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A while ago trucks had a much simpler mission. Owners only demanded two things from their trucks: the steering wheel is connected to the wheels, and that the owner died before the truck did.

Now truck ownership has reached the premium levels. The previous requirements are still the same, but now there are more items added. Trucks are no longer just on the farm and the job site, but they are also in the corporate parking lots used for the do-it-yourself crowd who has learned how to build an addition on the house in a few weekends. So while a truck still has to be tough enough to carry the rocks and gravel in the back, it has to make sure it doesn’t wrinkle the suits up front.

A place where this is really evident is in the 2009 Ford F-150 SuperCrew Lariat that joined our fleet. Ford has almost 60 years experience assembling F-Series trucks, so there is no doubt about it’s tough as nails ability. We just didn’t expect to be so comfy in a workman’s truck.

Ford revealed prices for the 2010 F-150 SVT Raptor . The new pick-up will go on sale this summer and prices will start from $38,995 for the 5.4-liter V-8 version and from $41,995 for the 6.2-liter V-8 Raptor.

Customers can choose from three additional packages: luxury package ($1,950) with 10-way power leather heated front seats, power adjustable pedals and a Sony audio system; exterior graphics package ($1,075) with "digital mud" decal; and the interior accent package ($395) with orange seat inserts and orange mesh trim on the dashboard and doors.

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Ford’s high-performance interpretation of their crossover, the Edge Sport is a rolling advertisement for the blue oval brand . The sporty appearance not only turns heads but will leave gawkers jaws glued to the floor. The Sport version is not for everyone, potential Edge Sport owners are looking for the added styling and aggressive attitude associated with a vehicle that rides on stunning 22 inch polished rims and is dressed up with an audacious 8 piece body kit. One thing is for certain, positioned in the front of any showroom, the Sport version is guaranteed to sell a few more regular Edge models.

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Every time we’ve mentioned the Ford Focus RS , we’ve also had to bite down hard and mention that it wasn’t coming to North America. But maybe whining does help us get our way, because when the next-generation international Ford Focus shows up in the U.S. in 2010, the next-generation RS may not be too far behind.

There still are plenty of hurdles in the way. For starters North America has to first show a strong demand for the new Focus before the RS is considered, and also what about the quote from the ford insider that said the current Focus RS was, "likely to be the last car of this type you will see from Ford."

Ford we at TopSpeed are giving you an open invitation to let us help you do whatever it takes to bring a 305 hp hot hatch here (we’re not above sacrificing interns.)

Ford revealed at the Geneva Motor Show the iosisMax , a concept that it was said to offer glimpse for the company’s next generation global C-segment (compact) car. Now the people at AutoExpress have tamed down the concept to show what the 2010 Focus may look like.

Since 2004 Ford split the Focus line between North America and the rest of the world. While the North American Focus has been profitable for Ford, the international model has been a best seller. So for the 2010 car, Ford is reuniting the Focus line and selling one car with European appeal. Sin Sin ce Ford has a lot riding on its European cash cow, we in North America can not only expect the 2010 car to have more European characteristics, but also one that has spent a lot of time in development.

Since the original iosis concept of 2005 was a curvy interpretation of the production Mondeo, we think the iosisMax is likely to be a good indication of the next-generation Focus. Now in it’s third International generation, the 2010 Focus will feature what almost seem like rounded and stretched lines of the current car . Just like in the iosisMax, the production car should have less dramatic lines that will blend the front end with the rest of the car.

The engine lineup should include both gas and diesel variations as well as Ford’s new EcoBoost system. The international offerings should start with a 1.0-liter gas engine making 89 hp, and should top out at units approaching 200 hp. North America will not likely receive the smallest capacity engine nor many or all of the diesel offerings.

Source: AutoExpress

40 years ago, 1969 more precisely, Ford was unveiling at the Brussels Motor Show a car that has been called at that moment "an unusual vehicle for a common market." Capri, or Colt how it was initially called, was a car designed for young people and pretty soon it became a huge success on the market.

40 years of Capri

Capri 1300, Capri 1500, Capri 1700 GT, Capri 2000, Capri 2300 GT - this were the models of the first generation. With power between 125 bhp, the Capri could make the 0 to 60 mph sprint in 9.8 seconds and hit a top speed of 118 mph.

In February 1974, Ford launched the second generation Capri (project name "Diana"). The new generation came with new design, but also new engines: 1,3 and 1,6 liter with output o68, 72 and 88 hp.The 2600 GT has been taken from the program. There also was a 2,3 liter V6 with 108 hp and the 3.0-liter "Essex" engine with 138 hp.

40 years of Capri

March 1978 was the month when the third and last generation (project "Carla") Capri was launched. It came with new dual-halogen lamps and light bonnet overhang into the wind, an integrated front spoiler and improved aerodynamics.

It is rumored that for 2009 we will see a concept version of the Capri at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

2010 Ford Shelby GT500 gets two more MPG

Of course we’re fans of the new 540 hp Shelby GT500 , but Ford may be reaching a little far in the latest press release. It wants us to know that the 2010 GT500 gets two more MPGs than the predecessor. What they forget to mention is the 20 MPG from the 2009 car (calling it a ten percent improvement would probably be too embarrassing.) But hey, every little bit helps.

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Ford may just give us another reason for wanting the Focus RS in North America: it may become a record holder at Nurburgring. The Focus RS is after 8 min and 17 sec top hot hatch time set by the 230 hp Renault Megane R26.R on the North Loop.

A Ford spokesman said in an interview to AutoCar, "It’s no secret that we will be looking to achieve a time at the ’Ring, but there’s no set schedule for it. We didn’t get any opportunities before Christmas because the car’s production set-up wasn’t confirmed and the weather was against us. But we can work on it now."

Ford’s next opportunity to tackle the Nurburgring could come as early as its March 31st industry event.

Source: Autocar

First unveiled in 1996, the Ford Ka has finally officially entered the second generation. The new generation Ka made its world debut at the 2008 Paris Auto Show and comes with new exterior design, new interior and engines.

Ford Ka

Ford designers have given the new Ka a fashionable, modern appearance based around the company’s ’kinetic design’ form language. A number of visual cues provide a connection to the original Ka, but with its distinctive face and chunky proportions the new model has its own unique character.

The affordable new Ford Ka is designed to be both cheap to run and kind to the environment. It uses two economical, low emission engines: a 1.2-litre 69 PS Duratec petrol engine and, for the first time on Ka, a 1.3-litre 75 PS Duratorq TDCi turbodiesel.

Ford Ka

Both petrol and diesel models are available with sub-120g/km CO2 emissions. The 1.2-litre petrol model, which is expected to be the largest seller in the new range, has cut fuel consumption by 21 per cent compared to the previous 1.3-litre Ka. The diesel model – available on the Ka for the first time – improves economy still further, achieving a combined fuel consumption of 4.2 litres/100km.

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Cue the German pop music...The Ford Fiestas are coming. Ford is bringing it’s pint-sized hatch and sedan back to the U.S. after an almost 30 year absence. Since deadbeat dads stay away for less time then the Fiesta, Ford is holding a contest to spread the word about the little car with the German accent.

Ford will hand over the keys to 100 Fiestas for six months, including free gas and insurance, so that winners can help do their marketing for them. There still is time to go on the website and sign up to be one of the “agents of fun”.

Source: Ford

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