2011 Ford Mustang SMS 302 Black Label by SMS Supercars

When talking about customized Ford Mustang s, you can name five of the best the business has to offer in a heartbeat and chances are, one of those names would be SMS Supercars.

Founded by the legendary Steve Saleen, the same man that founded Saleen Inc. that gave way to the Saleen S7 supercar , SMS Supercars is considered as a go-to-shop for Mustangs of varying versions, including the Mustang Boss 302.

Recently, SMS proudly unveiled three new editions of the Boss 302: the White Label, the Yellow Label, and the Black Label.

The top-end of the three versions is the Black Label, which bears some similarities to the Saleen S281E of the past. This particular version features more advanced aerodynamic body components than the White and Yellow Label editions, including the company’s very own S4 suspension system, a custom SMS leather interior and an engine modification that took the Mustang Boss 302’s 5.0-liter V8 engine from a standard output of 440 horsepower all the way up to 575 ponies.

And as is the case with most of his models, the SMS Mustang 302 Black Label will be available in a number of unique custom paint colors that only SMS Supercars can provide. According to SMS, the car retails for $48,000 for the naturally aspirated model of the car and $58,000 for the supercharged version.


Well, since they say that this one is just the entry level vehicle, I think that this is more than enough. Besides, the performance of this car is rather good.

I am a bit surprised that this one is actually going to slightly higher than I was expecting. Though I am not really complaining, since the car still looks cool.

Yeah, you guys are really correct in saying that this one is indeed rather cheap. And considering the specs that they have included here are certainly a great set.

Wow, these are probably one of the cheapest Mustang Special editions that I have since. This one actually costs just a little under the Special Edition Mini done by Rolls Royce.

Well, the car is really as cool looking as expected. But I noticed that they didn’t do a lot of engine upgrades on this one, which would have been a good one since it would match with the looks of th4e car.

It is rather odd that they call this one Black Label when it is in all white. Nah, just kidding, hehehe! smiley the car actually looks very nice though.

Wow! I like the styling of this car it look so luxurious and classy on white paint job! The sling is great especially in the exterior and the performance looks incredible!

I’m not familiar with muscle cars but the only thing that I noticed is that they have the same styling for the bonnet! I don’t know if that’s the mark of being a muscle car or it has something to do with engine function. Confuse here..

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