2012 Ford Mustang Convertible by Galpin Auto Sports

California-based tuner Galpin Auto Sports has produced many tuning programs for the Ford Mustang, including past offerings like the Boss 302-X and the Shelby GT500 Super Snake.

Recently, the folks from Galpin took a stab at building their latest wide body kit for the Mustang, the first one to be done on the Mustang Convertible. If the chrome finish on the Mustang isn’t eye-catching - and really, why wouldn’t it be? - Galpin also fitted their latest aero components, including hand-built steel fenders that stretch the width of the car by nine inches, allowing for enough room for the tuner to fit a new set of Forgiato 3-piece wheels with wide Pirelli tires. In addition to that, GAS also added a new Ford Racing suspension system, a Magnaflow quad-tip exhaust system, Wilwood 14" cross-drilled and slotted brakes on the front and rear, and last but certainly not least, a custom Burgundy and Black leather interior.

The one-off Mustang was built by Galpin Auto Sports for a specific customer who knows a thing or two about collecting some fine muscle cars: Thomas duPont, co-founder of the dupont Registry.

As far as we’re concerned, we just hope that Galpin decides to make this program for the Mustang Convertible more than just a novel one-piece.


If it isn’t for its convertible feature, I wouldn’t check this out. Anyway, it even fails to sport that feature well.

I think I’ll just wait for a facelift before I give my judgment. Even so, this pretty much gives away my verdict, right?

Eep, I must stay away from awkward-looking, trying-hard-to be luxurious yet muscular, vehicles. Galpin Auto Sports has made this worse.

Does anyone actually find this attractive? Maybe its muscles have an appeal, but aside from that it looks unpleasant to me.

The distinctive details added by Galpin surprised me. This has looked further aggressive.

It’s like two different cars smashed together. Sorry, Galpin Auto Sports, but I can’t give you a two thumbs up.

I don’t like its appearance. Honestly speaking, I don’t like what they have done to this car; I don’t like the colors they used. It is so not attractive.

Whatever Ford does to it, I don’t think I’ll ever like it. Maybe except when it gets a facelift and its muscular fascia dissolves.

This Mustang is not good as the Shelby GT500. Shelby, really look cooler and great. 

It is considerably better if they didn’t make it as a convertible; the wide-body kits will fit the Mustang without taking off the roof, and it will be an additional muscle to this car.

This is a very impressive detailing by Galpin. I like the way this Mustang has been redesigned; it has become more attractive.

I don’t like this as a whole; it looks like a misfit. Observing the parts closely, they’re very stylish and sporty.

As much as they worked hard on trying to create this as a piece of novelty, it just doesn’t fit. The fascia is of a muscle car, and convertible mostly works on luxurious cars.

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