Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo

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The medium sedan market is in recession. All the manufacturers are trying to bring a fresh attitude in order to convince a client that would buy an SUV, compact van or crossover rather than the classic sedan. The first example of such design refreshment was the Peugeot Peugeot 407 that made a serious departure from the previous model. To follow this path is now Ford with the all-new Mondeo, which is intended as a design revolution. Following the styling lines of the 2005 Iosis concept, the new Mondeo will be the best example of Ford’s new “kinetic design” philosophy. Sales are expected to start in early 2007.

Ford have revealed plans in CAR magazine that the next generation Mondeo will be based on a modified Volvo S60 Volvo S60 Platform. This is very bad news though, as the Volvo Volvo is not so good to drive compared to the Mondeo. Maybe this are just rumors and the next Mondeo will have a all-new platform (aluminium) and share it with Volvo and Mazda like the Focus’s platform has done.
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Launched in October 2000, the Mondeo Mk III was considerably larger than its predecessor, but is still based on the Mk I’s floorpan and running gear. Although Ford abandoned its New Edge design theme for the Mondeo Mk III, it still borrowed some styling cues from the Focus Mk I, giving it an overall effect which many critics felt was more restrained and mature than the Focus if much less distinctive. Two of the old car’s biggest weaknesses, the modest rear legroom and uncompetitive diesel version were addressed by a longer wheelbase and the new "Duratorq" diesel engine.

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