2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 by Lethal Performance

With 662 HP under the hood, the 2013 Shelby GT500 Mustang is the most powerful Ford has ever offered. For most of us, this output is more than enough, but there are people out there looking for more and Lethal Performance is one them. The tuner has come up with a cool tuning package that increases the engine’s output by a mind-boggling 100 HP.

To get the increase in power, the tuner added a custom Lund SCT tune and Off-Road X-Pipes, as well as a Nitrous Pro-Flow wet shot kit. After these upgrades, the result at the dyno testing was an incredible 763.9 rear wheel horsepower and 859.9 lb-ft of rear wheel torque from the muscle car’s powerful V8 engine.

This tuning kit will certainly make any Camaro ZL1 owner green with envy. Of course, they may already be a little jealous of the fact that the standard Mustang GT500 still out-powers the ZL1’s 580 HP. Well, Camaro owners, you may want to look away because this tuned-up Mustang GT500 ran the quarter mile in 10.582 seconds at 141.53mph. This result was established during a testing session at Palm Beach International Raceway.

Last time we checked, the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 ran the quarter mile in 11.93 seconds at 116 mph . Even the suped-up Camaro ZL1 by Lingenfelter was only able to get the quarter mile in 11.03 seconds at 130mph. Hey Chevy, want a tissue for those tears?


Palm Beach International Raceway is the place where it’s awesome performance was seen.

This Mustang really fits on the stripes, unlike on Viper.

When it comes on Ford Shelby Mustang, I’ll not fond on its designs and concepts.

It’s hard for automakers to produce their very own super car. It also takes several years of research and study before making, in conclusion, and application.

Its performance remained on that level. They must have some Lamborghini level at this time.

Oh I think this car is so fast because of its speed recorded.

It has a 9.77 quarter mile run and the best from Lethal Performance.

I guess its performance speaks to all. Lethal Performance tuned this in order to be deadly in its output.

They made the right tuning. It became more powerful and faster. Its significant performance happened on Palm Beach International Raceway.

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