2013 Ford F-150 Luxury Performance Raptor by Chris Ross

Trucks aren’t exactly famous for their luxurious touches. Of course, we doubt that anyone looking to buy a pick-up is doing so to get Rolls-Royce type luxury, so that has never really mattered. Chris Ross feels a little different about this, as he has developed a new tuning package based on the Ford F-150 Raptor . With its 411 HP 6.2-liter V8 engine in tow, this pick-up truck has just received a Luxury Performance Raptor for the 2012 SEMA Auto Show.

The Ford F-150 was developed in cooperation with teams like Roush Performance, Fox Racing, and Meguiar, and takes the pick-up to an unexpected level of luxury. Roush is offering a Phase 2 ROUSHcharger kit that will increase the output to an impressive 590 hp and 535 lb.-ft. of torque.

In order to handle the extra power, the truck was also equipped with a new suspension kit and a new set of wheels sized 19" up front and 20" at the rear.

More details on this impressive kit will be unveiled during the 2012 SEMA Auto Show, so stay tuned!


gary, if you put it like that, you are right. i have to give you that.

who cares about trends? this car is super and that’s all that matters.

the 6.2 v8 sounds great! although i am not so sure it fits well into todays trends anymore.

this car looks awesome. i would like to see the interior of the car as well.

snow, one might want to buy this car instead of the range rover if he wanted to sustain the american industry. what can you say to that?

this is a good concept that has all the key points: a big powerful engine, luxurious interior and off-road capabilities. why say it’s not good?

a tuned range rover or lexus lx would probably be awesome. better than this ford. but if there isn’t any, i guess we will never know, will we?

if you consider tuned cars, well, yes, it would make some sense. although i cannot stop wonder what a tuned range rover or lexus lx would be like.

i must admit this is a new concept for the f150. i like the idea.

otto, you may be right, but this was about tuned cars, not the ones available out there.

the range rover is not the only one. there is the mercedes gl, the lexus lx. lots of choices.

if one wants a luxury 4x4, there is the range rover. why buy this one ?

this is not about utility but rather fad. know what would be funny? if they would support environmental causes. how ironic...

God help! how much waste! I do not see too many reasons to justify such engines, especially for daily use.

for some, fuels are much cheaper and in this case, this kind of cars are not a problem.

"6.2-liter V8 engine"... people really use every day such engines? for them rains with fuel or it flows from the tap?

dying to see how the interior looks

is it possible that? to have the front and the rear wheels of different sizes? well, i imagine it can be, but are they usable?

weaaaaw!!!! pretty, cuddly, giantly, angry car. me liiikes

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