2011 Ford Mustang SMS 302 White Label by SMS Supercars

Steve Saleen is a man that knows his American muscle. The former race car driver and the man regarded as the founder of Saleen has a very soft spot for muscle cars, particularly the Ford Mustang .

As somebody that has been around American auto scene for most of his adult life, Saleen understands that while muscle cars may be powerful in stock form, there’s always room for improvement. So the man and his team over at SMS Supercars decided to release three new trims of the Ford Mustang Boss 302 : the White Label, the Yellow Label, and the Black Label.

The most basic of the three editions is the SMS 302 White Label, which comes with comes with a 5.0-liter naturally-aspirated V8 engine that produces 440 horsepower. On top of that, the White Label edition also comes with a new performance suspension system, a new exhaust, an exterior body kit, and a slew of interior improvements.

All told, the price for one of the SMS 302 White Label models comes at about $35,540, which if you think about it, is a pretty reasonable price for a special edition Mustang 302.


Yeah, I would agreed on that one, they’re entry level models are really good. In fact, these are almost as good as the higher end pmes, except those have some unique features.

One thing that I really love about this whole line is that they have different models that they present to. customers. The one that I like here are the entry level models, which are very cheap but are at rather good in terms of features.

This one is definitely pretty much an entry level car for the whole line, it’s specs are only a notch higher than that of the regular Mustang. However, it is still a rather good package though.

I have yet to see the Yellow Label car, since I think they haven’t released that one yet. But from what I have seen here, the whole lineup is really looking good.

They call this one White Label and it’s in all black, that one’s a rather interesting twist. But good thing that the car is actually looking pretty good here.

Basically, Why did you been needing a high horsepower for a car that is used daily. I think 50 hp is just enough for this kind of car.

The aggressive look for a muscle car is definitely in this car! However, I don’t think that it has an impressive performance.

Yeah!I just wonder if this muscle car has a difficulty in the corner since its a muscle car.. BTW, the price tag is high but I find it kind of fuel efficient.

The iconic Mustang is here again. It seems that every week I got to see a modify version of this model, which indicate that many consumer still wanted this car.

Aesthetically, the Mustang 302 look much nicer and sportier. However, I find the wheel look cheap and the performance is same with the figure of the Crossover.

Yeah, I agree with you about this car. It certainly takes the 302 to another level. I especially like the paint job that they did on this one.

And I thought that the Mustang 302 wouldn’t get any better. This is really a nice work that they did here, especially those wheels. I really love how these look.

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