McLaren has proved to be one of the more marketing savvy teams in the F1 grid these days.

Their latest venture, an animation short starring Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, is another home run in our books.

Titled "Tooned," the animated short series made its debut at the British Grand Prix on Sky Sports F1 last weekend. In this episode, Button, Hamilton, and Professor M - think McLaren’s version of a quirky scientist - all go to McLaren’s underground testing circuit to give the new McLaren F1 car a testing shakedown.

Button proceeds to win the coin toss to get first dibs on the car, but true to Hamilton’s always competitive nature, he somehow commandeers a rocket-powered F1 prototype to race Button in what turned out to be an "explosive" race. Not content with the finish, the two then proceed to use the "super-soft" tires to bound their way to the finish line, much to the chagrin of the clearly perturbed Professor M.

It’s a funny video that shows the lighter side of the McLaren F1 team. Well worth your time to check out!

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We have seen our fair share of wonderful and wacky DMC DeLorean’s throughout the years, with the original Back to the Future unit being a prime example. In addition to that, Matt Farah recently drove an upgraded DeLorean on Californian roads, while the company recently entered the American Le Mans Racing Series with what is now, an extremely out-dated and old-fashioned car. Even in its, it was already painfully slow.

Despite the fact that DMC could be planning an all-electric DeLorean for 2013 - although we have our doubts - a brave American tuner has turned his DeLorean into what’s unquestionably, the most extreme example we’ve seen to date.

Rather than simply fitting an uprated engine into the car and improving the body work, the shop depicted in the following video decided to mount the DeLorean’s 1981 body onto the frame of a 1979 Chevrolet K5 Blazer, before fitting a new 5.7-liter V8 engine. However, those changes are not what captured our attention. Not in the slightest.

The shop also decided to convert the DeLorean into a massive monster truck, fitting mind-blowingly large tires to it, as well as a new bull-bar and heavy-duty winch to create what could turn out to be the ultimate off-road machine.

What’s more, the following video also shows that the driver was brave enough to take the car onto the open roads, where an expensive Ferrari F430 almost became a victim of the DeLorean’s gargantuan size.

It goes without saying that this is the new benchmark of ‘overkill’ or ’awesome,’ depending on your taste.

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Posting videos of speeding vehicles on YouTube may seem fun, and can even be profitable in some instances, but it comes with a whole host of risks. First and foremost, there’s the ever present danger that if said car’s license plate is shown in a video, then the police can easily track the owner and issue them with a host of driving violations.

Well, that’s exactly what recently happened to a 38-year-old, Japanese CEO named Mikami Tadao. He was recently captured after the following video depicted him speeding through a Japanese tunnel, at what’s suspected to be 97 mph or almost 60 mph faster than the legal speed limit.

Although the video certainly doesn’t seem to capture the offending Lamborghini Gallardo traveling at those speeds, we’ll take Asahi’s word for it. Nevertheless, Tadao was clearly speeding through the tunnel based on how many car’s the Italian supercar passes, and on one hand we can understand the attraction of pinning the throttle to capture the glorious V-10 cacophony of the car, but on the other hand, posting the video on YouTube obviously pushed it a bit too far.

The offense is believed to have occurred January 2, 2010 and the man was captured on March 9 this year, and we believe, he’s still behind bars with an array of traffic offenses expected to be passed down on him when, and if, the case ever makes it to court.

Check out the video, and be sure to keep in mind that if you ever plan to break the speed limit and film it (which, of course, we don’t condone), please don’t post it online!

Source: Asahi

We have seen the competition between the 2013 Mustang GT500 and the Camaro ZL1 get exhausted in the last few weeks, so seeing yet another comparison doesn’t really interest us much. Then again, if that competition is happening live on a public track and it is between two competitors that have been jawing at each other via forum flame posts, well, we suddenly become extremely interested.

So the story begins with us taking a short trip from the TopSpeed offices down to the Miami Homestead racetrack for a day full of watching various cars tackle the track. We stumbled upon this situation of a stock 2013 GT500 with under 1,000 miles on its clock and 650 ponies under the hood, and a Camaro ZL1, which was modified by Torq and is touted as a true racecar, ready to go head-to-head to settle their online feud of which is better.

The Camaro ZL1 admittedly had supercharger overheating issues in the past, so Torq installed a high capacity water pump to help aid in the cooling. Apparently, Torq overestimated the capacity of the new pump before heading to Miami and the blazing hot South Florida sun resulted in the engine overheating. Yeah, Torq forgot an important fact, if you install a high-capacity water pump, you need to raise the amount of coolant stored in the cooling system.

Ironically, Torq is quoted as saying that pitting the GT500 against this modified ZL1 is “like bringing a knife to a gun fight” and we agree, because the GT500 is better known as a drag-style car and the ZL1 truly is a better road handler. Let’s see if Torq can rectify this issue and get us a good race to see.

06/03/12 Update from Torq: Okay, so it appears as if our article ruffled some feathers in regards to the guys involved in the race and they made it clear that there were a few misunderstandings in our article. We will further clarify what we were intending to demonstrate, as well as include some of the other details that Torq has kindly provided us.

First and foremost the statement that the ZL1 is more of a true racecar than the GT500 was not intended to be taken as a statement by Torq. This is the common consensus of the automotive industry, as the ZL1 is a best suited on a road track, whereas the GT500 is better on the drag strip, though both perform well on either track style. This has nothing to deal with any modifications performed on either car, but rather a statement of the fact around each stock model.

According to a Torq rep, the GT500 is not as stock as we thought it was. Turns out the GT500 is boasting a cold air intake and a performance ECU tune. Torq claims that this puts the GT500 up to 740 to 750 horsepower. And, yes, we rounded the GT500 down to 650 horsepower, when it is in fact 662 ponies. Also according to Torq, the ZL1 is at a drastic horsepower disadvantage, which we, of course, expect, given the factory performance differences.

It also turns out that Torq actually did attempt to compensate for the addition coolant flow by adding in an aftermarket heat exchanger that adds about two additional gallons to the cooling capacity and experimenting with several auxiliary coolant reservoirs, without success. Unfortunately, Torq did not specify why the ZL1 was running hot.

In closing, we are not taking side with either car. We were excited to see this type of real-life comparison take place and unfortunately, it did not. So hopefully you guys can get this heating issue worked out and back onto the track.

On an aside, you can catch the ZL1 in an upcoming issue of GM High Tech, so it is very clear that these guys are no amateurs.

Update #3 from RevanRacing

The GT500 did not have a full blown aftermarket cold air intake but a "factory" ford racing part that is known as a resonator eliminator and makes the supercharger whine louder. The car did have a tune estimated at around 60+ horsepower.

No doubt we will here more about the Torq ZL1 fight against RevanRacing GT500 in the near future because if there is something we have learned, it is that loosing is not an option for any of them.

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For all those keen motorcyclists out there, you’ll be all too aware of the fact that whilst riding, the almost laughable lack of skill you’re likely to witness from car drivers will always capture your attention. This fact is exemplified in the following video courtesy of rnickeymouse on YouTube.

Rnickeymouse generally films motorcycles carving through Mulholland Drive, specifically around the legendary roads infamous hairpin bend. But bucking this trend is the following video where he gathered together a selection of poor driving over the past six months for our viewer pleasure. Or perhaps it should be viewing displeasure?

Either way, the video depicts idiotic drivers crossing double-yellow lines into oncoming traffic, as well as some amusing attempts at power sliding which go wrong. Despite this, rnickeymouse is quick to point out that the vast majority of people drive responsibly along Mulholland but nevertheless, this video does raise some interesting points.

First off, the video highlights the fact that many mountain roads across the world are not patrolled by police heavily, or lack speed cameras to nab irresponsible drivers like there are in the cities. Secondly, the lack of driving skills also show that perhaps governments across the world should make advanced driving courses free or at least, promote them extensively to help increase the abilities of drivers.

Leave us your thoughts below!

Anyone that has owned an SUV or pickup truck has been here before. You are searching for a space and you think “I could just push that car outta my way and park there.” Then your conscience takes over and reminds you of your insurance premiums, so you just keep looking.

Well, Mercedes has decided to show us that the G63 AMG – AKA the most bad-ass SUV ever made – can fit just about anywhere, literally. The above video is, of course, a Mercedes commercial getting ready for the launch of this much anticipated 544-horsepower super SUV. When the boss man rolls up in his G63 AMG to find a pallet of pipes and a trailer-based office in the way, he politely pushes them out of the way with his 560 pound-feet of torque to make his own space.

It’s a pretty funny commercial, for Mercedes, but the irony is great. First off, the stigma that comes along with owning a Mercedes certainly fits the “me first” attitude of the driver. Secondly, who in their right mind would push, pull or tow ANYTHING with a $129,000 SUV? I sure as hell wouldn’t.

Either way, check out the video and have a few chuckles on us. Hopefully, Mercedes decides to take a slightly more comedic approach with its not-so-Mercedes-like SUV. Most Mercedes commercials are a little, um, “stuffy” for our taste.

There are a few obligatory things in any attention-grabbing car commercial. They are a desirable car, sweet cool music, and the optional good looking woman, and by optional we mean mandatory… Well, Duxcoat, a water and stain repellant company, decided to show us exactly how confident they are in their Nano paint treatment using the mandatory woman and one not-so-mandatory addition. For those that don’t know what Nano paint treatment is, it is a sealant that prevents water and stains from sitting on your car’s paint or windshield.

Onto the video… So, you have a rather attractive and (ahem) “well-equipped” woman jogging down an old dirt road in a white shirt, a Nissan Frontier , and a puddle of water. Hmm, can you do the math? If not, call in any former member of a fraternity and he’ll explain it to you (white shirt + water = see-through shirt and lots of hoops and hollers). In to ruin the fun is a well-fed man with upper torso equipment not quite as intriguing as the running woman’s.

All three converge in front of the mud puddle, leaving the woman and man soaked. Every male TopSpeed reader is now thinking the same thing “Woo Hoo!!” Well, there is a “wardrobe malfunction” in this commercial, but only with one of the two folks in white shirts. The other one is wearing a shirt coated with… Duxcoat! We’re not going to tell you which one, but we’ll leave it at this; at a certain angle, man boobs look a lot like those found on a female, so be careful with the staring on this one. You might give people the wrong idea.

You’ve gotta love creative advertising. Enjoy!

The 100th issue of the comic series “The Walking Dead” is coming up and typically we wouldn’t have too much interest in it. However, once we hear the term “Zombie Survival Machine” combined with “Hyundai ,” our ears perk up a bit.

Hyundai has teamed up with the writer of the comic, Robert Kirkman, to create the ultimate Zombie Survival Machine using none other than a brand new Hyundai Elantra coupe. Hyundai has teased a final sketch of the creation, but we are not too sure if this is actually what it will look like. Fortunately, we don’t need to wait too long, as Hyundai is unveiling this walking dead survival coupe at the Comic-Con, which starts on July 12th and runs through the 15th.

If the sketches are true to the real-life production model, it will bear a V-shaped plow on the front with massive metal spike protruding from the top, which will help turn zombies into shish-kabob. On each rim is another skewer that looks like it is designed to do serious damage to a zombie’s leg. Up top you get triple fog lights, because we all know that the zombie apocalypse is never complete without tons of fog.

The front, rear, and side glass is all reinforced with steel bars so that even if the zombies manage to shatter the glass, they still can’t get into the car – it also works great for carjackers. There’s also a winch mounted to the front end and the body panels appear to be steel plated.

We all know that this model will, of course, never be produced beyond this special one-off model, but it’s bound to be cool nonetheless. Hopefully Hyundai is taking this task seriously and not manufacturing the defense systems out of foam. We want to see real-life metal and a brand new Hyundai that is fit to do battle… Then… Let us drive it, please?

We’ll update you with complete details on this zombie-fighting Hyundai the second we get all of the information and some rear shots of the car. Until then, enjoy the concept drawing.

Click past the jump for Hyundai’s press release.

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) is due to kick off on July 8th and we dug up a pretty interesting video from a test run. Paul Dallenbach’s, who will run a fairly nasty 1,400-horsepower car in this year’s PPIHC, was testing his high-powered machine and the video is bad-ass in itself, but an even more interesting event occurs at the 18-second mark.

Suddenly a strange object comes flying across the screen, just in front of Dallenbach’s car. What was it? Was it a bird, a chunk of his car, or maybe it was E.T. himself sneaking a quick peak at Dallenbach’s mean ride? Nope, none of those are right. Dallenbach’s team must not have strapped down his front on-board camera down tight enough and it went for a nice long flight across the road and down the mountain.

Even more amazing, the camera survived this launching and filmed the entire event. So, if you have never had the exhilarating experience of rolling down a mountain after being thrown from a car, here’s your chance to see how it looks without the pain of several broken bones. We need to find out whoever manufactured that camera and advise that this video becomes a part of its marketing campaign, as that is one indestructible hunk of electronics there.

Back to the car… Luckily, Dallenbach had several cameras on-board, so we got to see and hear this 1,400-horsepower, twin-turbocharged monster work its ass off getting up the hill as fast as possible. The blow off valve alone sounds like it could fire a golf ball through a concrete wall, so he has to be running at least 30 psi of boost through this to have that kind of waste coming from the valve.

We definitely suggest taking the time out for this video, but you may want to crank the speakers down a tad, as this one’s pretty loud. The ending is pretty sweet too, as the crew manages to recover the tossed camera, after a dramatic shot of an ant.

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We’ve seen our fair share of cars of which we would classify as “overkill” in the past few years, and the following gold-chrome wrapped Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 is the ‘golden’ definition of that term.

Not only is the car featured in the following videos one of the most distasteful Lamborghini’s we’ve ever seen, but it wasn’t actually created in an abandoned warehouse where no one would ever see it but rather unveiled by Lamborghini Miami CEO, Brett David over the weekend and that’s when the trouble started.

While on the way to a photoshoot with the respected car photographers over at NueVueProductions, the golden Aventador was pulled over by police after pulling off a highly-entertaining, yet highly-illegal fly by on the motorway before the familiar blue and red flashing police lights appeared in the distance of the on-board camera-car’s GoPro HD.

The most interesting thing about this story is the fact that police simply let the driver and car go, with NueVueProductions posting “The Police were Great! they let him go. Oh yea.. they Loved the car too!”

Now, we’re not sure if the police really did ‘love’ the car, as the golden exterior may have simply blinded their logic but either way, the videos are very entertaining!

Other videos after the jump!

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