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Apparently touted as the ’the last hurrah before the major overhaul in 2015, the 2014 Ford Mustang is the last chance for customers who are fans of the current, retro inspired design to snag one up before the Evos-inspired 2015 Ford Mustang is announced.

For the new ’Stang, Ford will axed minor features such as the cheap-looking lower-body tape stripe and the rear deck spoiler. Ford will announce two new packages that customers can choose to personalize their vehicle even further. One package is known as the Black Appearance Package and it includes black outside mirror skull caps, a black deck lid spoiler, quarter window louvers and 18-inch black aluminum wheels. The other package, known internally as the FP8, includes the features of the first package in addition to larger 19-inch black aluminum rims. People opting for this exterior package can expect the car to look more aggressive and visceral.

In the performance department, the engine lineup remains unchanged. The 2014 Mustang will be powered by a 3.7-liter V-6, a naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V-8 for the GT or a supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 for the range-topping Shelby GT500.

As of now, no changes to the suspension systems and transmission system have been announced or leaked. So, expect the same 5-speed automatic or, the favorite, 6-speed manual to stay.

Prices for the 2014 Ford Mustang start at $22,995 for the V6 Coupe, $26,995 for the V6 Premium Coupe, $31,545 for the GT Coupe, $35,545 for the GT Premium Coupe, $55,445 for the GT500 820A Coupe and $58,940 for the GT500 821A Coupe. From the figures, we can notice that the V-8 models are $450 pricier. Also, Ford has dropped the $1,500 rebate on V-6 and GT models. Customers opting for the new Black Appearance Package will have to shell out an extra $995, which is kind-of worth it judging by the contents of the package. Notice the lack of the Boss 302 Mustang price? Yeah, we did too... Ford stayed true to its word by eliminating it after just two years.

For now, this is all the information we have, but we anticipate seeing the veil lifted from the 2014 Mustang in early 2013. We’ll pass on more info once it becomes available.

Image Note: 2013 Mustang Image Shown

This video, or pair of videos, just goes to show the thrills and perils of getting involved in drag racing, especially when you have a 2013 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet that’s just itching to pounce off of that starting line.

The muscle car flexes its insane muscles in the beginning, performing a scintillating wheelie as soon as the lights drops to green. After that visual spectacle of power, the driver suddenly loses control of the Mustang Cobra Jet, sending it careening into the barricades of the Cecil County Dragway in Northeast Maryland.

The ABM Nationals was the scene of the wheelie turned crash and fortunately for the driver of the Mustang Cobra Jet, the resulting chaos didn’t come with any injuries for him. We can’t say so much for the Mustang, as it took some serious damage.

Check out the video of the wheelie and crash from inside the Mustang Cobra Jet after the jump.

In case you’re wondering whether clicking this video is a right idea, we’ll spare you the decision and tell you that this video is NSFW. Having said that, though, we don’t need to remind you that this video is something every warm-blooded man in this planet should watch.

Ford Mustang aftermarket specialist AmericanMuscle will be selling its Mustang-themed 2013 calendar soon - it’s actually available for order now at the company’s website for just $19.99 - but what really caught our attention, as far as this video goes, is the amount of garments, or lack thereof, the models in this video are wearing.

No, they’re not completely nude, but with little in the way of fabric, they might as well just be, hence the NSFW disclaimer

It’s a pretty ingenious way for AmericanMuscle to promote its 2013 calendar because if for nothing else, little captures a man’s attention better than scantily-clad beauties doing the car wash routine on an iconic American muscle car.

Don’t believe us? Click play and watch the video.

The thing that we love most about the Ford Mustang is that it’s incredibly accepting of aftermarket performance parts. With that said, the 2012 SEMA Show was like heaven for us with all of the amazing Mustang tuning kits that were displayed. Ringbrothers offered up one that it dubbed the Switchback and it certainly gained our interest.

As you probably expected, the most important modifications were under the hood. In here the car’s standard 5.0-liter engine was fitted with a ProCharger supercharger system with an intercooler, Flowmaster headers, Hose Candy sleeves and filled with only the best — Royal Purple fluids. Ringbrothers also installed a new 409S dual exhaust system from Flowmaster, which helped raise the Mustang GT from its already stout 430 horsepower to an extreme 575 ponies.

Because Ringbrothers needed a more aggressive look to match the extra power, it installed a carbon-fiber body kit and front splitter, plus a 2-piece modular carbon-fiber hood with an interchangeable insert. For the exterior, the folks at Ringbrothers opted for a waterborne paint combined with aluminum side vents. The car was then place on a set of 1-piece wheels sized 19 inches up front and 20 inches in the rear, and wrapped in Nitto tires sized 275/35R19 and 315/35R20, respectively.

Inside the Mustang Switchback, the changes were limited to the removal of the factory rear seats and the addition of a new custom-wrapped leather package.

With all these updates, the Mustang GT has been transformed into the real muscle car it should have been from factory!

Ford Mustang Boss 302

The Ford Mustang Boss 302 has only been around for a pair of years now and when it was first released, Ford promised us that it would only have a two-year lifespan. We mostly scoffed at the idea, thinking that Ford would darn sure keep it around if it sold like hotcakes and was profitable. Well, if there’s one thing Ford is good at, it’s keeping promises, as it has announced a slew of changes for the 2014 model year and one of those was bye-bye Boss 302.

So, if you have had your heart set on getting a Boss 302, you had better scrape up the $42,200 buy-in and head out to your closest Ford dealer to pick up a 2013 version — we’re willing to bet that they will go pretty fast. In an inventory search of our local Ford dealerships, we are only coming up with three Boss 302 models available, and it’s likely the same around the country.

Okay, enough with the depressing stuff, as Ford also released other information for the 2014 model year. A pair of new colors will be added to the 2014 Mustang: Oxford White and Ruby Red Metalic with Tinted Clearcoat. With those additions comes the deletion of two similar colors and one Boss 302-specific color: Red Candy Metallic with Tinted Clearcoat, High Performance White, and the Boss 302-exclusive School Bus Yellow.

Exterior Package 101A, which includes that cheap-looking lower tape stripe and a rear deck spoiler, will be axed in 2014. There are, however, two appearance packages that Ford will add to the 2014 Mustang. The first package is the FP6 Appearance Package (541), which includes: painted black outside mirror skull caps, painted black deck lid spoiler, quarter window louvers and 18-inch painted black aluminum wheels. Also added in is the FP8 Appearance Package (542), which boasts the same items as the FP6 Appearance Package, but adds in 19-by-8.5-inch machined aluminum rims.

Though the Boss 302 is going away, the super-high-performance `Stang – the Shelby GT500 – is staying and gaining standard heated seats, and the two new exterior colors that we mentioned earlier.

So there we have it, the last model year before the supposed big 2015 redesign will include the axing of a crowd favorite and some very basic additions. Nothing to get really excited about, but plenty to be sad about.

What’s better than one performance brand working on a car like the 2013 Mustang GT ? Why how about two of ’em. What happens then when even that isn’t enough?

The answer is three aftermarket companies. That’s right! Three!

Roush Performance, Ford Racing, and Sherwin-Williams Automotive Paints all collaborated to build this Roush Stage 3 Mustang , a muscle car that defies the laws of awesomeness mainly due to a Roush Phase 3 Supercharger Kit that shoots up the output of the car to 700 horsepower and 585 lb/ft of torque.

“We are excited to announce that this engine package will be available as a ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang powertrain upgrade for our 2014 model year Mustangs,” said Tim Wheeler, VP Sales and Marketing at ROUSH Performance. “Our customer base has been hungry for a forged block configuration powered by our best ROUSH supercharger…and we think this engine package will blow away everyone’s expectations.”

The SEMA Roush Stage 3 Mustang features a custom Sin City Silver and Luminescent Lime paint scheme by Sherwin-Williams Automotive Paints. The color, in itself, is already worthy of admission, but this Mustang features a whole lot more than just fancy paint schemes and sick superchargers. It also has a Ford Racing Aluminator Motor with forged internals, allowing ROUSH the ability to dial-up the horsepower. There’s also a Ford Racing X-Brace that has been painted to match the exterior body colors, an Eaton Truetrac locking rear differential, a Smart Mirror, Passport 9500ci, and Smart Smart Cord from ESCORT Radar, Recaro custom seats embroidered with the ROUSH Phase 3 logos, and a new set of 20" Roush five spoke metallic black wheels wrapped in Cooper RS3 tires.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding this Mustang because Wheeler admits that it represents the most powerful Mustang that ROUSH has ever produced. Certainly, if it came directly from the horse’s mouth, there’s definitely a credence of truth to that.

UPDATE 12/11/12: Do you want to listen to the sound of 700 horsepower under the hood of this Roush-tuned Ford Mustang? Now you can by just clicking on the photo above. Be advised, crank up the volume to enjoy the full shrill of that ear-splitting roar.

Long before the likes of Roush, Shelby , and Saleen turned the Ford Mustang into one of the most iconic and legendary performance cars in the world, there was Holman & Moody. As one of the first aftermarket companies to bring the Mustang to performance levels never before seen in its time, Holman & Moody became a legend in its own right.

This year, those guys are celebrating their 50th anniversary and to mark the occasion, they’re dusting off their tools to build a special limited edition 2014 Holman & Moody 50th Anniversary TdF Mustang.

“The Holman & Moody TdF Mustang is a contemporary reflection of our motorsports heritage,” said George Goddu, business manager for Ford Racing Performance Parts. “As a track-day capable commemorative edition, this special Mustang is a rolling showcase for our race-proven parts.”

The special muscle car bears some heritage to the original 1964 Mustang race cars they worked on, complete with the same bright red hue that adorned those 60’s bad boys. In addition, Holman & Moody fitted in similar modifications for this model, complete with a subtle horsepower increase to the car’s 5.0-liter four-valve Ti-VCT V8 engine, a lowered, race-tuned suspension, a free flowing exhaust, a limited slip rear end, a modified radiator, and larger brakes.

On that end, Holman & Moody also added sport mufflers and a stainless steel X-pipe from Ford Racing, progressive lower springs, a short shifter assembly, adjustable shocks and struts from SVT, a new high-flow air filter from K&N and Ford Racing, a new set of 19" custom wheels that were created specifically for this car, and custom Holman & Moody embroidered Recaro seats in the interior.

The 2014 Holman & Moody 50th Anniversary TdF Mustang will only be limited to 500 units, effectively ensuring that this model will be a hot ticket whenever it goes on sale.

UPDATE 05/13/13: Holman & Moody has officially priced its Tour de France package for the Ford Mustang. Should you desire the red and gold digs on your Mustang, you’re going to need to shell out $9,896 for the chance to do so. And that’s on top of the actual money you need to pay for the actual car.

Ford has a stacked line-up for the upcoming 2012 SEMA Show, but they are not the only ones introducing packages for their vehicles. The Ford Mustang is also getting a ton of attention from tuners everywhere, from the Mustang "Boy Racer" by 3dCarbon to the Ford Mustang by M2-Motoring , and now from the guys at the Eckert Rod Shop. These fine folks will be presenting an amazing Mach40 pack that combines a 1969 Mach 1 with a 2006 GT40 for an amazing 850 HP muscle car.

Based on the Mach1 platform, the Mach40 was designed as a one-off supercar that will make any car enthusiast turn their head and take notice. It’s the perfect blend of both vehicles’ designs, but has the GT40’s superior 5.4 liter dual overhead cam GT super car motor upgraded with a Wipple 4 liter supercharger along with drive by wire throttle. In addition, the motor was converted to a flex-fuel system. The result is an impressive increase from 600 to 850 HP.

That’s all we have on the Ford Mustang Mach40 by Eckert Rod Shop so far, but more details about the Mach40 will be unveiled during the 2012 SEMA Show, so stay tuned!

The original Mustang Cobra Jet was unveiled back in 1968 when it was powered by a 7.0-liter V8 engine with massive four-barrel carburetors and an output of 335 HP. Since then, things have evolved immensely, leaving the 2013 Cobra Jet with a 5.4 liter DOHC supercharged engine that delivers an impressive 430 HP, but that can still be much improved by today’s standards. Enter Ford Racing.

Ford Racing has prepared something amazing for the 2012 SEMA Auto Show: a Cobra Jet Twin-Turbo Concept that features a pair of twin turbochargers attached to the 5.0-liter V8 engine, eliminating the supercharger which provides instant on-demand power, but loses it at high boost levels. This turbocharger system uses the same technology as Ford’s EcoBoost engines and, according to Ford Racing, has the benefit of providing much less power loss. The lag experienced by turbochargers is minimized with the use of smaller turbochargers that are just as effective, but allow for the airflow necessary to power the muscle car. The turbochargers feature turbine wheels that are made from titanium aluminide which reduces the rotational inertia by 50 percent. Along with a shaft riding on low-friction ball bearings, the compressors can spin up to 150,000 rpm almost instantly. This system also provides better responsiveness, very low inertia, and very low internal friction.

The Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Twin-Turbo Concept was prepared solely to highlight Ford’s advances in turbocharging technology, but the exterior also plays a part by showing off the new global Ford Racing livery. The exterior is painted in a crisp white finish and combined with asymmetric black and blue stripes running over the top of the car from bumper to bumper. The side of the car shows these stripes as they sweep upward before ending with the traditional striking cobra head in black with blue accents.

"Despite its smaller displacement, the improved breathing of the 5.0-liter with its twin independent variable camshaft timing and Boss 302 cylinder heads provided comparable performance while showcasing the high technology available in street Mustangs today," said Rob Deneweth, Cobra Jet Powertrain Development Engineer.

“Ford has embraced turbocharging technology and a lot of our production engineers are working with the technology on a daily basis, so we have a lot of knowledge,” added Deneweth. “So we decided to apply that knowledge to the Mustang Cobra Jet to showcase what our engineers and suppliers know how to do.”

It looks as though Porsche isn’t the only fan of the Martini Livery; the folks over at Pure Vision have also picked up on the trend and are preparing a 1966 Martini T-5R Mustang for the 2012 SEMA Show. The car was developed with the help of various tuners, including ARP, Detroit Speed, JRi Shocks, C&R Racing, Wilwood Disc Brakes, and many more (full list after the jump). Of course, it couldn’t have been done without the permission from Karl, the owner of this beautiful piece of work.

The T-5R Martini Mustang is powered by a Ford Indy 4-cam engine mated to a CR Racing NASCAR prepped 4-speed transmission. While developing the car, Pure Vision focused on keeping the total weight as low as possible - they are hoping to get it under 2500lbs by the time it hits SEMA. To achieve this, the tuner added an aluminum hold, fiberglass body panels, and plexiglass windows. The interior has also been specially designed for rally racing with only minimum equipment installed.

Other updates include a new set of Evod wheels wrapped in Kumho rubber, Willwood brakes, a Shelby roll bar, and a Detroit Speed suspension.

Hit the jump for the full list if tuners who worked on the Ford Martini T-5R Mustang by Pure Vision.

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