A few days after Renault announced that two of its new concept cars, the Zoe ZE and the Twizy ZE Concept would be scheduled for launch in a few years, the French-based automaker has also announced that it would once dust-off the Gordini brand and add it to the Renault Sport range.

The announcement of the expected debut of the Twingo Gordini RS will be held at the L’Atelier Renault on the Champs Elysées on November 25.
The Gordini brand rose in popularity in the 60’s where over 200,000 units were sold at that time. The brand’s popularity crossed mainstream thresholds after the car appeared in a number of French films during the decade.

After riding off into the sunset shortly thereafter, Gordini is motoring back to give a new generation of car buyers the chance to sit behind the wheel of one of Renault’s most popular cars. To retain the classic look of the compact car, Renault has made it clear that it would uphold the Gordini tradition. What this means is that the cars styling – including the off-center double stripes that was a trademark of Gordini back then – will likely stay the course. Renault has still to shed light as to what drivetrain the new Gordini models will have and the announcement will more than likely happen on the 25th of November, the day the Twingo Gordini RS is unveiled in France.

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Formula 1 drivers live a fast paced life filled with exotic race cars beautiful women and the finest luxuries, especially in Monaco. So it is very surprising to hear that a model was causing such a distraction for the men behind the wheel at this year’s Grand Prix, but maybe you would too if you were coming out of the slowest corner in F1 only to look up and see the face of an angel staring back at you with a five foot wide smile. The race’s winner, Jensen Button, said that "every time you passed her, it was as though she was looking right at you."

It was the San Francisco native, and face of Martini’s advertising campaign, Jessiqa Pace, whose image was strung up in the air just after the Lowes hairpin, promoting the Italian winemaker’s iconic vermouth. Last year’s champion Lewis Hamilton had an incident around the banner during the Saturday qualifying session that left the mechanics rebuilding the Mercedes chassis all night and the youngest F1 Champion of all time starting from the back of the grid on Sunday.

Pace happened to be in Monaco for the race weekend, and when she learned of the unfortunate incident told reporters that "obviously it’s very flattering that I’m distracting the drivers so much, but I’d feel terrible if someone got hurt." This just goes to show, the 2009 Formula 1 season has turned the sport on its head. First Button starts winning races for Brawn GP the major manufacturers can’t find the podium and now beautiful women will have to be removed from the racetrack. At least Ferrari showed they has a little more pep in their step, coming in third and fourth at the grand prix.

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In an age where manufactures are using hybrid or diesel technology to achieve high fuel mileage, Renault has refined the Twingo’s four-cylinder gasoline engine to get about 47 miles to the gallon. The name for this version of the car is long, Twingo 1.2 LEV 16V 75 eco, but it also describes the whole engine – 1.2-liter low emission vehicle with 16 valves making 75 horsepower.

Gas Only Renault Twingo Gets 47 MPG

This exact car has already been on sale in France, but the new version has 20% longer gear ratios, which allows for greater fuel economy and reduced emissions.

The car will begin to be sold in France later this month starting at €9,950 (about $17,600). It will also be marketed in Spain, Germany, Holland and Belgium, beginning in September. Renault does not sell to the U.S., and the last time we had a gas-only car here that could beat this Twingo was the Honda CRX HF and the Geo Metro XFi, both of which have not been sold here in over 15 years.

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Auto Plus Magazine Raided by French Police

Freedom of Press in France? Guess not. The offices of Auto Plus magazine was raided by authorities after the magazine published unauthorized photos of a new Renault model. Renault complained that the magazine published photos and details of a model not set to be released for another 3 years. While Renault refused to speak about the photos leaked to Auto Plus, the National Union of Journalists (SNJ) revealed in a statement that the model causing all the wrath of Renault is the future Megane.

During the raid, police took computers, hard drives, photos, and even one journalist, Bruno Thomas. The authorities are also investigating a Renault employee who is believed to have leaked the photos and information.

According to a Renault spokesman, "It kills creativity; you may as well just give our models to the newspapers and our competitors. What’s the point of doing any research? The idea is not to attack Auto Plus but to cut off the sources that feed it, to find the source in house.”

Of course the National Union Of Journalists has seen it differently and complained that "It’s intolerable that journalists should be treated like criminals when they are just doing their job of informing the public."

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Sometime in the future, gas stations would switch to selling gas. Gas in the sense, air, which when compressed to an extent, has enough energy to help a specially designed engine, generate power. Big companies like BMW and Mercedes-Benz , are interested in looking for other ways to run their cars, and might want to take a close look at these air powered engines.

Sure, these things make a lot of noise and don’t coax out enough horsepower, but with time and research, things could change drastically. Just like how electric cars or hybrid cars have evolved and reached a certain stage where the trade-offs are not considerable and offer a number of advantages over the normal cars, soon air powered engines might catch on and small-car manufacturers could use them on a large scale.

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Venturi, the famous French sport cars manufacturer and Citroen, announced that have joined forces in order to supply a small number of electric vehicles based on the Citroen Berlingo to the French Post Office.

The cars will be modified to fit the electric motor, battery and other EV components. According to the manufacturers the electric vans will be capable of travelling 100 kilometers without recharge, a good autonomy if we think that the vans will only be used in cities like Paris or Lyon.

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Audi Ice ParTTy

Audi of France is hosting an event in the Valley of Isere to show off its new TT drop top yet again. This will be the second official unveiling of the new Audi TT Cabriolet. At the event , there will be a ice racing circuit , giant igloos, and gigantic bars of ice. Brave attendess will actually get to ride around with professional drivers on the Ice track of Isere(sweet)
Additionally, there will also be an auction event at Jack Bar by chaired by Pierre Cornet of Cyr Saint where proceeds will be given to the "RED NOSE" foundation. At night the Jacks Bar will turn into a trendy lounge where attendees can enjoy themselves and reflect on one bad-ass Audi event.

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The Citroën C6 has arrived. The latest addition to a historic line of great Citroëns, with a stunning look in keeping with the Marque’s reputation for style, the C6 takes the grand tourer concept and incorporates the latest cutting-edge technology.

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Since his commercial launch in June 2005, the Citroen C1 knows a frank success.Today, more then 119 000 vehicles were sold in the world. Compact to the exterior and spacious to the interior, the car finds perfectly his place within the range Citroen.Available in version with three and five doors, C1 continues to seduce under the traits of an athletic special series. This C1 Chrono was unveiled to the public on December 23 in France and will be produced in 800 copies.

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