2011 Ford Fiesta Sport+

Can you spot the irony in this? While the US won’t be seeing an ST or RS version for the new Ford Fiesta , it has been announced that customers from countries like the UK, Spain, Switzerland and Austria will indeed get their own special edition Fiesta that will add a sportier aura to the small hatchback.

See it? Yeah, Ford will be releasing those sought-after ST and RS versions of the Fiesta in other countries with the exception of its motherland, the USA.

Ironic, don’t you think?

In any event, those who will have these Fiestas in their countries will also have a new Sport+ package available - only for the three-doors version, though - with a choice of 120 hp 1.6-litre Duratec TiVCT petrol engine or 95 hp 1.6-litre Duratorq TDCi diesel engine.

The exterior gets a a specially designed front bumper, sporty side skirts, a large rear spoiler and a rear bumper with integrated diffuser. The car is painted in ’Frozen White’ matched with Performance Blue GT stripes on the roof and bonnet or ’Performance Blue’ finished with white stripes. The sporty package is finished by 17-inch large alloy wheels.

The interior gets sports leather seats with standard side-airbags and a black full-leather steering wheel.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

Ford of Europe is introducing a new special edition Fiesta Sport+ model for selected markets that emphasises the sportiness and the bespoke driving dynamics of the successful new Fiesta range.

Ford Fiesta Sport+

Available with a choice of the 120 PS (88 kW) 1.6-litre Duratec TiVCT petrol engine or the improved 1.6-litre Duratorq TDCi diesel engine now with 95 PS (70 kW), the new three-door Fiesta Sport+ comes complete with a full body styling kit, featuring a specially designed front bumper with flared lower valence panel, sporty side skirts, a large rear spoiler and a rear bumper with integrated diffuser.

Two distinctive exterior colour schemes are available, both designed to reinforce the car’s sporty stance. ’Frozen White’ is matched with Performance Blue GT stripes on the roof and bonnet as well as dynamic side stripes, while the exclusive ’Performance Blue’ model is finished with eye-catching white stripes. To round out the package, large alloy wheels are fitted as standard equipment and are painted in bright ’Frozen White’. (7J x 17 wheels with 205/40 R17 tyres for the petrol engined version, and 6 ½ J x 16 wheels with 195/45 R16 tyres for the diesel).

Ford Fiesta Sport+

The sporty theme continues in the cabin too. Heated sports leather seats with standard side-airbags and a black full-leather steering wheel are enhanced with striking blue stitching, while the handbrake cover and the gear lever knob are finished in black leather as well. Fiesta Sport+ also gets front and rear floor mats with blue stitching and scuff plates, all with special logos.
"In excess of 526,000 units of the new Fiesta have already been built in Europe since the car was launched late in 2008 and it has gone on to be Europe’s top-selling small car and Europe’s No.2 best-selling car overall in 2009," said Salvatore Campolo, Ford of Europe’s Small Car Brand Manager. "With its fresh design and acclaimed driving dynamics the Fiesta has also contributed strongly to our overall brand image. To celebrate, we adopted the idea behind the Ka ’Grand Prix’ pack for the Fiesta Sport+, offering all of Fiesta’s class-leading attributes but with even sportier styling cues outside and inside".

Ford Fiesta Sport+

Initially, availability of the Fiesta Sport+ will be limited to the UK, Spain, Switzerland and Austria where small, sporty cars are in particular demand.


@adriansmith, Well, I think not all the country would be given a chance to experience this car especially when it didn’t passed their regulation just like in the US though many buyers wants to have one.

When I first saw the car I can’t stop to starring to it! No wonder why Ken Block loves to drive the Ford Fiesta! I like its sportiness and the racing stripes makes it more aggressive plus the performance is great as well.

@reggiejonson: maybe yes, it’s the design of the car, they will not publish this car with this stripes if they’re selling it like that.

I think Ford Fiesta is really built for rally racing purposes, there a lot of racing company like Ford are using Focus as their race car.

This new for fiesta looks like a racing/rally car, but I wonder if the racing stripes are really the design of the car.

I love the interior although I’m seeing a lot of new buttons. Might get me confused or something. I love the odometer too as most circular thingy tends to look really sporty. I wonder how this will perform against the Golf or Swift from other manufacturers.

KAVIGP - I think you can get this one but only in order basis, with that you’ll have to wait for atleast 4-6 months for the approval and delivery process.

This car is unique for a reason to the euro,asian and african markets!sorry to the countries that don’t get it

Lovely design.. specially the wheel set and the special custom paint with White racing stripes.

This is car is fantastic. Every feature shows that the team who invented this car really worked hard to achieve this kind of vehicle.

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