2008 Ford FG01

Ford Racing Australia today revealed the FG01 V8 supercar ahead of the car’s initial debut at Sandown in Melbourne this week-end where it will take to the track for the first time.

Based on Ford’s recently launched FG Falcon XR8 sedan road car, the new Blue Oval weapon was designed and built by major Ford V8 Supercar teams Ford Performance Racing Triple 8 and Stone Brothers Racing.

Ford FG01

In development for over 18 months, FG01 was created to meet specific Ford design requirements in addition to fitting the Touring Car Entrants Group "Blueprint specification" and it is now set for a mid-year homologation.

The FG01 build involved a number of complex processes including the floor, cage, internal structural panels and external finish panels.

A major design consideration was to ensure that the maximum amount of BF mechanical components could carry over into the new FG chassis to assist with cost control and minimize redundant parts.

Ford FG01

The cage and floor are assembled together in a master jig which provides dimensional points for the body to be built. This method gives structural integrity without relying on exterior panels for safety which allows for quicker and more cost effective crash repair.

FG01 features a strengthened roll cage at the driver’s door area to minimize any side-impact intrusion which combined with the shift in seat position provides an optimum level of driver safety.


Its just a public debut, like when the BA was driven around Bathurst in ‘02. It will be driven multiple times during the day so everyone will see it.

I wonder how fast is on the track!

Looks great in blue and white!

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