2012 Formulec EF01 Electric Race Car

A few days ago, we were introduced to a pair of concept race cars for the upcoming IndyCar seasons courtesy of its builder, Dallara. Today, we’re introduced to the Formulec EF01, the first of what appears to be a new generation of single-seater electric race cars that will participate in the upcoming Formulec World Series in 2012.

And who said that automotive competitions aren’t safe from the electric revolution?

The Formulec EF01 was designed and created by South African firm Formulec and its partner, SEGULA Technologies and was built with the intention of combining speed and efficiency with sustainability and an eye towards environmental responsibility. Despite its electric nature, the EF01 is still capable of posting a north-to-60 mph time of just three seconds and a top speed of 150 mph.

This electric race car differentiates itself from the rest of its gas-emitting brethren through a technology that puts importance on hi-performance connectors that are used for the high current and high voltage - 250A/400-800V - DC connection for the battery, junction box, and the inverter.

The EF01 is scheduled to participate in the Formulec World Series in 2012 in an effort to establish the series as the first electric single-seater competition in the world. For the 2012 season, 10 races are expected to take place with the target for 2013 allowing world class drivers to test their racing know-how on board an EF01.

The end result – or goal – is to create the 2014 Formulec World Championship, which will be participated in by automakers and their newly built and developed electric racers.

The future of electric single-seater racing has arrived. Whether it shapes up to be the future of automotive racing remains to be seen.


I really love the unique platform of this race car, and it is truly looking so awesome with that. However, I don’t like the fact that it is an electric vehicle, very unreliable for a sports car.

Don’t make this prototype a laughing stock. That 3 seconds acceleration is quite good since it is an electric car, and they are environment-friendly. Aside from it, it has low carbon dioxide emission. I will consider this car.

Well, electric car are eco-friendly vehicle. The Audi is releasing an electric- powered vehicle and I think they are building a high performing and advanced technology electric car.

I wonder on how reliable are electric cars? Hmm. And I think this race is kind of a promotional for electric car since they are not reliable. I definitely don’t want to watched this race!

Yeah, that would be a good suggestion. It would make the whole put stop for this much faster. And I think they have already developed rugged battery packs for this one.

Well, they could probably go with the swappable battery packs during the race. With this, they can quickly change to a fully charged pack in seconds.

Yeah you’re right, its about time. But I think one thing that they need to sort out on those races are the recharging times, those would certainly make a lot of differences between winning and losing.

Yeah, that speed is really rather amazing, for an electric race car, that is. I agree that it is about time that they set up an electric race car series, since the technology is already pretty much available.

@AdamA3, I can understand why you are laughing. Well, this is really a great piece of joke! Let’s pretend to be happy for this production but in the back off our mind we are puking about this ridiculous concept!

ol! I thought the April Fool’s celebration is already over then how come this car wants to make a grand finale! What the hell! Electric racing car is the most hideous and pointless concept that I have heard! Better killed it!

"north-to-60 mph in just 3 seconds" smiley haha!

In all seriousness, I’m fully behind a move into an electric racing series. Can’t wait for the 2014 series when hopefullz the technology will have been perfected.

That one will probably be confirmed once we see these cars in action on the track. But I think the question would be whether these cars will indeed be replacing petrol based racers, which I highly doubt.

Well now, I am finally seeing quite a lot of these electric race cars lately. But I am still not sure if they would actually perform as hoped. Maybe when I get to see them speeding on track.

Even from the beginning that I that I have heard about electric race car. I can’t help but to doubt the reliability of this car. I think you can’t blame me, just look at the status of electric cars in the auto industry, I think not only me but a lot of people has been so doubtful about this car.

Oh! So they choose to used an electric car for the Formula One race! Well, I don’t think that this car would be using a full power of electricity. I bet they are going to activate the diesel engine to support the car in case that it loses it power!What a waste!

Wow this is great! Honestly, I am not surprised of this electric success. 250 amps and 400-800 volts is a hell of electrical power for DC. I want to know How many motors does it have and how do they plan to refuel the cars at the pit stops, Switch the battery or recharge it(if possible to recharge it fast..somehow). This will promote better technology and electric cars on the road and its only a beginning!

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