2012 Ford Focus ST by M&J Enterprises

Of the five programs for the Ford Focus ST being readied for the 2012 SEMA Auto Show , the one being prepared by M&J Enterprises just might be the most impressive.

Nevertheless, the early returns on the M&J Enterprises tuned Ford Focus ST are quite impressive. The M&J team formulated a partnership between Ford, Cosworth LLC and Ford Racing to boost the Focus ST’s power by more than 30 percent, and torque by almost 20 percent. To accomplish this, the entire team relied on Ford Racing engine and suspension modifications combined with Cosworth specified wheels and tires to increase the output from the car’s 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine from 250 horsepower to 330 horsepower and about 318 lb/ft of torque.

From there, the aftermarket company added a Tangerine Scream paint finish with subtle graphics, including "Cosworth CS 330" on the sides, to signal an appreciative nod to an authentic motorsports heritage. There’s also a new aerodynamic kit that includes a vented hood, a huge rear wing, plenty of carbon fiber details on the exterior and interior, and a new set of Cosworth Cosworth wheels. There’s also new suspension components courtesy of Ford Racing and as the added garnish to the pie, a number of graphic decals and stripes all over the sports hatch.


The car is a great technical achievement, nothing to say. But if we talk about competition ... Golf seems to be the definition of banality and Focus seem to be too universal

yeah ... I remain at Golf R. even the break is very interesting and very useful at the same time.

agreement. When you spend some money on a car, I think you can demand a more special interior.

I am disappointed with the exterior design and especially the interior. As a driver and / or passenger, you spend 99% of youir time indoors, and the inside of Focus disappointed me greatly.

The desire to please the Americans and Europeans and Asians at the same time, I think they will be able to delight anyone in particular.

A kitschy car. Will come the new GTI with 250 hp and will terminate that..."thing" .

hope there will be more than just ONE of this car! we want more.

you can’t go by this car and not see it. nd no, i’m not saying that because it’s yellow, but because it is so awesome!

if you think about it, this is a double tuned focus. once tuned by ford, up to ST level, and now by cosworth, to CS level, tune-ception !

this ST can rival a GTI at any time. and i am not sure it won’t win.

golf gti may have been the first of this breed, but now this ford is one of the best of this kind!

i usually consider the golf to be the father of hot hatches. even if they are the ones who started this, ford sure challenges golf’s title.

the 3 companies (ford, cosworth and M&J enterprise) did a very good job together! the car looks amazing!

2 liter engine and 330 HP. good job cosworth!

crosworth empowered fords before, and it did a good job. now it did the same, and M&J enterprise did not let us down regarding the car’s looks.

this car looks awesome! i love it. it sure is aggressive. and i like the fact that they acknowledge crosworth’s contribution!

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