getting some competition now. And as an added bonus, FPV’s new V8 engine will be individually hand-built for each car and will be more powerful, more fuel efficient, and cleaner than the previous 5.4-liter engine.

Next to the new engine, the GT gets 19in five-spoke alloys with a machined face and Dark Argent accents. The GT-P gets 19in five-spoke alloys with a machined face and Sparkle Silver accents and the GT E gets 19in 10-spoke alloys finished in Alpine Silver. The GT and GT-P will be available in 11 colors matched with a three stripe combination and the GT E has eight exterior colors with two interior trim combinations.

For being the very first GT supplied by Australia’s Ford , the new GT is not half bad. We are curious to see what the next generation will bring.

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Ford Performance Vehicles introduce brute force, understated. The latest additions to the FPV range of high performance machines - the Force 6 and Force 8 luxury saloons. Both models are striking high performance cars with immense power, unique styling cues and fine luxury appointments.

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