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Motorsports history will show the Ford GT as one of the most dominant forces in the game. Shelby and his Cobra were the only real competition to the classically styled GT. As Ford attempted to reincarnate the GT model and introduce it as a super sports car, things became abundantly clear that they had rushed things. The most recent GT was a beautiful representation of the classic car in modern clothes, but the powertrain and stamina were not up to par. Many buyers of the vehicle became so frustrated with its ownership that they simply gave up all together. The car was plagued with problems and would begin falling apart from the moment you drove it off the lot.

Today, Ford is a company on the rebound after the financial crisis rocked the American automotive industry. For the first time it has begun to outsell General Motors on a quarterly basis and things seem to be getting better all the time. By trimming the fat and producing solid vehicles that the American consumer wants has been a key to this success. So is it time to release a new supercar?

That question is somewhat of a double-edged sword. On one hand, if Ford was able to build a true competitor to the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 and more exotic machines like Ferraris and Lamborghinis, then the answer is undoubtedly YES. Coming from the other side, if Ford makes another immensely powerful machine that simply breaks down at every track, then the reputation they have been trying to build will take a major hit. That being said, Ford seems to have plans in the works for a new GT, but information is scarce and speculative.

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Ford GT

Shortly after two Ford GTs appeared at LeMans, rumors started circulating that the American company was contemplating bringing the GT back to fill in one of the gaps in the American supercar lineup. This “gap” is especially wide open with the hiatus of the Dodge Viper and the nonexistence of the Saleen Saleen S7 or another hypercar. Now those rumors are picking up some speed thanks to an interview with some of Ford’s head honchos.

During an intimate dinner at the Detroit Auto Show, Automobile Magazine got the opportunity to pose a question to Derrick Kuzak, head of global product development, that would be followed by a few moments of awkward silence and a wishy washy answer: “Is Ford interested in a successor to the GT?”

In real life, a to-the-point question typically gets a straight answer, but unfortunately that is not how it works in the auto world - or the political world but that’s another issue altogether. After a few moments of thought-gathering and answer-processing, Kuzak’s response was, "Well I think there are certain things that we don’t want to talk about in terms of four-year product plans, if that’s okay." Ford president and CEO, Alan Mulally, then tried to lighten the mood with a response of his own: “All I know is, if the ground is wet, they don’t let me drive it,” said Mulally. “That vehicle levitates.”

While not exactly a confirmation, these awkward and thought-provoking responses lead us to believe that something is definitely cooking in Ford’s kitchen, and we’re famished. We’ll take a double serving of the old supercar with a more original design than that of the 2005 Ford GT Ford GT and spice it up with that same GT spirit, please! Ford and its SVT arm have been rather quiet as of late, not producing very many performance models. The Ford Raptor pickup truck and the new Taurus SHO are the most performance oriented models outside of the Mustang in the lineup.


Ford GT

With past Ford GT models being so iconic, do not expect drastic changes to the proportions of this vehicle. It is one of the most easily and readily recognizable cars on the planet and its muscular lines scream performance. The renderings that we have acquired do show some heavy Shelby Shelby influence, based on his last supercar project. The Shelby GR-1 was inspired from the shape of a snake and the front of is dominated by an impressive air intake aperture and air flow splitter, the front wheel well and trapezoidal LED headlamps, directing cooling air into the engine bay and wheel wells, while air vents on the top surface of the hood exhaust hot air from the radiator.


A successor to the Ford GT may be in the works, but execs aren't talking

With the new SHO model being more fuel conscious, rumors suggest that the next model will in fact feature a hybrid powertrain. The new model will follow the same direction as the GT40 and the GT, but will feature a more advance technology available to deliver massive straight-line performance. If this is true than it could be the most powerful hybrid vehicle on the road. However, these rumors are most likely just that, rumors. The Ford Ford GT is a symbol of raw power and racing heritage. If Ford were to ever put a fire-breathing V8 powerplant in a new car, than this would be the place.

The hybrid powertrain could make use of a supercharged V8 engine combined with an electric motor driving the front wheels. With a total output of around 600 HP and a total weight of 1400 kilos, the new GT will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds, while top speed will be in the 200 mph area.


I own a 2006 and believe this new 2015 should really have a 4 wheel traction control system. I love the look of this 2015 and will get on the list. Ford should make a drop top version as well.

2015 Ford GT is a beautiful representation of the classic car with modern twist. I don’t expect drastic changes with the exterior of this vehicle. The concept is somehow close to reality.

The most aggressive futuristic sports vehicle that I’ve seen from Ford, and it really looks so stunning and awesome on that! It also looks more assailing on its gray racing stripes.

one of my favorite cars of all time hope the perfomence beats the corvette zr1

Agreed. I wonder if they have started making this production? I can’t wait for the debut of these car. I think its more powerful compare to Lamborghini’s future cars!

The first thing that I’ve noticed was the aggressive racing stripes of these GT cars! Hell! it seems that we could expect a high speed performing engine and sporty look on the future production of Ford GT.

Wow this old American muscle is shaping up too truly be a competitor to some of those Ferraris and Corvettes out there. Another thing I love about the new GT is it is looking more or less like a gallardo! (but that’s just opinion)

I love this car! The front and the color is quite amazing. However, I just wonder if the horsepower will remain if the drivetrain losses?

At long last, my waiting has ended. This is my most favorite car ever but I am saddened that hey stopped making Ford GT years ago. I can;t wait to get a hold of this car, I still have 3 years to wait though.

I don’t think that the car would be immediately be built by Ford. They have a lot of concerns that needs to be sorted out first before they can proceed to developing it.

If that’s the case, well, I think it would be interesting. I bet the Ford GT makes the competition even tougher.

Well, i do believe that this car looks better compare to the current GT. However, if Ford directly competing the Shelby, which is originally makes the GT version.

Yeah, this one is definitely one of those cars that are just waiting to be build. And hopefully, Ford won’t disappoint us when they unveil the final product.

So are there any details saying when they will unveil it? All these details are definitely getting me all excited about the car, and I can’t wait to see it for real.

I think it looks way nicer than the current Ford GT.

But let’s face it the performance of this car good. 600 hp and 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds, well, I think that’s amazing!

I do believe that the aesthetic of this car is awesome. However, I don’t like the fact that it weighs that much.

I have to admit, the pink actually looks good on the GT. Now if only they would build the car. Hello Ford, when are you going to build this damn thing?

Well, they can’t just simply bring the GT back. They have a lot of work to be done first before they can move on developing a new GT.

Its up time for Ford to put their experience and concentration with out any hurry, and they will definitely come up with an upscale model of the GT. This car is a hit on design and specifications, but it should maintain its sustainability.

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