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Formula One

One of Formula One ’s new kids on the block has finally broken cover and if the car performs as well as it looks, then we’re bound to have a surprising 2010 Formula One season.

Despite having its online launch beset by, well, ‘technical problems’, Virgin still managed to pull the covers off of its inaugural Formula One ride, becoming the first of the four newbies to officially begin their 2010 campaign.

The VR-01 – as its being called – will make its initial run at Silverstone in the coming days with drivers Lucas di Grassi and Timo Glock taking it for a spin. After that, the team heads over to Jerez to participate in the second winter test of the new season, giving all of its more established competitors a first look on how the VR-01 – and the whole Virgin team for that matter – tries to get its collective feet wet in time before the green lights turn on in Bahrain next month.

Apart from the aforementioned technical malfunctions, the launch of the VR-01 went by without a glitch. Nick Wirth, the car’s chief designer, was especially proud to see his new baby unveiled to the public for the first time. "Today is a very proud day for everyone involved with Virgin Racing, however on this occasion, where the car is the star, I want to pay tribute to all the amazing people at Wirth Research who deserve so much of the credit for the VR-01," he said.

"Putting together an F1 team, assembling an engineering group and designing a new car from scratch is an epic task in the timeframe we have been working to."

Cheers and applause nothwisthanding, Virgin F1 still has a lot of work to do in time for the season opener in a month’s time. But for now, they can revel in the fact that they’re one step closer to becoming a member of Formula One.

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The Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One team is bringing back some big names for the 2010 season that, if nothing else, are sure to garner quite a bit of attention from F1 fans around the world. After unveiling the all new MGP W01 Formula 1 car in Valecia, Spain; seven time world champion Michael Schumacher and son of former driver Keke Rosberg, Nico who are currently testing the new race car took some time out to pose alongside the team principal Ross Brawn with the latest member of the Silver Arrow family wearing its silver and green livery before the car went back into the garage to prepare for the start of the test session.

The Former BMW driver Nico will be the first of the Mercedes GP Petronas drivers to try out the new car with Michael taking over shortly after. However the big news comes with the multi world champion Schumacher being reunited with his longtime comrade Brawn, who is fresh off of last year’s title winning season in his team Brawn GP ’s rookie year, who has been working with Michael ever since his Benetton days all the way up through his retirement with Ferrari.

The second team to be reveal their 2010 Formula 1 race car is BMW-Sauber. Called the C29, it also needed to undergo a few changes in order to obey the new regulations. "The development of the BMW Sauber C29 has seen the team build on the experience gained last year and the improvement in performance over the final third of the season. However, the new regulations banning refueling during the race and stipulating a reduced width for the front tires have required significant changes to the car’s design."

The increased size of the fuel tank means the car has grown longer and because they are skinnier, the front tires will undertake a heavier load, requiring weight to be shifted further towards the rear of the car.
Another very distinctive feature of the C29 is an extremely long undercut at the transition from the chassis to the under body. These and other aerodynamic measures also help to ensure optimum airflow to the double diffuser at the rear while further changes were required to integrate the Ferrari engine and, in particular, the Ferrari quick shift seven speed gearbox.

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Renault unveiled the new 2010 R30 on Sunday at the Valencia circuit in Spain. While missing an official sponsor (ING left the team) Renault has decided to come back to the black and yellow colors used by Renault in the 1980s.

It wasn’t that long ago when Renault was embroiled in the middle of a major controversy that resulted in a ton of bad press for the team and for Formula One, prompting the French to come oh-so close to leaving F1 for good. Eventually, Renault reversed course and decided to remain in F1 and over the weekend, they unveiled they Jordan-looking 2010 Renault R30 Formula One car.

The car has been decked in a new yellow and black paint scheme similar to the Jordan F1 cars that prowled Formula One almost a decade ago. Other than new color scheme and the shark fin engine cover that`s present in the R30 – similar to what McLaren and Sauber have in their 2010 cars – Renault’s 2010 F1 car didn`t veer too far away from its predecessor, the R29 .

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The McLaren F1 team unveiled their 2010 Formula One entry earlier today at their headquarters in Newbury, and almost as impressive as their new machine is the all English driver lineup with returning champion Lewis Hamilton and last year’s break out sensation Jensen Button leading the charge.

In accordance with the new sporting regulations for the 2010 season, the car has undergone some considerable changes, even if it appears to be quite the same to the untrained eye. Dubbed the MP4-25, the new race car features a radical aerodynamic overhaul and a significantly larger fuel tank to allow the team to run longer between pit stops and the championship winning McLaren design team has declared they are confident that they have explored every possible avenue in order to maximize the MP4-25’s on track performance. Powered by a Mercedes -Benz FO 108X V8 engine, the same power plant that brought McLaren and Lewis Hamilton the world title in 2008, tipping the scales at just under 210 pounds, the slightly heavier MP4-25 will make its first on track appearance in Valencia, Spain on February 1 along with many of the other F1 competitors for some pre season testing.

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Ferrari revealed today the first official images and specifications for the 2010 Formula 1 race car. The model will be called F10 and will weight less that 95 kg.

The F10 will use a 2398 cm3 eight-cylinder engine with electronic injection and ignition mated to a semiautomatic sequential electronically controlled gearbox.

Stay tuned for more details!

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The start of the 2010 Formula One season is a little over a month away but with the recent debuts of a number of teams’ F1 cars, you can safely say that the anticipation has finally begun.

In the wake of Mercedes GP Petronas’ unveiling of their 2010 Formula One car, Ferrari is following suit with the debut of their own 2010 car. The Maranello-based outfit is scheduled to unveil their new car at the Ferrari website on Thursday, 10:30 am Central European Time.
For us here in the US, that’s going to be 4:30 a.m. EST and 1:30 a.m. PST.

The event is expected to gather some of the big wigs from Ferrari including company chairman Luca di Montezemolo, team boss Stefano Domenicali, and 2010 Ferrari drivers, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa. You’re probably wondering why you’d have to stay up until the wee hours in the morning to watch a debut that you can probably catch on the Internet later that morning. Well, nothing beats catching it live and if you’re a fan of the Prancing Horse, watching it before everybody else should give you more reason to do so.

As an added bonus, Ferrari is scheduled to take their new F1 digs up for a few laps at the Fiorano race track later in the day and should the weather over at Italy cooperates, then you can get to see a first-hand look at the car Ferrari is pinning its hopes on to recapture its lost glory.

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It looks like Mercedes is in talks of switching allegiances in Formula One. Long been associated with McLaren F1 McLaren F1 , Mercedes is now ready to purchase 75% of Brawn GP, possibly as early as 2010. While it’s not uncommon for one brand to be associated with two Formula One teams, Mercedes is, according to renowned journalist Roger Benoit, willing to let its contract with McLaren run out in 2011, after which, it would direct all its attention on Brawn GP.

The signs of the imminent spilt-up has been brewing for a while now and that both are likely headed in different directions after a highly-successful 15-year partnership that netted them a number of World Championships.

The two company’s decision to end their joint road sports car program was the first sure sign that not all was well between McLaren and Mercedes. That of course, doesn’t take into consideration the fact that Brawn GP – a number Mercedes-powered Formula One team – has been consistently outperforming the McLaren team, a stark contrast from previous years when McLaren was consistently out on front of the pack.

It’s a sad time for McLaren-Mercedes fans, especially those who have been around since the days of Mika Hakkinnen and David Coulthard. But as we all know, there aren’t a lot of happy endings in the oftentimes turbulent world of Formula One racing.

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After last week’s update leading up to the European Grand Prix, Panasonic Toyota Racing’ s Jarno Trulli and Timo Glock are back preparing for round twelve of the FIA Formula One World Championship, the Belgian Grand Prix, that will take place on the historic Spa racing circuit this coming Sunday, August 30th. Trulli truly adores Spa not only because of his 2004 pole position, but also for its mix of sharp twists and long straights as well as significant elevation changes as well as the unique combination of low, high and medium speed corners.

The team’s test driver, Kamui Kobayashi then joins the two grand prix stars to continue their question and answer session where we learn that Jarno is not only the best soccer player of the three, but he is also the team’s “love doctor” and like any group of friends that are being exposed to a foreign language, they were quick to pick up the dirty words from the Japanese test driver first. Check you local listings to see when you can see the boys of F1 compete at Spa-Francorchamps this weekend.

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Move over Fernando Alonso because the latest world champion rumored to be making a move in Formula One for 2010 is the Frenchman and 5 time World Rally Championship winner Sebastien Loeb. According to the upstart USF1 team’s sporting director Peter Windsor, "Somebody representing Loeb called us but I won’t give details of the conversation…he is an incredible talent and he would definitely make things interesting in F1. We are looking more on the American side but are going to take him seriously." According to recent interview with the French sports daily L’Equipe.

What is interesting is that ever since Loeb tested last year’s Red Bull F1 car, his current employer, Citroen, has been denying any talks about a move to Formula 1 for the Frenchman. However according to the multi champion Loeb, "I wanted to know if a team was really interested in me for F1. Someone contacted this new team but I don’t know what happened…I am enjoying myself in the WRC and am on the verge of extending my contract with Citroen. But if I get the opportunity to do a couple of races in 2010 when the calendars don’t clash then why not?"

So it looks like Loeb is happy where he is at for the moment, and that a ride with the USF1 team would only occur when the Formula One and WRC schedules permit. It is more often that you hear of retired Formula One drivers looking to continue challenging their car control skills by going sideways in an all wheel drive turbocharged rally car, not the other way around, but if anyone can pull it off it should be Loeb.

Source: F1 Live

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