2006 Ford Shadrach Mustang GT by Pure Power Motorsports

Pure Power Motorsports has announced it will debut its line of twin-turbocharged Shadrach Mustangs with a limited run of Signature Editions commemorating Super Stock drag racing legends Hubert Platt and Randy Payne.

The Shadrach coupe, a twin-turbocharged beast built on the 2006 Ford Mustang chassis, kicks off a limited run of Signature Editions commemorating Super Stock drag racing legends Hubert Platt and Randy Payne.

Pure Power Motorsports, of Powder Springs, Ga., started with a 2006 Mustang GT then began stripping it to the point that only the Vista Blue factory paint remains. The stock 4.6-liter block is transformed into a 900-horsepower monster with a crate of plethora of performance goodies, including an advanced fuel injection system that allows a smooth idle and emissions that fall within federal guidelines! Two water-to-air turbochargers and intercooler radiators pump cool air into the aluminum V8 through a vintage eight-stack system, which is a type of flashy intake favored by old school drag racers in the 1960s and ’70s. Backed with a six-speed racing transmission means the driver can always find a gear for acceleration, whether on the street or strip.

the Shadrach Mustang’s suspension and chassis components were chosen for serious high-speed use. They include an AJE tubular K-member, control arms, shock tower bar, adjustable front sway bar, adjustable track bar and subframe stiffener; Ohlin coil-over double-adjustable shocks; Metco billet front strut tower bar, lower rear control arms and upper link bracket; and HyperCo coil springs. Brakes are beefy Brembos - 14-inch cross-drilled fronts and 13.5-inch cross-drilled rears - set behind 20-inch forged aluminum Weld Racing wheels and Toyo tires.

The interior features a six-point chromoly rollcage, leather-wrapped Recaro front seats, matching rears, G-Force five-point harnesses and a carbon-fiber dash.

PPM’s styling package turns a “cute commuter” Mustang into a dragstrip icon, with every part functional and unique to the Shadrach. The unique front bumper cover, which incorporates an aerodynamic carbon-fiber air splitter and billet grille, gives the Shadrach the face of a predator. Its raised hood is an organic sculpture that sprouts twin air inlet scoops in front, then presents the turbo engine’s polished aluminum intake like a Best of Show trophy. Side skirts molded in carbon-fiber hide all but the outlets of the side exhaust pipes. A Pro Stock adjustable wing and lower air diffuser maintain clean airflow as the Shadrach carves its way through the atmosphere.

Even the factory Ford paint receives special attention - layers of pearl protected by many coats of clear - and a unique Shadrach wings/flames logo on the hood.


What is with the picture of the engine? Are they trying to hide the best part of the car? Get a better picture of that beast of an engine!

What are the Spec’s/Engine performance related to 0-62, Top Speed, Quarter Mile, 0-100, Type of Engine etc... This car is amazing! I’ll trade my 2003 GT for this if your Lucky, just joking.

The exterior is a little over the top, but the engine is an absurd amount of testosterone boxed in a hood. The width of the rear tires should be a little beefier and the spoiler looks out of place as well as the hood. The car would look gorgeous with either a Saleen body kit or a Roush body kit. Overall, props to the designers for an extreme version of a Mustang GT. Now all we need to do is see this beast in action!

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