Being the fastest – so far, at least – production car on the planet affords you certain perks and privileges, one of which is you get to be in the news with just about anything you do.

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport holds the distinction of not only being the fastest production car in the world, but for also being the center of attention just by its mere presence. Recently, the 267 mph-supercar paid a visit to the legendary Paul Richard race track in France for a little lap around the circuit.

Not much is seen in this video, except for the dashboard of the Bugatti as it makes its flying lap, but if you’re a fan of hearing the car’s powerful engine at its full, unbridled, and roaring best, this three-minute of the Veyron Super Sport running a lap at Paul Richard is just what the doctor ordered. All you need to do is turn up the volume, hit play, and enjoy the sound of a record-breaking supercar at work.

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The Fiat and Chrysler partnership is kicking things off in Paris with a brand spanking new retail store that will feature both Fiat and Jeep models at the Motor Village dealership along Champs-Elysees in Paris. In addition to having Fiat and Jeep vehicles in the super duper dealership, Fiat will also be showcasing a slew of their other brands, including Abarth , Alfa Romeo , Lancia , and Maserati .

The store’s opening earmarked the first occasion wherein the Fiat-Chrysler collaboration was publicly displayed in any of Fiat’s worldwide chain of dealerships.

It also doesn’t come as any surprise to us that Fiat is aggressively pushing Jeep into the European market because of its strong desire to see the off-road brand become the largest selling American marquee in Europe. As for the other brands under the Chrysler umbrella, Fiat Fiat – who, by the way, owns 20% of Chrysler – is rebadging Chryslers into Lancias while keeping the Dodge brand as a niche market across the Atlantic.

The new Motor Village dealership is located at Champs-Elysee near Rond-Point at the junction of Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Avenue Matignon-Montaigne.

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There’s nothing like attaching your brand into a movie that’s expected to be a box office hit. You know that just being mentioned in the movie is about as good as any kind of advertising will give you.

Peugeot seems to think that attaching itself to a highly-anticipated movie, like Toy Story, and making a commercial featuring the lovable Woody would go over, not just to the die-hard fans of the ground-breaking CGI movie franchise, but also to fans of anything and everything that’s involved with the automobile. So they did, and the result is a 30-second spot featuring a Pegueot 5008 and Woody, who searches the car for his hat, only to have the 5008 demonstrate a pretty nifty feature of its car, specifically the versatile seating and its rear child mirror.

We don’t really know what this commercial accomplishes other than that the tie-up with a movie like Toy Story will surely give Pegueot as much exposure as it can possibly expect. And at the end of the day, as with the tenet of commercials, exposure is the name of the game and the 5008 being seen in a commercial featuring Woody from Toy Story is about as good an exposure as the French automaker can get with these sort of movie tie-ups.

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If you’re the type that daydreams about being behind the wheel of a Formula One car, we may have found the place where you can fulfill your dreams without actually being inside a real F1 car.

That place is the I-Way World in Lyons, France, and it’s got just about everything a racing fanatic would want under one roof. Designed by renowned artist Cyrille Druant back in 2006, the I-Way World comes with a number of unique spaces including restaurants, shops, lounges, a spa, conference rooms, and even office spaces. And there’s also that little matter of those revolutionary 18 six-axis race simulators featuring a variety of racing series’ including Formula One , endurance racing, and rally/touring racing.

Getting behind the wheel of one may sound like a lot of fun, but it also comes with a price. One race behind a simulator costs $73. There’s also a 10-race package that goes for $770, which isn’t exactly peanuts for a lot of us. Those who go to I-Way World without the intention of trying out these simulators can also opt for a little recreational fun with shops that include Porsche Design, Tag Heuer , Sparco, and Equipaggiamenti.

Whatever your intention is, the I-Way World in Lyons has something enjoyable for you to do, making it one of those places that should be on the list of anyone who has plans of making a trip to France.

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Evian Masters is a women’s professional golf tournament that began its course back in 1994. For over ten years, Renault and Evian Masters have partnered for this golf tournament. Through this partnership, Renault will provide a fleet of 90 vehicles to be used by officials and tournament organizers during the course of the event. To mark the Evian Masters tournament’s 17th edition Renault has unveiled a special edition Modus that will be limited to 500 units.

The new Modus Evian Masters is distinguished by its pink and white Evian Masters badging on the front wings and tailgate, as well as by its extra-tinted rear glass and aluminum alloy wheels. On the interior it receives gray upholstery contrasted with pink details (pink being the official color of the tournament) such as the edging of the front carpet mats and the organizer box ring. The interior ambiance is further enhanced by the split leather-trimmed steering wheel and gear lever knob, as well as by the satin-finish chrome center console and air vent surrounds.

The limited, special edition Modus will only be available in France starting at €17,150. They will be available this month.

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If you thought Tom Green’s once-in-a-lifetime meeting with Metallica was awesome, then you better strap on and get yourself ready for the second installment of Honda’s "Live Every Litre" project because it’s going to redefine the phrase ’wet & wild’.

In this episode of Honda’s documentary-style road movie to promote the new CR-Z hybrid sports coupe, the cameras take us to Paris, France - in the streets of Monmarte, to be exact - to meet Kate Rawlinson, or as she is otherwise known, ’Agent Lynch’. In determining which nominee deserved to have their dreams realized, Honda couldn’t have picked a better choice than Rawlinson, who wanted to perform the world’s first guerilla burlesque routine - and do it in public.

Is there really an appropriate way to describe Agent Lynch’s public burlesque show than just letting you people go and watch it for yourselves? Yeah, we didn’t think so, either.

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The Bugatti 16C Galibier - yeah, the same concept that we saw in Geneva earlier this year - was spotted out and about and getting some sun recently in Molsheim, France, leading to more speculation that the car may be further along in the production pipeline than we thought.

We don’t know for certain what the 16C Galibier is doing outside Bugatti headquarters at this time since the rumored launch for the super-duper luxury car isn’t scheduled for at least a few more years - possibly in 2013 - when the brand’s current top dog, the Bugatti Veyron , is eventually phased out. If we can speculate, though, it looks like the 16C Galibier is currently being shown out on private shows to the interested - and obscenely rich - customers who may want a piece of the pie if and when it’s released.

According to Bugatti, feedback for the 16C Galibier has been overwhelmingly positive saying that the 16C Galibier is "the most exclusive, elegant, and powerful four-door automobile in the world."
With a twin-supercharged 8.0-liter 16-cylinder engine with 800 PS to 1,000 PS, it’s hard not to argue that assumption, but similar to the Veyron, the 16C Galibier is likewise expected to come with a pretty hefty price tag which, according to Bugatti, could be up to $1.31 million.

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Renault will unveil the special edition Laguna Coupé Monaco GP on April 9 at the Cabriolet, Coupé and SUV Show which will shortly open at the Porte de Versailles exhibition complex in Paris, France.

This special edition will be distinguished by a twotone pearlescent white and pearlescent black livery. The model comes with a leather interior trim, as well as such desirable technologies as Carminat TomTom navigation, Bose audio, xenon headlights and, above all, the acclaimed 4Control chassis which delivers impeccable roadholding.

Updated 04/13/2010: Renault unveiled today official details on the special edition Laguna Coupe Monaco GP that will go on sale in May at a price of €38,800. It will be limited to just 400 units. It will be available with a choice of four DPF-equipped diesel powertrains (dCi 150 with either six-speed manual or automatic transmission, dCi 180 with six-speed manual gearbox or 3.0 V6 dCi 235 with six-speed automatic transmission) and one petrol engine (3.5 V6 240 with six-speed automatic transmission).

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There have been recent rumors spreading around that the new James Bond movie is in the works as we speak and for its part, Lotus seems to be trying to get the producers to bring their brand back to becoming 007’s next ride.

While these are still rumors – we haven’t really heard anything from MGM regarding this matter – it did make us a little curious to see a Lotus Evora being filmed in the Chamonix in the French Alps as part of a Lotus tribute to all the previous cars that have starred opposite Her Majesty’s Secret Weapon in a lot of the 22 Bond movies that have been released.

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Back in the early 1960’s Bill Ford wanted to go racing at Le Mans to settle a score with Enzo Ferrari Ferrari after the Italian racer suddenly backed out of a deal where the FoMoCo would absorb the Scuderia, and with it all of their competition cars. Thus is the story if the legendary Ford GT-40 , which eventually won the historic race twice around the clock four times in a row from 1966 to 1969, dethroning the Italian stallion and making names for driving greats like Dan Gurney, A.J. Foyt, Pedro Rodríguez and Jacky Ickx.

A modern day interpretation of the iconic Ford GT will once again represent the Blue Oval at 2010 running of the 24 hours of Le Mans thanks to the Matech Competition team. "This is great recognition for the whole team who have worked very hard on this Ford GT Ford GT 1 project. That our car has been considered for this 78th edition exceeds our wildest dreams. The 24 Hours of Le Mans are as much a legend as Ford’s adventure at Le Mans. Now we need to prove that both the team and the car are ready for the unique challenge that is Le Mans. We are equally pleased that our customer team, MarcVDS Racing, has also received an invitation to the race, and we look forward to providing them with our support as we do in the GT1 World Championship." While a four-peat may be difficult to do in the 21st century, the Matech Ford GT will definitely have history on its side when the green flag drops at the Circuit de la Sarthe this June.

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