2013 Ford Taurus SHO by CGS Motorsports

It looks as though the new Ford Taurus SHO will also be part of Ford ’s line-up for the upcoming 2012 SEMA Show. The first tuning package that has been announced is by CGS Motorsports and shows off a wrapped Taurus SHO, leaving it dressed to impress for a black-tie affair.

The SHO is geared with CGS Performance Products and all the finest aftermarket components making it worthy to roll out on the red carpet. While no official details have been provided just yet, the first image reveals a carbon fiber engine bonnet, hood, and rear spoiler. The concept is painted in a very cool white combined with different black elements and sits on a new set of wheels combined with new brake calipers.

Under the hood, CGS opted for the 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 engine combined with a six-speed selectShift automatic transmission, but at this point, we can not tell for sure if we will see any power upgrades.


i think this car will drawn lots of attention. and it deserves it!

interesting comparison. but this car is like a hamburger with lots of tabasco. not knowing what you get into will get you burned!

alex is right. it is like comparing a hamburger to an italian panini. both are fast food and look roughly the same, but are completely different.

the european cars and the american ones have different targets. that is why i think it is wrong to compare them against each others.

this taurus is a heavily tuned up version of the car. comparing it with the m5 or rs6 is quite unfair, as those are in-house tuned versions. compare it to what comes out of brabus’s hands after they get a e class mercedes and then we may have a right fight.

i am saying that because i have recently been to europe and i drove the new m5 and it is one of the best saloons i have drive. that is why i doubt the taurus.

brad, i do not think that the regular taurus can match the bmw 5 series, audi a6 or mercedes e class. but this tuned up version may have a go against their tuned up versions.

john, i also think of nascar when one mentions the taurus. but looking at the pictures i rather think of sport saloons rather than racing.

will it be better than an bmw m5 or other european equals?

this car looks awesome, and i bet it will be awesome. the performance of it should not disappoint!

am i the only one who associates the taurus with NASCAR?

love the red accents on the rims, front spoiler and hood.

i think this car looks good. it would make a good hit-man car! looks like it would be able to get you out of any place!

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