Ford GT

Ford GT

While Ford has been tempting everyone with the idea of offering a successor for their famous GT supercar , tuners are hard at work with the current model they do have on hand. The GT Guy, a garage that tunes Ford GT models exclusively has announced their latest project - the Ford GT "Merkury 4" - developed in cooperation with Camilo Pardo – the designer of the original GT.

The Merkury 4 is based on a solid red Ford GT that features a Mirrachrome abstract custom paint job with a florescent orange center stripe separated with a satin black pinstripe. The car was equipped with HRE center-bolt rims with 275/30ZR19 front and 345/30ZR20 rear Michelin tires. And because one of the most impressive features of the GT can be found under the hood, the tuner has equipped the car’s 5.4 L supercharged modular V8 with a second generation Whipple supercharger and a GTG cold air intake kit that increased the engine’s output to an amazing 725 rwhp at 19lbs of boost on 91 octane fuel.

The package continues with a GTG "Vintage" bumper delete kit, a passport radar detector/jammer system, custom "Ford GT" billet fuel door, billet clamshell center and side clamshell vents, GTG clamshell release hooks, and Penske triple adjustable shocks with custom alignment lowered about 1".

Jesse James is well-known for his romantic rendezvous behind the back of his then-wife and actress, Sandra Bullock, but before his sexual trysts became a topic of media concern, James was better known as the builder behind West Coast Choppers . Now it seems as though James is taking a break from infidelity and motorcycle builds to take his Hennessey GT1000 Twin Turbo for a bit of a rougher ride.

On a road that has been dubbed a "super twisty lane" by a source that was at the location, Jesse James lost control of his 1000 HP supercar and crashed it into a neighbor’s yard near his house in Austin, Texas. The funny thing about the incident is that Hennessey seems to be pleased with the incident. They spoke with fellow automotive site, Jalopnik, and stated, "It’s nice to know that Jesse drives his Hennessey GT hard enough to find the limit. After all, if you don’t crash or break every now and then you’re not going fast enough."

Jesse James seems to take a lot of things to their breaking point. At least his Henessey GT1000 is covered by insurance.

Reminder: The Hennessey GT1000 Twin Turbo is powered by a 5.4-liter supercharged V-8 engine that produces 1,000 horsepower at 6,600 rpm with a 0-60 mph time of 2.8 seconds, a quarter-mile time of 10.6 seconds at 142 mph, and an increased top speed of 245 mph.

Source: Jalopnik

For those of you who follow the Formula 1 racing series, the name Jenson Button should absolutely ring a bell. Button is a British Formula One driver currently signed to McLaren and as any other Formula 1 driver, his garage houses some of the most impressive vehicles on the market, including vehicles like the Nissan GT-R , Bugatti Veyron , and a variety of Ferrari models.

Another model he has enjoyed taking out and about is his Ford GT supercar. Until now. Button has just announced that the GT will be available for sale for anyone interested. It only has 3,500 miles on the odometer and is priced at £130,000 or about $203,000 at the current exchange rates.

When talking about his car, Button said: "It’s exciting to have such a rare and great vehicle in stock – this one is certainly in a league of its own. It’s a really good investment with the current value increasing by ten per cent each year, and since it was owned by Jensen Button, it’s perfect!"

We can’t blame him for getting rid of his Ford GT; his new ride will be a new McLaren MP4-12C .

Some may say that Ford will have to step up its game if it’s going to compete with Chevrolet’s plans for a new Camaro model every six months . To those people we say, if the second generation GT supercar and the varying versions of the Mustang aren’t enough, then check out this proposed model from designer Andrus Ciprian. His all-new lightweight sports car - the Cobra Snakehead - could just be the high-top model needed to win over some votes from the Camaro clan.

It may not look like your typical Ford supercar, but Ciprian’s two-seater concept does carry over some of Ford’s latest design language, albeit taken a bit to the extreme. This new design language is already present in the latest Fiesta and Focus models, so you’ll see a resemblance to their design on the front end of the Cobra Snakehead. Its extreme muscular stance with those huge, bubble wheel arches and kamm tail design inspired by the classic lines of the original GT40s would put even the beefy Mustang to shame. The design is even more aggressive than the proposed GT supercar .

For power, Ciprian envisions a front mounted V8 for the Ford Cobra Snakehead, so naturally we would of the aluminum 5.4 Liter supercharged V8 found in the GT500. This engine produces 550 HP and 510 lb-ft of torque, but is rather close to the hybrid powertrain speculated for the future Ford GT.

Bottomline: We think the Ford Cobra Snakehead looks amazing, but chances of it becoming a new model for Ford are slim to none. However, we would like to see some of its aggressive design carried over to the new Ford GT. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Diseno Art

The Ford GT is one of those vehicles that is and always will be an American icon. Originally produced in 2005 and 2006, the GT drew inspiration from Ford’s classic GT40 race cars of the 1960s and had the 550 HP necessary coming out of its mid-mounted 5.4 L Modular V8 engine to back up the design. Ford has already talked about producing a second generation of the model, but until that happens, we will bide our time by finding true pieces of tuning art like AE Performance’s version of the Ford GT.

The full specs of the package have not been released as of yet, but we did get some pictures to drool over, as well as a few hints as to what we should expect. The Ford GT by AE will get an extra 130 HP to add to the mix, along with a new set of ADV.1 wheels and a discrete body kit. Surprisingly so, these pictures show that AE Performance has done away with the original’s racing stripes, but has left a vibrant candy apple red paint job to shut us up about it.

That’s it when it comes to details about the package as of right now, but already we would have to say that if the price is right, we’d take this version of the Ford GT over the Ferrari 458 Italia any day of the week. Hit us up with your thoughts on the matter in the comments section below.

Back in the 60s, automotive racing history was about to change when Henry Ford II decided that it was time for America to be well-represented at the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans. The European domination, most notably that of Ferrari , gave Ford the motivation to built an American race car that could take the fight to the Italian Prancing Horse. And so, the Ford GT project was born and at the 1966 Le Mans race, Ford did the unthinkable, scoring a 1-2-3 finish at Le Mans and setting off a three-year run when the American automaker reigned supreme at the 24-hour endurance race.

Fast forward to 2005 and the production version of the Ford GT - limited as they were - was born under the guise of being the company’s "Centennial Supercar". This, of course, leads us to this year and the Ford GT still holds acclaim for being the only Ford supercar to be built.

It’s omniscient looks, coupled with its standing as a true American original, has made the Ford GT a tuning favorite, particularly from US-based aftermarket companies. One such company, Hennessey Performance Engineering , recently took the task of building performance programs for the venerable supercar, including one that gives the GT a mouth-watering output of 1,000 horsepower. You’d be hard-pressed to find anything more awesome than that.

UPDATE 03/26/2012: The Ford GT 1000 Twin Turbo just established a standing mile record of 257.7 mph, officially becoming the fastest car at Texas Mile (for cars running on the Chase Field runway in Beeville).

Hennessey attempted to break the standing mile record in 2011 with the Ford GT as well, but fell short at just 235 mph. The first day of the 2012 Texas Mile brought them up to 246.8 mph, but the second day was the true triumph with the 257.7 mph record. The victorious Ford GT by Hennessey is owned by Mark Heidaker and driven by Sean Kennedy.

UPDATE 05/16/2012: Now, the supercar has set a new world record. With Sean Kennedy behind the wheel, the Hennessey GT posted a new standing half-mile record of 219.9mph in the half mile. This impressive result was achieved at the 8,000-foot runway of Ellington Airport, the Houston Half Mile.

The Hennessey Ford GT that established this impressive record was powered by an Accufab Racing V8 engine updated with two Precision Turbochargers for an impressive output of 2000 bhp.

UPDATE 10/29/2012: To add to the Fotd GT1000 Twin Turbo’s growing number of records, Hennessey headed back to the famous track at the biannual Texas Mile Festival of Speed organized in Beeville and, with Sean Kennedy behind the wheel, the Ford GT by Hennessey hit an amazing top speed of 263.3 mph! Check out the video by clicking on the image above!

Details on the Ford GT1000 Twin-Turbo by Hennessey after the jump.

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Ford was becoming frustrated with the continuing success of Enzo Ferrari’s racing machines. It came to a point that Henry Ford II was given an offer by Enzo to buy the company for an unheard of $18 million dollars. The buyout ended up falling through and Ford was left on its own to develop a racing team that could compete on the European circuits. Due to the non compete pact between American automakers, Ford knew it would have to look outside of its Dearborn, Michigan team for talent.

To make a long story short, Ford took over a GT racing project from Lola, hired a prominent racing manager in John Wyer, and then designed the original GT40s to be raced in 1964. The story is much more complex than that, but the legend that would come from this humble beginning is much more important. The initial GT/101 chassis was essentially a loser and Ferrari continued to laugh while running away with victories. By 1965, Carroll Shelby was taken away from his Cobra projects and started developing the next generation of GT40 for Ford. This car gave Ford a win at Daytona in the first race of the very next year.

Ford did develop several very special prototype cars including four roadster versions. Until recently, the GT/111 chassis was thought to have been destroyed long ago, but a chance find in London led to its discovery. Extensive restoration and consequential historic racing had finally brought it to the auction block at RM’s Villa d’Este with a value estimated between $3,900,000-4,700,000.

Updated 05/28/2014: A very rare 1965 Ford GT Roadster Prototype is going to be auctioned this August at RM Auction’s in Monterey. This is one of only 12 GT40 Roadster Prototypes that exist in this world. Not much is known about it at this point, but according to RM Auctions, this model, the eight of the 12 GT40 Roadster Prototypes, was also used by Shelby American for a handful of testing and development sessions back in the day.

Hit the jump for more details on the 1965 Ford GT40 Roadster.

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Motorsports history will show the Ford GT as one of the most dominant forces in the game. Shelby and his Cobra were the only real competition to the classically styled GT. As Ford attempted to reincarnate the GT model and introduce it as a super sports car, things became abundantly clear that they had rushed things. The most recent GT was a beautiful representation of the classic car in modern clothes, but the powertrain and stamina were not up to par. Many buyers of the vehicle became so frustrated with its ownership that they simply gave up all together. The car was plagued with problems and would begin falling apart from the moment you drove it off the lot.

Today, Ford is a company on the rebound after the financial crisis rocked the American automotive industry. For the first time it has begun to outsell General Motors on a quarterly basis and things seem to be getting better all the time. By trimming the fat and producing solid vehicles that the American consumer wants has been a key to this success. So is it time to release a new supercar?

That question is somewhat of a double-edged sword. On one hand, if Ford was able to build a true competitor to the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 and more exotic machines like Ferraris and Lamborghinis, then the answer is undoubtedly YES. Coming from the other side, if Ford makes another immensely powerful machine that simply breaks down at every track, then the reputation they have been trying to build will take a major hit. That being said, Ford seems to have plans in the works for a new GT, but information is scarce and speculative.

Hit the jump for more details on the Future Ford GT.

Shortly after two Ford GTs appeared at LeMans, rumors started circulating that the American company was contemplating bringing the GT back to fill in one of the gaps in the American supercar lineup. Now those rumors are picking up some speed thanks to an interview with some of Ford’s head honchos.

During an intimate dinner at the Detroit Auto Show, Automobile Magazine got the opportunity to pose a question to Derrick Kuzak, head of global product development, that would be followed by a few moments of awkward silence and a wishy washy answer: “Is Ford interested in a successor to the GT?”

In real life, a to-the-point question typically gets a straight answer, but unfortunately that is not how it works in the auto world - or the political world but that’s another issue altogether. After a few moments of thought-gathering and answer-processing, Kuzak’s response was, "Well I think there are certain things that we don’t want to talk about in terms of four-year product plans, if that’s okay." Ford president and CEO, Alan Mulally, then tried to lighten the mood with a response of his own: “All I know is, if the ground is wet, they don’t let me drive it,” said Mulally. “That vehicle levitates.”

While not exactly a confirmation, these awkward and thought-provoking responses lead us to believe that something is definitely cooking in Ford’s kitchen, and we’re famished. We’ll take a double serving of the old supercar with a more original design than that of the 2005 Ford GT and spice it up with that same GT spirit, please!

Time and again, we’ve scoured the forums looking for the next supercar to drool over. Whether it’s a completely new one or one that just got out of the tuning shops, we never miss an opportunity to see what new bad boy lies out there, primed and ready to unleash its wrath on the streets of the world.

Good thing too because we’ve found this matte black Ford GT that has been given some pretty serious tune-up work. “Peakcompletions” from L4P took their Ford GT – an already amazing car in its own right – over to Shelby at Elite Autos to have some tweaks and upgrades done to it.

The result is nothing short of awe-inspiring. For starters, the car was given a custom Heffner SC/TT package that produces 1,400 rwhp. If that’s not enough, the car was given a matte satin black paint finish, a glossy carbon interior, a dry carbon exterior, matte red brakes, a double din radio, a back-up camera, and even more carbon fiber on the interior.

Suffice to say, this tuned-up Ford GT is one car we wish we had inside our garage. It’s gorgeous inside, outside, and every other angle we can think of.

Source: L4P

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