2012 Ford Mustang by H&R Springs

H&R Springs are quite famous around the world for their impressive suspensions systems. And at the SEMA Show the tuner will unveil a very cool Ford Mustang just as another proof of how customizable the iconic pony car is.

The package includes superior performance with a Flowmaster stainless steel exhaust, Edelbrock E-Force supercharger and Pirelli P Zero front and rear tires. And because we are talking about a H7R package, the chassis also receives an upgrade with an H&R Springs Coil RSS sport suspension, front and rear sway bars and Triple C camber adjustment bolts.

For the exterior the Mustang has received a Street Scene Equipment body kit and a very cool blue paint by Tri-Star Enterprise. No details if any changes have been made for the interior, but we bet we will see some changes in there too.

More details about this car will be revealed after its official debut in Las Vegas.


It maybe looks so simple because of its styling and of its other detailing, but if you don’t notice it only adds more appeal on this muscled car. Well, I just only hoped that they used an impressive engine for this one.

This is the simplest Mustang car that I saw today! But in spite that, I can say that it is still looks very impressive most especially in its cool blue body paint.

I have to agree that this muscled car is really a satisfying car, but I am hoping that it also had an impressive and comfortable interior, even on its engine specifications.

I wonder if it could also have an impressive engine specification? Well, I hope so, anyway its boy kit is truly very satisfying for a muscled car, and I can say that Ford is the best competitor of Camaro cars.

The stainless steel exhaust of this Ford Mustang is kind of impressive, and I noticed that the cool blue paint of it absolutely looks great on it, even the wheels is only add more appeal for this one.

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