2015 Ford F-Series Super Duty

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Today, Ford released the 2015 F-Series Super Duty at the State Fair of Texas — company’s preferred place to reveal its trucks. For 2015, the F-Series Super Duty models receive the second-generation 6.7-liter, Power Stroke V-8 turbo-diesel engine, an updated F-450 that now delivers more towing power than ever and a restyled King Ranch edition.

The second-generation Power Stroke V-8 engine was updated with a new GT37 turbocharger and Ford combined it with a TorqShift, six-speed transmission that uses an uprated torque converter to handle the extra power and torque.

For updated the F-450 with new wheels, a strengthened frame and improved suspension. All these changes help it to deliver an increased towing capacity, but Ford chose to remain coy on the official towing numbers.

As for the King Ranch edition, Ford updated the exterior and interior in an attempt to allow it to remain one of the most luxurious trucks on the market.

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Ford F-Series Super Duty

For 2015, Ford focused on updating the Super Duty’s powertrain, so the exterior remains nearly unchanged. The grille comes in chrome for almost the entire lineup, and it will feature the usual Ford oval right in the middle. There is also a "Super Duty" logo stamped on the upper grille, while the hood has the usual prominent inverted power dome.

2015 Ford F-Series Heavy Duty - Exterior Dimensions (Based on 2014)

Regular Cab Super Cab Crew Cab
4x2/4x4 4X2/4X4 4X2/4X4 4X2/4X4 4X2/4X4
Length - overall227.6"232.4"248.6"246.8"263.0"
Length - front bumper to back of cab118.9"139.8"139.8"154.2"154.2"
Height - F-250 SRW (w/o options)76.6"/79.2"77.0"/79.5"76.9"/79.3"77.4"/79.7"77.3"/79.8"
Height - F-350 SRW (w/o options)76.5"/80.0"76.9"/80.4"76.7"/80.2"77.2"/80.8"77.2"/80.8"
Height - F-350 DRW (w/o options)76.7"/79.5"-76.9"/79.7"-77.3"/79.9"
Height - F-450 DRW (w/o options)----79.7"
Width - SRW without mirrors79.9"79.9"79.9"79.9"79.9"
Width - with standard mirrors104.9"104.9"104.9"104.9"104.9"
Track - front - F-250 SRW68.3"68.3"68.3"68.3"68.3"
Track - front - F-350 SRW68.3"68.3"68.3"68.3"68.3"
Track - front - F-350 DRW68.3"-68.3"-68.3"
Track - front - F-450 DRW----74.8"
Track - rear - F-250 SRW67.2"67.2"67.2"67.2"67.2"
Track - rear - F-350 SRW67.2"67.2"67.2"67.2"67.2"
Track - rear - F-350 DRW74.7"-74.7"-74.7"
Track - rear - F-450 DRW----75.9


Ford F-Series Super Duty

No changes were announced for the interior, meaning that customers had better be happy with that they get right now, because it’s not changing.

The Super Duty models offer Ford’s Sync connectivity system that makes the ride more pleasant for both driver and front passenger. There are also lots of cup holders and storage nooks spread throughout the cabin that will considerably increase the functionality of the pickup.

Customers can choose between lots of materials, ranging from high-quality plastic to leather, but also lots of colors and accessories.

2015 Ford F-Series Heavy Duty - Interior Dimensions (Based on 2014):

Regular Cab Super Cab Crew Cab
4X2/4X4 4X2/4X4 4X2/4X4
Head room40.7"40.7"40.7"
Shoulder room68.0"68.0"68.0"
Hip room67.6"67.6"67.6"
Leg room41.1"41.1"41.1"
Head room-38.1"40.8"
Shoulder room-68.1"68.0"
Hip room-67.3"67.6"
Leg room-31.6"42.1"
Volumes (cu. ft.)
Passenger - total65.9113.3133.5
Passenger - second row-47.467.6
Cargo - behind first row-39.558.6

Ford F-Series Super Duty King Ranch Edition

Ford F-Series Super Duty

The new King Ranch edition is generally a more elegant version of the new F-Series Super Duty, with updates made to both the exterior and the interior for 2015.

Ford paid special attention to the interior, where it used special leather for the seat backs and center console. For the seats, center console lid, armrests and steering wheel, the company opted for a richer shade of Mesa leather trims.

For the exterior, Ford went with a new, darker Caribou paint for the wheel lip moldings, bumpers and lower body. This new exterior paint combines well with the black on the bed-rail caps, bumper caps and running boards. The model also comes with a set of exclusive wheels.


Ford F-Series Super Duty

The 2015, Ford F-Series Super Duty has available a second-generation 6.7-liter, Power Stroke V-8 turbo-diesel engine equipped with a new GT37 turbocharger that replaces the previous GT32 version.

The new GT37 turbocharger features a single, larger 88 mm (3.46-inch) compressor wheel and not a dual-sided compressor design, as in the GT32. Also, the turbine size is increased from 64 mm (2.51 inches) to 72.5 mm (2.85 inches). As a result, the new V-8 engine delivers better output that the 400 horsepower and 800 pound-feet of torque that the 2014 variant of the 6.7-liter Power Stroke produces. Ford will release the official numbers as we near production.

The engine is mated to a 6R140 TorqShift® six-speed transmission that now uses a new torque converter to manage increased horsepower and torque

There is no mention of the base engine, but we say it is safe to assume that the base 6.2-liter. V-8 with 385 horsepower and 405 pound-feet of torque will carry over from 2014.

Suspension and Brakes

Ford F-Series Super Duty

The 2015 F-450 — the top dog of the F-Series Super Duty lineup — offers the maximum towing and hauling capability.Ford updated the F-450 was with a strengthened frame, suspension, new commercial-grade 19.5-inch wheels and tires to help it out-muscle all of the competition.

Also in order to improve towing capacity Ford equipped the model with new rear leaf springs, front and rear stabilizer bars and shocks, stronger steering gears and steering linkages, and larger brakes.


Prices for the 2015 Ford F-Series Super Duty will be announced at a later date.


Ram Heavy Duty

Ram Heavy Duty

The 2014 Ram Heavy Duty is offered in 2500HD and 3500HD versions, and with a pair of available engines. Ford compares the F-Series Super Duty to the Ram 3500HD, but customers interested in the F-250 should also try the Ram 2500HD.

The most base engine in the Ram lineup is a new 6.4-liter, HEMI V-8 engine that delivers a total of 410 horsepower and 429 pound-feet of torque, but there is also a Cummins 6.7-liter, in-line-six turbo-diesel engine that delivers a total of 350 horsepower and 660 pound-feet of torque.

Prices for the 2014 Ram HD starts just below $30,000.

GMC Sierra HD

GMC Sierra HD

With no offense to Ram, if you want to buy a truck with incredible towing capacities you can either opt for a GMC Sierra GMC Sierra or an F-Series. GMC’s truck is offered with a choice of two engines. The a base engine is a 6.0 liter, V-8 with an output of 360 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque, while the optional engine it a 6.6-liter, DuraMax Turbo-Diesel V-8 with an output of 397 horsepower and 765 pound-feet of torque.

Taking aim at the King Ranch is the GMC Sierra Denali HD, giving you luxury and plenty of power.


Ford F-Series Super Duty

The best truck on the market just got even better, so watch out Ram GMC and Chevrolet. This year, Ford, Chevy and GMC GMC all released their HD pickups at the same time, showing just how competitive they really are. Ram, on the other hand, still comes up a little short in the heavy-duty realm.

  • New Power Storke diesel should have F-Series fans doing cartwheels
  • Still one of the baddest-looking pickup s on the market
  • Lots of cargo space
  • No pricing information
  • Some exterior and interior updates would have been nice too
  • How about some specs on this updates Power Stroke?

Press Release

Ford, America’s truck leader, introduces the 2015 F-Series Super Duty lineup today at State Fair of Texas, featuring a second-generation 6.7-liter Power Stroke® V8 turbo diesel engine; increased towing capabilities; and a refreshed, Texas-inspired King Ranch model.

Ford F-Series Super Duty

“Truck leadership means never resting, and the Super Duty team has been tireless in finding ways to improve the industry’s most popular heavy-duty pickups,” said Joe Hinrichs, executive vice president and president of The Americas, Ford Motor Company. “Super Duty diesel customers will benefit from improved performance and features backed by outstanding Built Ford Tough durability.”

Since the 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 turbo diesel debuted in 2011, Ford engineers have listened to customers and continued to examine each component of the engine to develop improved performance.

Ford is the only heavy-duty pickup truck manufacturer that designs and builds its own diesel engine and transmission combination, ensuring the powertrain will work seamlessly with all chassis components and vehicle calibrations – from concept to execution. This approach also enables Ford engineers to optimize the vehicle’s performance across the entire lineup.

A key Ford innovation on the original 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 turbo diesel was its so-called reverse-flow layout. The advanced design places the exhaust inside the engine’s V-shape while the air intake is positioned on the outside of the V. This segment-exclusive design naturally improves a variety of attributes:

Shorter airflow from the exhaust system to the turbocharger sitting between the engine’s cylinder banks improves turbo responsiveness – key to providing torque quickly to truck customers when they need it most
Positioning the turbo inside the engine’s valley helps isolate the engine’s hottest temperatures, improving performance and efficiency, while also reducing noise, vibration and harshness

Ford F-Series Super Duty

Ford engineers built upon the many benefits of this design as they upgraded the Power Stroke. One improvement is a larger GT37 turbocharger that replaces the previous GT32 model, enabling more airflow to the engine to produce more power beyond today’s 400 horsepower and 800 lb.-ft. of torque.

Key components of the new GT37 turbocharger
The GT37 features a single, larger 88-millimeter compressor wheel that replaces the GT32’s dual-sided compressor design. The compressor forces air into the engine’s cylinders to improve performance – especially at high altitude where the air is thinner than at sea level. The turbine size is increased to 72.5 millimeters from 64 millimeters, so exhaust gases have a larger surface area to spin the turbo, providing extra power. The wastegate and the wastegate controls are eliminated, because the turbo operates at lower peak pressures than the GT32.

“The original designers of the current Power Stroke V8 diesel forecasted needs for higher output. This facilitated the larger turbocharger, increasing airflow and creating more power,” said David Ives, Power Stroke technical specialist. “We’ve dramatically improved performance while reducing overall engine complexity by focusing on the turbo system.”

A further benefit of the larger turbo is improved engine exhaust braking, manually controlled by a push-button switch on the dashboard. Extra braking power helps reduce wear and tear on wheel brakes and requires less manual brake application from the driver, especially on downhill grades.

Fuel system improvements

Ford F-Series Super Duty

Turbo changes drove improvements to the fuel delivery system, specifically a new high-pressure fuel pump and fuel injectors. The pump’s cam stroke is increased to deliver more fuel when desired for increased power. All-new injector tips better atomize the fuel, resulting in improved combustion that enables lower noise, vibration and harshness. Other benefits include cleaner emissions and a reduction in the buildup of fuel deposits on the valves over time.

In addition, a new exhaust temperature sensor enables more accurate fuel control, which improves both durability and driveability – especially when towing – and helps the customer drive the Power Stroke diesel to its maximum capability.

Even though the fuel system delivers extra fuel as needed to provide more power, other efficiency improvements ensure 2015 Ford F-Series Super Duty pickup customers see similar performance to today’s best-in-class fuel economy.

Further enhancements to Ford Power Stroke diesel include:

Ford-designed and -engineered 6R140 TorqShift® six-speed transmission uses a new torque converter to manage increased horsepower and torque
New polymer coating on main bearings for improved wear-and-tear durability and lower friction
Improved crankshaft fillet design – the transition point between the crankshaft’s journals – to increase crankshaft power carrying capability
Increased crankshaft damper weight to reduce rotating forces on the crankshaft when the engine is performing at peak power levels
New five-layer head gasket to handle wider range of engine firing pressures resulting from more powerful engine performance
Added material to the engine’s cylinder heads, exhaust manifold and valvetrain to handle increased power levels
Redesigned turbo oil and cooling lines to improve sealing
Piston assembly upgrades to increase load-bearing capability
New four-layer exhaust manifold gasket for improved durability

Ford F-Series Super Duty

2015 Ford F-450 upgrades
The 2015 Ford F-450 tops the F-Series Super Duty pickup truck lineup with maximum towing and hauling capability. Changes for 2015 include a strengthened frame, suspension, new commercial-grade 19.5-inch wheels and tires, and core work components shared with F-Series Super Duty chassis cab models.

Just as the next-generation Power Stroke engine reflects changes that improve power while maintaining durability, the Super Duty engineering team took specific actions to bolster key F-450 components to improve towing capability, including:

Upgraded rear driveline U-joints
Upgraded suspension components, including new rear leaf springs, front and rear stabilizer bars and shocks
Increased fifth-wheel and gooseneck trailer capacity
Stronger steering gears and steering linkages
Larger brakes shared with Super Duty chassis cab models, including wheel brakes, parking brake and new antilock brake calibration
F-450-specific Power Stroke diesel engine calibration

Ford F-Series Super Duty

King Ranch expresses authentic, rugged luxury
The reinvigorated update to the 2015 Ford F-Series Super Duty King Ranch edition is inspired by the place where American ranching was born.

“King Ranch is an American original with a proud heritage of hard work that defines the American ranching lifestyle,” said Doug Scott, Ford Truck group marketing manager. “The 2015 Ford Super Duty King Ranch seamlessly combines elements of Texas-inspired luxury and Ford capability.”

As part of the Ford Truck commitment to continuous improvement, the F-Series design team traveled to King Ranch, founded in 1853, for fresh perspective and inspiration from the 825,000-acre working ranch, which is bigger than the state of Rhode Island.

“What really stood out is how prominent the ‘Running W’ is, and how it defines and unifies the ranch,” said Barb Whalen, Ford color and material design manager. “Similarly, we wanted that brand to define the new Super Duty King Ranch.”

On the new Super Duty King Ranch, the Running W – the brand used on cattle raised at the ranch – provides a focal point for the interior. It is cut out and stitched to make the seat backs and center console appear to have been branded.

A lighter, richer shade of Mesa leather trims the seats, center console lid, armrests and steering wheel.

Exterior updates include the new, darker Caribou paint for the wheel lip moldings, bumpers and lower body. The bed rail caps, bumper caps and running boards are executed in black. The Running W brings focus to the wheel caps as well.

Ford F-Series Super Duty

“Through premium materials and thoughtful execution, we strived to make the 2015 Ford Super Duty King Ranch have a look and a feel as authentic as the ranch itself,” said Scott.

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