2011 Ford Focus RS by MR Car Design

About a week after tuning company Anderson Germany treated us to a stealthy upgrade of the Ford Focus RS , another German aftermarket company has taken a stab at their own program for the American hot hatch.

MR Car Design developed the latest in a long line of performance kits for the Focus RS, one that takes the hot hatch’s 300-horsepower output and bumps it up all the way to 360 horsepower. This was accomplished when the German tuning company fitted the Focus RS with a new custom-made exhaust system with its own downpipe and a 200-cell catalytic converter. They also added a new air filter courtesy of K&N, as well as a newly-optimized engine management system.

While the engine remains the same - a 2.5-liter 20-Valve DOHC - the original 300-horsepower has jumped to a whole new level - 360 horsepower - resulting in a car that can accelerate from 0-62 mph in 5.9 seconds.

It’s not the fastest-tuned Focus RS we’ve seen, but anytime you can pack as many as 360 ponies on a hatchback, you know you’ve got a car that can throw down with the best of ’em.


It looks cool and decent because on that body paint. Moreover, it’s a good thing that its engine output is already good enough on it, and it’s a great as well that it is not a hybrid one.

I don’t think that the increase for the power is as good as the Anderson Germany, actually they could boost up the engine up to 115 ho unlike the MR which is 60 hp only.

When will they bring this one on its market production? Well, I will surely be looking forward to seeing the other updated article about this vehicle. Anyway, its exclusive appearance is what I really like on it.

It seems so bulky for me but I must say that I’m impressed on how they managed and combine the sporty and decent look on this Ford Focus. I bet everyone gets so excited on this.

I love the hygienic look of this ford focus RS, from its body to the wheels are really impressive and stunning for me. I’m just wondering of the interior of this one.

The upgrade version of this Ford Focus is really nice. Well, the exterior design is already quite good and impressive for me even with the engine performance.

Yeah, you are right. Now I’m wondering which is better, awesome exterior or admiring speed? Hmm. Well, I guess I would go to the reliable of the engine!lol

Well, the Anderson Germany haven’t announced the complete specification for their aftermarket version but I do admit that I like the matte version!However, the good thing about the MR Car Design is that they have manage to upgrade the power output up to 360 hp.

Anderson Germany ford focus it up all the way to 360 horsepower output. This was accomplished and soon resulting top a high engine capacity that can able to travel in a longest period of time.

Well, I have to say that Anderson Germany makes a better aftermarket version compare to this one. I don’t like how the car looks like and the boost power is not that impressive.

Very true, often the most important upgrades are not in the engine but in the other mechanical systems. Good thing MR Car Design did that to this one.

Yup, that’s often the one thing that many folks upgrading their car tend to forget. They work on a lot in upgrading the engine but not doing anything on the other parts of the car.

Yeah, I would agree with that one. You still need to consider the size of the car in order to be sure that it will perform accordingly.

Well, considering that they have used a Ford Focus here, I actually find the new engine output to be rather reasonable. I higher output would be pretty useless for a car this size.

Yeah, in the aspect of horsepower Anderson Germany gives a better output and the design is far better than the other aftermarket company.

Is that all what they have got? I don’t think that the increase for the power is as good as the Anderson Germany, actually they could boost up the engine up to 115 ho unlike the MR which is 60 hp only.

You’re right, this one is definitely one heck of a cool looking focus. And it’s a good thing that they have also upped the engine on this baby to complement the looks.

This one is probably one of the coolest looking Ford Focus builds that I have seen in a while. I like the way they did the body here, really makes the car look more aggressive.

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