2012 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 Tjin Edition

SEMA Show will start in about two weeks and as expected we can offer you more and more details about the models to be displayed in the show. And, as no surprise models like Ford Mustang will once again steal the show.

The new project has been developed by UTI and Tjin Edition in cooperation with Ford and is based on the2012 Mustang GT 5.0 . This one of a kind Mustang sports a custom Dupont paint job, 20" Forgestar wheels, Baer big brakes, custom interior and of course a Paxton Supercharger.

There are no details about the final output just yet, but taking a look at Tjin’s previous works we expect to see big things in Las Vegas.

The UTI / Tjin Edition Ford Mustang will be one of the display vehicles on the 2012 Tjin Edition RoadShow, and will be the 2012 give-away UTI sweepstakes car, so stay tuned for more info!


i wonder how well does this car perform. and what’s its price tag. because am M3 delivers almost the same amount of power. and you can have convertible also!

have you seen the low-profile tires? i’m not sure how happy i’d be to go over a coin in this car, let alone a real bump!

love the rims and the fact that they matched the cater ars color with the one of the car!

5 liter v8 engine and no roof? i guess i’d be stuck in a tunnel with this car, going back and forward just to listen to the engine!

love the color of the car. and love the roll cage you can see in the back. it sure means business this mustang!

more than 412 HP doesn’t sound bad. and the car looks even better. i`d love it!

Ford Mustang is quite stunning on its style and even in its cool body paint. smiley Well, I just really only hope that they will use an impressive and striking engine for this Mustang car.

If I’m not mistaken, it is already the final outlook of this Ford Mustang right? Anyway, if it is, I can say that it is formerly looking great on its body paint, and I would love to have a car like this.

Yeah! It is really so interesting! Well, I was hoping to see the final output of this one sooner! smiley And, hopefully it had an impressive figure performance, by the way, I feel so excited to see this one.

That would really be so interesting! I would surely wait for the final output of this Ford Mustang. I want to see whether it will still be can captivate lots of attention smiley I can’t wait for this.

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