2011 Limited Edition Steve McQueen Bullitt Mustang

October 17, 1968 - this was the moment when Warner Brothers/Seven Arts revealed the movie Bullitt, a 113 minutes film featuring a 1968 Ford Mustang GT 390 driven by Steve McQueen. Now, as a tribute to that amazing car, Gateway Classic Mustang will be offering a limited edition Mustang called the 1968 Steve McQueen Signature Mustang painted in the same green as the car in the movie. We think it can go without saying that this car will be extremely rare, and therefore extremely expensive.

The Steve McQueen Signature Mustang will be powered by a Roush engine that will deliver an impressive 450 HP and will be mated to a Keisler five-speed manual. The car will sit on a set of American Racing wrapped around BF Goodrich tires. The sporty wheels will be combined with 12-inch/11-inch front/rear Baer brakes and a coilover suspension to keep everything civilized.

The car’s interior will be inspired by the original 1967/68 Ford Mustangs, but they will get air conditioning and new gauges to make the drive a little more comfortable.

Source: Gateway Classic Mustang


Well, not really in the million dollar pricetag, probably around the hundred thousand mark. Also this one is mainly just mostly exterior work, so this probably won’t be that expensive.

For sure this vintage car comes in a million dollar price tag. And I think this car will be for collection purposes only, I bet no one will dare to drive on this car.

Yeah, McGueen fans will probably go after this one. And it’s a good thing that they have actually pumped up the features on this one, as it adds more value to the car.

Well, even though this is just going to be a replica, it will likely to sell fast enough. After all, there are still many people who adore McQueen here.

Not really on the same specs, but they will try to make it as close as possible to the Mustang used in the move. But still, this would really be a must have.

This one is actually not the Mustang that McQueen has previously used. But this is still similar to that one in terms of performance.

So they are going to build this on the same specs as the one actually owned by McQueen? That would really be nice and is sure to get collectors excited.

Nice, this baby really looks good, and they’re taking a cue from Bullitt too. A lot of Steve McQueen fans will certainly drool over this one.

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