2010 Ford Focus RS WRC Edition

The Blue Oval is celebrating 40 years of their Rally Sport lineage with a special edition version of Europe’s hottest hatch, the Ford Focus RS . Known as the Focus RS WRC Edition, this special edition turbocharged sport compact will be limited to only 50 units and will only be sold in Switzerland.

The Focus RS WRC Edition will be powered by the same boosted inline five cylinder engine cranking out a total of 305 HP, with the only changes being made to the car’s exterior. As part of a design contest that took place in the neutral European nation, the winner saw their graphics package applied to a Frozen White Focus RS that rolls around on a set of OZ Superturismo GT wheels measuring 19 inches in diameter, while the interior of the limited edition rally inspired Focus gets autographed by the factory Ford driver and flying Finn Mikko Hirvonen as well as his co-driver Jarmo Lehtinen to complete the authentic World Rally Championship experience.


Try to beat the styling of the Subaru! I see Bentley, Porsche and 911 turbo. People really love this car.

well since the subaru and mitsubishi is taken out from WRC, ford focus is now my Fave in WRC.

@adam_valentine - sil is right, if you want a special edition of a car or any other brands. lets just make the RS WRC as an example. you cannot just buy it and also they’re not showing it to the showrooms, you need to order it first and wait for at least 2-3 months sometimes it could take up to 5 months, for it’s release.

@ adam_valentine - well i you’re craving for the Focus RS WRC edition you can Order it into your nearest Ford Dealership but the problem is you have to wait for it to a couple of months. because they will include it to their Next major Delivery in your country.

Too bad it’s not available world wide but I’m pretty sure that it will be sold fast in that country as there are tons of rally fans in that place. To have one of only fifty to be manufactured is an awesome thing to happen.

i would rather pick the focus rather than the fiesta, focus is more aggressive and sporty looking Hatchback

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