2007 FPV Falcon GT 40th Anniversary

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To commemorate 40 years of the GT nameplate in Australia Ford Performance Vehicles created a special-edition of a Falcon GT.

This special Falcon GT designed to mark the nameplate’s 40th anniversary in Australia will be sell in just 200 models. This car is tuned for track-day enthusiasts and the chassis underneath will be made available to many more buyers.

FPV Falcon GT 40th Anniversary

The Falcon was unveiled at Melbourne Motor Show this year, 40 years after the XR Falcon GT from 1967.All vehicles will be finished in Silhouette black with striking gold over-body stripe kit. This special paintjob is a reversing of the original’s paintwork, and also includes a special edition Gold FPV GT 40th Anniversary lower body stripes.

FPV’s joint owners, Prodrive requested a new set-up from Delphi, suppliers of the GT’s regular dampers. Prodrive is renowned for its tuning expertise in the world of motorsport especially for the Subaru World Rally Championship cars.

FPV Falcon GT 40th Anniversary

The R-Spec handling pack incorporates an advanced level of suspension. This package is identified by the unique R-Spec badge on the deck lid and accent color treatment on rear spoiler pillars.

The chassis package was designed Ford enthusiasts, and will improve the GT’s racetrack performances without wearing tires paidly.

FPV Falcon GT 40th Anniversary

This performance Falcon would still retains a good ride/handling balance but will deliver sharper turn-in response and better stability under acceleration. An advanced level of suspension tune was achieved by working on the GT’s springs and dampers.

The managing director of Prodrive, Bryan Mears says: "We’re constantly monitoring the feedback of existing and potential FPV customers and a track pack version has been high on customer wish lists since the launch of the first FPV GT in 2003.Australia has a rich history of vehicle owners wanting to explore the potential of their cars in the safety of a race track."

The car features special GT-P 19-inch alloy wheels with gloss black accents. The engine is a 5,4l quad-cam 32 valve V8 with 290 hp at 5500rpm.

The GT 40th Anniversary is priced at $65,110 and will go on sale in April.

FPV Falcon GT 40th Anniversary


yea ford you need to have sold this car here in the us it would be amazing

this is the car that makes dodge charger owners want to trade in...

why cant they get this car in the us every one will buy it i would

Ford... you are dumb for not bringing this car over to the US
Aussie cars are great

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