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So it is official, Ford has gone absolutely crazy with the EcoBoost trend, but it’s a good crazy, as the EcoBoost both lowers emissions and sharply increases fuel economy. The latest engine to spool its way into the EcoBoost lineup is the all-new 1.0-liter inline three-cylinder version. When most people think of a 1.0-liter three-banger, they tend to picture the early-1990s Metro with its concrete massaging 49 horsepower zipping it to 60 mph sometime in the next century, while driving downhill.

Fortunately, this isn’t your Metro’s three-cylinder engine. This boosted three-banger will pump out a respectable 98 horsepower on the base level and an even more impressive 125 horsepower on the top-level engine, the latter exceeding the current 1.6-liter’s output by 5 horsepower.

FEV, the leading developer for this engine, also claims that both versions of the engine will twist out 125 pound-feet of torque, which is 13 more pound-feet than the 1.6-liter engine and it saves 20 pounds worth of weight compared to the 1.6-liter.

The press release makes it a little unclear as to whether or not this new EcoBoost will be offered in the U.S., but given the fact that it mentions the 1.6-liter in a Focus , and it being offered in the C-Max and B-Max , we can assume that it will start off in the U.K., as the B-Max and C-Max are U.K. models, and the Focus only comes with the 1.6-liter in the U.K. . Granted, the C-Max is coming to the U.S., but as a hybrid model only.

With the power output of this engine, you can expect to see it making its way over here soon. The likely host for it would be the Ford Fiesta , as it is more accepted with a smaller engine. Focus buyers would generally not accept a 1.0-liter-powered model.

We will continue to keep an eye on this and let you know if Ford makes mention of it coming to the U.S. or not.

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Ford Mustang

It has been rumored for quite some time now that the future generation Ford Mustang will drop its usual retro look and will adopt an exterior design that is "more technical, more modern" and inspired by the Ford Evos concept unveiled last fall at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. This decision was made in order to transform the muscle car into a model fit to go global.

The future model will still look like a Mustang and will keep its familiar shark-nosed grille and round headlights, but it will be the "most European-friendly version of the coupe ever."

A few changes will also be made under the hood. While the 2015 Mustang will keep its usual rear-wheel-drive configuration, it is expected to also get an independent rear suspension. The top version will keep the usual V8 engines, but the base models will get a twin-turbocharged EcoBoost four-cylinder engine that will deliver about 300 HP.

The sixth generation Ford Mustang will be unveiled in 2014 in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Mustang line.

Models like the Volkswagen Sirocco R and the Ford Focus RS are hits on the European market, so it’s not surprising to see them get put next to each other on the Nurburgring race track for a little competitive action. The two cars provided quite a show tooas you will see in this video which is about eight minutes long. Take a seat and enjoy!

As a reminder, the Volkswagen Scirocco R is powered by a four-cylinder 2.0 liter TSI engine that delivers 265 HP and 258 lbs-ft of torque. On the other side, the Ford Focus RS is powered by a 2.5 liter 20 V DOHC RS engine that delivers 300 hp and 325 lb-ft of torque. The Volkswagen can hit a top speed of 155 mph, while the Ford goes up to 163 mph.

The third generation Ford Galaxy went on sale back in 2006 and after a small facelift in 2009, the MPV is ready to enter its fourth generation. Recently, Ford began working on it and the first mule has been caught testing, wearing a completely new front end attached to the body of the current generation.

The next Galaxy will feature a wider track and a completely redesigned front inspired by the company’s Kinetic Design seen in the company’s latest models like the 2012 Focus ,2013 Escape , and the new Mondeo . Under the hood, the future MPV will feature the same engine line-up and gearboxes as the Mondeo , including the latest 2.0-liter Ecoboost with an output of about 240 HP. Also, rumors say that the next Galaxy will be offered with a hybrid powertrain later on.

The new generation Ford Galaxy will be launched by the end of 2012 or in early 2013.

Kenny Brown unveiled a very cool Ford Mustang GT-4T "Mango Tango" at the 2011 SEMA Auto Show and now he’s come back with a very cool GT4-CS Autobahn Edition Mustang designed for the track day enthusiast. Each unit will be developed especially for every customer, depending on their experience and driving style.

The GT4-CS Mustang’s standard 5.0 liter V8 engine has been tuned to deliver a total of 485 HP thanks to an improved intake and exhaust flow. The engine is mated to a Hurst shifter and a Kenny Brown matrix chassis support system. The tuner is also offering an advanced geometry suspension system and a new set of 19" Forgeline Monoblock wheels combined with Baer 6R Extreme+ front and rear brake calipers.

For the exterior, the GT4-CS Autobahn Edition has received a sport front splitter w/fender air dams, side skirt splitters, a carbon fiber sport wing, and an engine hood. The interior gets racing seats and Competition Harness belts.

In short, this is the perfect car for a full weekend of racing.

As automotive journalists, we see a lot of varying racecars and racing trucks, so only a few actually make us do a double take and think “what the…” Well, the 2011 Ford “Bronco” Trophy Truck is one of those vehicles that we just cannot walk away from.

This beast was built by Marshall Madruga in honor of the classic road-racing truck, the “Big Oly.” This off-road racing version of the “Big Oly” made its debut in 2009 at the Off-Road Expo in Pomina, CA. It also made a cameo in the Bilstein booth at SEMA, in 2009 and has been in a few magazines, including DirtSports, Off Road, and Bronco Driver.

So why is this important to you? Well, the 2011 Ford Bronco Trophy Truck has just popped up for sale on Ebay. To boot, this truck is even registered as street legal in the state of California.

So how realistic is it to drive this pickup on the road? Check out the full review to see if this is a feasible mode of transportation, or just eye candy to take to the dunes every now and again.

Hit the jump to read the full review.

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Ford Evos Concept

Ford already did it before, and now it appears they’re going to do it again.

Of the five generations of the iconic Ford Mustang , the third and fourth generation Mustang came with completely different designs that were both based on a platform that we don’t see anymore: the Ford Fox.

For the fifth generation, Ford went back to the Mustang’s design roots, offering a car that paid true homage to the legendary Mustangs of the 60’s. But now it appears that Ford is once again prepared to go in a different direction with the design of the next-generation Mustang.

In a report by the Wall Street Journal, the American automaker is preparing a completely new and modern design for the next-generation Mustang, slated to arrive in 2014. That means that the retro-styling of the current Mustang will be replaced by a more modern model that is said to look a whole lot like the Ford Evos Concept.

As far as the reasoning behind the decision to drop the classic Mustang look for the next-gen model, Ford pointed to the growing "Generation Y" market that doesn’t carry as much fervor and attraction to the classic Mustang look as did the "Baby Boomer" generation. So with an entirely new market to cater to, the Blue Oval is looking at opening up yet another chapter of their iconic Mustang brand that could push for a new generation of loyal and passionate owners.

The MK1 Escort was never a real rally champ, given it was an overweight econo-box driven by a tiny little four-banger. However, the MK1 Escort was a bit of a cult classic, as it was kind of like Herby the Love Bug, you never expected it to win, but it dang sure was a cute lil’ thing.

As the rally circuit became more competitive, the MK1 disappeared and hasn’t been seen since. Until now, sort of…

From here we need you to carefully follow a few steps, yeah we know, steps. First, check out the above video of the revived MK1 slinging around a rally course, but make sure to stop short of 2:45 mark, and then come back to this point. Easy enough, right?

As you watched the revived MK1 Ford fly around, did you notice anything odd? Maybe you noticed the fact that the car seemed drastically too small for the scenery? If not, we’ll let the cat out of the bag now, that’s a 1:5 scale radio-controlled model of the original MK1 Escort rally machine whipping around a 1:5 scale rally track. Oh, and the audio; that’s the guys at Headquake RC dubbing the actual sounds from the original MK1 over top of the RC car’s sounds.

Don’t believe us? Scroll to the 2:45 mark of the video and hit “Play.” Now you can hear the sounds of the RC car working hard around the track, which is impressive in its own right. We don’t know which part we are more impressed by, the realistic looks of the 1:5 replica or the filming and dubbing quality to make the illusion that you are actually watching modern footage of the MK1. Nice show, Headquake, nice show indeed.

Ford Mustang GT

Since its inception midway through the 1964 model year, the “original” pony car, the Ford Mustang , has remained an America-only model. The last Ford overseas we recall seeing was the four-cylinder 1967 ‘Stang from Tokyo Drift , and we almost cried at the sight of that monstrosity of ricer meets muscle. There are now rumors floating around – mostly sparked by our friends at Popular Hot Rodding – that the Mustang is heading overseas.

We are all well aware of the fact that the Mustang is being redesigned for the 2015 model year. Apparently, a part of the releasing of the Mustang in Europe is that this redesign is turning the beloved Mustang into a car that meets the European Union pedestrian safety regulations. According to Popular Hot Rodding, this means that a redesign rivaling the Mustang II may be afoot, which is being dubbed the “Mustang III.”

This is a scary moment for Ford and it really needs to tread carefully, as the Mustang II nearly killed off the Mustang name altogether. It was to a point that the Ford Probe – yeah, remember that thing – was slated to be the replacement for the Mustang. Fortunately, the Mustang pulled through and is now thriving as a muscle car again.

This Euro-inspired redesign comes on the heels of the U.S. government possibly raising the average fuel economy requirements to an astronomical 56.2 mpg by 2025. This doesn’t mean that the Mustang needs to hit 56 mpg, but that the average of all Ford vehicles sold must be at least 56.2 mpg by 2025. This also puts the V-8 Mustangs that Ford has worked so hard on lately on the chopping block during this redesign.

Could this mean the return of a turbocharged four-cylinder to the Mustang lineup, or maybe even a transplantation of the EcoBoost 3.5-liter V-6 engine from the Taurus to the Mustang? It very well could, and that could spell disaster for the Mustang. Ford definitely needs to tread carefully with this redesign, or we could end up with the Mustang II all over again.

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Ford Fusion

Car manufacturers simply love carbon fiber. Especially high end, exotic sports car makers. Yep, engineers in Italy literally live and breathe carbon fiber, and as carbon fiber has developed, it’s become more accessible and slightly cheaper up to the point where ‘regular’ car manufacturers are considering using the material once reserved for the most exotic of exotics. One problem still remains, and that’s the simple fact that carbon fiber is still too expensive.

Sure, the actual fibers used to begin the process of creating carbon fiber may be relatively cheap, but the main costs are derived from the intensive manufacturing process and considering that carbon fiber is often applied by hand, it’s easy to understand why it is so expensive. Furthermore, individual carbon filaments used to make the stuff can be five micrometers thin, and yes, that’s a lot thinner than the average human hair.

However, if Ford and Dow Automotive Systems have their way, carbon fiber should become accessible to the ‘masses.’

The two are currently researching ways to increase carbon fiber production while also making it simpler and more cost-effective to construct. The biggest reason behind the new partnership is the belief that Ford will someday, in the not too distant future, be able to construct sedans entirely out of carbon fiber, such as the Ford Fusion , but in order to do so, the duo really have their work cut out.

It’s not yet known how much this venture is costing, but we feel unless Ford and Dow really come up with the goods, the American brand may be better off investing this money elsewhere, such as improved car safety. Or perhaps that’s what this is all about, car safety.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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