2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 HPE700 by Hennessey

When John Hennessey points to a car and says he wants to make a performance program for it, magic usually happens.

There was no doubt that when Ford brought back the Mustang Boss 302 for the first time since 1969 - that’s a span of 42 years - Hennessey would be getting his picking finger ready. It just became a question of when the American tuning company would have a program ready for it.

Hennessey just introduced the HPE650 package for the Boss 302 and today, they’ve upped the ante with the release of the HPE700. Like most of Hennessey’s tuning programs, you won’t see a whole lot of extra decorations on the car. There are badges here and plaques there, but for the most part, what you see with the car is what you get. But when you open the hood, that’s when all hell breaks loose.

Just like the HPE650 program, Hennessey’s HPE700 program offers a mammoth horsepower improvement, which might seem over-the-top considering the Boss 302 already has 440 ponies in tow. However, anytime you can take that 440 and turn it into 700, we’re pretty sure that you won’t find a whole lot of people to complain about it.

UPDATE 10/24/2011 : The 2012 Ford Mustang Boss HPE700 by Hennessey is all kinds of awesome and it just proved it by running the quarter mile in 10.9 seconds at 130 mph! Check out the video of the run by clicking on the image above!

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Exterior and Interior

Ford Mustang Boss 302 HPE700 by Hennessey

Aesthetically, Hennessey pretty much left the Ford Mustang Boss 302 alone. Actually, the whole exterior and interior set-up of the car is similar to the Boss 302 HPE650. There are the traditional carbon fiber door sill covers, the plethora of exterior Hennessey badging, a serial numbered dash and engine plaques, and of course, the premium floor mats. As added options, Hennessey will provide a special carbon fiber Laguna Seca splitter and the company’s own wheel and tire package.


Ford Mustang Boss 302 HPE700 by Hennessey

Without Hennessey putting a finger on the Mustang Boss 302, you already get an impressive powertrain that features a 5.0-liter V8 engine that produces 440 horsepower and 380 lb/ft of torque. But thanks to Hennessey’s expertise on engine tuning - one that includes their new TVS2300 supercharger system - the Mustang Boss 302’s output shoots up the charts to a beastly height of 700 horsepower.

The whole scope of Hennessey’s performance improvements also come with a new air-to-water intercooler, a fuel system upgrade, a throttle body upgrade, a fuel injector upgrade, and a new strut tower brace.


Ford Mustang Boss 302 HPE700 by Hennessey

Hennessey’s HPE700 package for the Mustang Boss 302 will burn a $19,995 hole in your pocket. Add that to the $40,995 cost of the car itself and you’re looking at shelling out over $60,000.


Ford Mustang Boss 302 HPE700 by Hennessey

It’s like the Ali versus Frazier of American muscle cars. The Ford Mustang versus the Chevrolet Camaro . While you certainly won’t go wrong in picking one over the other, you have to take into account the fact that this particular Mustang is a Boss 302, which is one of the most revered Mustang variants in history. The fact that only 302 models were released in 1969 and wasn’t heard from again until this year speaks to the Bossman’s place in the hearts of muscle car enthusiasts.

So while we’re inclined to say that everybody wins with either a Hennessey-tuned Mustang or Camaro, when the Mustang is a Boss 302, we’re going to lean towards that direction.

  • Powerful engine upgrade
  • Tuned-up Boss 302 will catch some eyes
  • Hennessey has other options
  • Aesthetics remain largely the same
  • The program alone costs $20,000


Mustang Boss is so awesome! It really looks perfect on its exterior style and design! It’s a good thing as well that it has a very exclusive and sporty interior even a nice and awesome speed performance.

I love the racing stripes on its body, and I also noticed that the wheel of this one is so cool about it. Anyway, I am hoping that on its next updated article, they also include some interior pictures of it.

It seems that everyone got the attention of this Mustang. Well, I can’t blame them at all because this one is absolutely improves a lot and very irresistible on its new looks, and I must say that I love its powerful engine.

Ford Mustang is very captivating on its aesthetic design and with its cool wheel, and even though it is only similar to their old Mustang, I can say that it doesn’t matter at all for it also had an impressive engine just like the abjured one.

Its V8 engine that can deliver 700 horsepower is I think can really give a better performance on this Mustang Boss, and I think the special carbon-fiber Laguna Seca splitter that they add on this one is absolutely a good idea!

I like ford mustang 2012. The color is really great. 2013 ford mustang is good, But i like 2012 ford mustang. The horse power of this car is 700 it’s enough to me to have this car. smiley

Now that’s a mustang! John Hennessy nailed it from the interiors up to the sleek design and comfy. Now I want to see this top-of-the-line to drift and wash out those 1969 other card models.

I hope they include the price on the first unit, and does it another cost when asking for another copy of the Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlinetta?

Well, I have to say that I’m really impressed with the speed performance of the car! The additional ponies means its getting better! And I like its styling even more. The black-red theme is adorable!

It’s really great to know that Ford is offering a newer version for the car. Hell! The additional ponies really make it more sporty and aggressive! It’s a good thing that Hennessey is offering an awesome production like this. 

I agree that the styling of the original version and this car is just similar. Anyway, the boost on its speed performance really makes me fall in love more on this vehicle. The additional ponies really makes it more powerful.

Honestly, in the first debut of this car. I was really captivated with its aggressive look. And it makes me think that this new production is just similar with the old one. However, I have to say that its figure performance is kind of impressive.

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