2009 Ford Fiesta by 3dCarbon and FSWerks

Although this is the customized 2011 Ford Fiesta at the LA Auto Show, it certainly won’t be the last of the blue oval’s compacts to be tuned. This red and white Fiesta was a collaboration between 3dCarbon and FSWerks and takes full advantage of Fiesta’s European styling and rock solid foundation and power train to springboard the B segment hatchback to the next level of street authority.

Now this racing stripe wearing Fiesta is no show pony, thanks to the combination of the FSWerks Stage 2 intercooled turbo kit and a less restrictive free flowing 2.25 inch exhaust gives the little 1.6 Liter Fiesta enough grunt to play with the big boys and adequately matches the 3dCarbon body kit’s aggressive appearance. The aero package is made up of a big mouth front bumper and matching ground effects that issue a bold challenge to contenders while at the track the FSWerks components ensure that the tuned Fiesta can not only talk the talk, but walk the walk as well.


I really don’t want to see this vehicle in red for I think its better to left that thing on Ferrari cars. BTW, it seems that they haven’t made a engine upgrade for this car.

I really don’t like the racing stripes on its bonnet. However, I loved the modified styling of the Fiesta and I think it looks sporty on this model . BTW, have they upgrade the performance of the car?

The awesomeness of this car now wonder why this is the favorite car of Ken Block! I really love the Fiesta for its amazing features and speedy performance.

Well, I don’t think that a stripes looks good in a hatchback car. This is not typically a racing car that needs sticker to make it more aggressive! Talking about the features and performance this car perfectly combines the two!

Fiesta is much interesting compare to Focus. Its size is much useful and better looking. I have seat for the second time on the dealership the other day.
Very nice car I would love to have one.

there are a lot of custom fiesta around here but this is one of the best, very simple custom car yet aggressive.

i really like it’s color and paired with white racing stripes, plus it’s smoked headlights gives a highlight to it.

It’s a great looking car, I saw it at the Chicago Auto show. There’s some pics over at my blog

Well not bad in tuning the engine up to give more speed but I don’t think that they did a pretty well done job with the paint. It seems so old and so na├»ve paint job. I wish they had painted it with a more innovative look.

Is this the new car of ken block? well i guess it is a little bit smaller than the Imperza,. i hope it can perform well like the impreza

Well for the matte design, it may be perfect if they widen up the white line which may compliment the authority of white on the wheels. Even though I don’t like white matte on the wheels, for a change and I think this Fiesta is that stylish with the red over the white mask.

I’m looking at the bumper and it’s nice to see the improvement of this car. Also the turbo kit is in the stage 2 that may enhance the power of it and as expected, the speed will follow. Anyways congrats to FSWerks for this great tweaking and also commend the body appearance.

Nicely done by FSWERKS. surely when you park this car in a mall or store, people wont hesitate to look at it. I think this one is better looking than the other cars on it’s class.

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