2005 Ford Mustang Konquistador by Reifen Koch

While awaiting the debut of the new generation Mustang , German tuner, Reifen Koch, started its work on a Mustang that debuted 40 years after the original: the 2005 Mustang V . Their package is called the "Konquistador" and features the 4.6 liter V8 engine with an impressive output of 414 HP. This is a 114 HP increase over the car’s standard 300 HP.

The muscle car was given a mean, exterior upgrade worthy of being called a conqueror. It includes a Cervini body kit that consists of new bumpers and side sills, a new bonnet, and a small rear spoiler. The kit continues with the addition of a specially featured exhaust system which includes side pipes at both ends, KW-coilovers with electrically lifting axles, and an HLS (Hydraulic Lift System) Kit. The entire setup goes for €8,000 (or about $10,450 at the current rates). The tuner has also installed a new set of 20" Gotham wheels combined with a high performance Brembo braking system, which will run customers an additional €4,500 ( or about $5,875 at the current rates).


The modified version looks the same as the predecessors. Is there something for us? 

im a mustang lover and owner but doesn’t that look more like a 2010-2013 than an 05-09 mustang?

I am attracted to this modified version of Reifen Koch as it became more appealing.

Reifen Koch must have focused too much on its technical aspect that they forgot to enhance its aesthetics.

I don’t like its look at all but what its engine is capable of performing astounds me.

There is no way I’d get fond of this car; it will never grow on me. Its exterior is beyond outdated!

I am attracted to its figure. This car has been customized well; the beauty came from all the details they have packed this car with.

Are you serious? It’s been several years, and this one’s still alive and kicking? Reifen Koch should have done a better job on its exterior.

I can’t believe how dynamic it is, despite its unfortunate look. Well, it’s Ford after all. Ford produces such powerful cars.

amauri_grecco, yes this can be compared to the most recent cars, but I don’t think it can please the public anymore based on its looks.

Wasn’t this manufactured earlier? Even so, its engine is as dynamic as some of the recent cars.

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