There are a few obligatory things in any attention-grabbing car commercial. They are a desirable car, sweet cool music, and the optional good looking woman, and by optional we mean mandatory… Well, Duxcoat, a water and stain repellant company, decided to show us exactly how confident they are in their Nano paint treatment using the mandatory woman and one not-so-mandatory addition. For those that don’t know what Nano paint treatment is, it is a sealant that prevents water and stains from sitting on your car’s paint or windshield.

Onto the video… So, you have a rather attractive and (ahem) “well-equipped” woman jogging down an old dirt road in a white shirt, a Nissan Frontier , and a puddle of water. Hmm, can you do the math? If not, call in any former member of a fraternity and he’ll explain it to you (white shirt + water = see-through shirt and lots of hoops and hollers). In to ruin the fun is a well-fed man with upper torso equipment not quite as intriguing as the running woman’s.

All three converge in front of the mud puddle, leaving the woman and man soaked. Every male TopSpeed reader is now thinking the same thing “Woo Hoo!!” Well, there is a “wardrobe malfunction” in this commercial, but only with one of the two folks in white shirts. The other one is wearing a shirt coated with… Duxcoat! We’re not going to tell you which one, but we’ll leave it at this; at a certain angle, man boobs look a lot like those found on a female, so be careful with the staring on this one. You might give people the wrong idea.

You’ve gotta love creative advertising. Enjoy!

The 100th issue of the comic series “The Walking Dead” is coming up and typically we wouldn’t have too much interest in it. However, once we hear the term “Zombie Survival Machine” combined with “Hyundai ,” our ears perk up a bit.

Hyundai has teamed up with the writer of the comic, Robert Kirkman, to create the ultimate Zombie Survival Machine using none other than a brand new Hyundai Elantra coupe. Hyundai has teased a final sketch of the creation, but we are not too sure if this is actually what it will look like. Fortunately, we don’t need to wait too long, as Hyundai is unveiling this walking dead survival coupe at the Comic-Con, which starts on July 12th and runs through the 15th.

If the sketches are true to the real-life production model, it will bear a V-shaped plow on the front with massive metal spike protruding from the top, which will help turn zombies into shish-kabob. On each rim is another skewer that looks like it is designed to do serious damage to a zombie’s leg. Up top you get triple fog lights, because we all know that the zombie apocalypse is never complete without tons of fog.

The front, rear, and side glass is all reinforced with steel bars so that even if the zombies manage to shatter the glass, they still can’t get into the car – it also works great for carjackers. There’s also a winch mounted to the front end and the body panels appear to be steel plated.

We all know that this model will, of course, never be produced beyond this special one-off model, but it’s bound to be cool nonetheless. Hopefully Hyundai is taking this task seriously and not manufacturing the defense systems out of foam. We want to see real-life metal and a brand new Hyundai that is fit to do battle… Then… Let us drive it, please?

We’ll update you with complete details on this zombie-fighting Hyundai the second we get all of the information and some rear shots of the car. Until then, enjoy the concept drawing.

Click past the jump for Hyundai’s press release.

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) is due to kick off on July 8th and we dug up a pretty interesting video from a test run. Paul Dallenbach’s, who will run a fairly nasty 1,400-horsepower car in this year’s PPIHC, was testing his high-powered machine and the video is bad-ass in itself, but an even more interesting event occurs at the 18-second mark.

Suddenly a strange object comes flying across the screen, just in front of Dallenbach’s car. What was it? Was it a bird, a chunk of his car, or maybe it was E.T. himself sneaking a quick peak at Dallenbach’s mean ride? Nope, none of those are right. Dallenbach’s team must not have strapped down his front on-board camera down tight enough and it went for a nice long flight across the road and down the mountain.

Even more amazing, the camera survived this launching and filmed the entire event. So, if you have never had the exhilarating experience of rolling down a mountain after being thrown from a car, here’s your chance to see how it looks without the pain of several broken bones. We need to find out whoever manufactured that camera and advise that this video becomes a part of its marketing campaign, as that is one indestructible hunk of electronics there.

Back to the car… Luckily, Dallenbach had several cameras on-board, so we got to see and hear this 1,400-horsepower, twin-turbocharged monster work its ass off getting up the hill as fast as possible. The blow off valve alone sounds like it could fire a golf ball through a concrete wall, so he has to be running at least 30 psi of boost through this to have that kind of waste coming from the valve.

We definitely suggest taking the time out for this video, but you may want to crank the speakers down a tad, as this one’s pretty loud. The ending is pretty sweet too, as the crew manages to recover the tossed camera, after a dramatic shot of an ant.

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We’ve seen our fair share of cars of which we would classify as “overkill” in the past few years, and the following gold-chrome wrapped Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 is the ‘golden’ definition of that term.

Not only is the car featured in the following videos one of the most distasteful Lamborghini’s we’ve ever seen, but it wasn’t actually created in an abandoned warehouse where no one would ever see it but rather unveiled by Lamborghini Miami CEO, Brett David over the weekend and that’s when the trouble started.

While on the way to a photoshoot with the respected car photographers over at NueVueProductions, the golden Aventador was pulled over by police after pulling off a highly-entertaining, yet highly-illegal fly by on the motorway before the familiar blue and red flashing police lights appeared in the distance of the on-board camera-car’s GoPro HD.

The most interesting thing about this story is the fact that police simply let the driver and car go, with NueVueProductions posting “The Police were Great! they let him go. Oh yea.. they Loved the car too!”

Now, we’re not sure if the police really did ‘love’ the car, as the golden exterior may have simply blinded their logic but either way, the videos are very entertaining!

Other videos after the jump!

Any fan of professional wrestling is used to seeing per-produced challenges/invitations via video and in dramatic fashion, but racing fans rarely see such drama. Well, that was until Travis Pastrana decided his competition at the upcoming X-Games just wasn’t tough enough this year and sent a video challenge/invitation to 8-time WRC champ, and fellow Red Bull athlete, Sebastien Loeb.

This was far from the professional wrestling-esq “I challenge you to a cage match” style of challenge, as Travis’ video was short, sweet and complimentary to Loeb‘s skills as a rally driver. Red Bull put together Loeb’s response in a much more dramatic fashion, as it was dubbed over with some music and had a plethora of information regarding his super-fast car built just for this event. It even included an auto show-like red cloth veil removal. Still it wasn’t an over-the-top wrestling response, but it was still a tab on the dramatic side relative to Pastrana’s original video.

So let’s have a look at what Pastrana has gotten himself into… Loeb is running a car built-to-suit by Citroen Racing. It comes with a 2.0-liter four-pot that pumps out an unreal 545 ponies and 590 pound-feet of face-deforming torque. According to the video, the hot Citroen will hit 60 mph in just under 3 seconds.

Needless to say, Pastrana and his 2013 Dodge Dart are not only going up against the best rally driver that the world has to offer today, but also a car that is as good as any in the X-Games. Has Pastrana bitten off more than he can chew? Only time will tell, so we will have to wait until the RallyCross event kicks off on July 1st to find out.

We’ll keep you up to date with any other news that pops regarding this friendly rivalry.

You can see Pastrana’s challenge video above and Loeb’s acceptance video after the jump.

Chris Harris is at it again, only this time he has snagged up a rather shoddy looking and running Land Rover , borrowed a clunky trailer with egg shells for tires, bought a £4,000 ($6,225) E30 BMW 325i “Rally car” (that’s at least what the dude that sold it to him called it), and attempted to try and get the rally car to a local track to test it.

Getting to the rally track turned out to be a task in itself, as it began with the cooling fan on his shoddy old 3.9-liter V-8-powered Land Rover crapping out and him repairing it in a not-so-correct-way that ended up causing it to pop fuses like crazy. Add on top of that the fact that this now hot-wired fan was constantly killing the battery and you have quite a situation.

On top of the crappy tow car, there is the fact that he borrowed a trailer from a friend that has tires that are magnets for punctures and replacements are not available at any tire shop. After popping and shredding two of the four tires on this trailer, Harris and his crew manage to get the £4,000 Bimmer to the track and beat the living hell out of it. The Bimmer took it well until Chris pushed it a little too far and spun it out coming out of a turn. Fortunately, the car was fine and the rallying continued. You can see it all of this in the above video.

The rally racing is only half of the fun of the video, as the trip getting there had plenty of interesting twists. To boot, the trailer from hell gave Chris and the boys another surprise on the way back home… Ah, the joys of budget racing!

IndyCar was all set to make its Chinese debut on August 19th, but the folks in Qingdao, China have better things to do, so its mayor cancelled the race. What is this better thing to do? Well, drink beer, of course. Yup, the August 19th race date directly overlapped the Qingdao International Beer Festival, which runs from August 11th – 26th and the mayor just didn’t see it fit to have something as small and unpopular as IndyCar interrupting its drinking festival, so he gave the IndyCar race Das Boot!

Now IndyCar must scramble around and attempt to find a replacement race and another China-based race is highly unlikely. There are rumors circulating that a second race at Texas Motor Speedway attached to the very end of the IndyCar 2012 season is going to be the likely replacement for the Beerfest-bumped race.

We are willing to bet that IndyCar is a little bit embarrassed to be bumped out of China, due to a 15-day-long beer festival. Who would have known that the folks in Qingdao took their drinking so seriously? Now the citizens of Qingdao can enjoy their two weeks of imported suds without interruption.

NASCAR may want to give the mayor of Qingdao a call, as they may be able to design an entire marketing campaign around the two…

If you live in the south especially, you are rather familiar with the various low-speed spectacles that occur on racetracks that typically involve a $500 Dodge Omni without windows and a glass-pack muffler. You know, the amateur circle track circuits, of course. Having owned and operated various mechanic shops in the southern United States, I have become accustomed to these races and the mechanics that show up on Saturday mornings with their “race cars” en tow for that afternoon’s race.

I personally have never frequented these races, but I can only imagine the hilarity that takes place when you get a bunch of race-fuel adrenaline junkies on a track that is too small and they are battling for position at speeds in excess of a sound-barrier-breaking 45 mph. Well, sometimes a little fun breaks out at these fine automobile competitions, as some get a little bit too excited and go way overboard.

The scene in the above video is a prime example of what happens when a non-professional racer gets a little too angry and goes on an exhaust fume-fueled rage. The driver of the red car, which looks to be a circa-1987 Nissan Pulsar, apparently has some sort of beef with the driver of the black car with green numbers and decides to turn his sub-compact “racecar” into a missile.

The driver veers through the infield and rather impressively aligns his car up with his moving target – clearly using advanced physics to make such a precise maneuver – and slams into the side of the enemy racer. The driver of the black car does what any self-respecting racer does; he proceeds to exit his cockpit and confront the red car’s driver. Well, that didn’t turn out well either, as the red car’s driver wasn’t done yet and proceeded to beat the hell out of the black car’s driver.

We never condone violence, but in the famed words of Larry the Cable Guy "I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right der…" We are willing to bet that the red car’s driver is suspended from the track for just about as long as he lives.

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We hate saying this but many people buy expensive supercars just to be seen in them. Rather than appreciating the engineering and hard work which is put into creating these exotics, the sad truth is people buys cars like the Lamborghini to find beautiful women who will be “wooed” by their expensive taste.

But does expensive always mean more girls will be attracted to you cruising in your car? Well, Motor Trend teamed up with HOT ROD Magazine’s David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan when they rented a Lamborghini Aventador for 24 hours, costing a cool $6000 dollars. They were also lucky enough to take an extremely unique and one-off 1930 Model A ‘Rat Rod’ which was only ever designed for automotive conventions and shows, rather than actual driving.

The goal of the test? Well, it was simply to find out which car attracts the most attention when cruising through Californian streets, and the result may surprise you.

Enjoy the video!

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Videos of supercars revving in London, England consistently surface on YouTube as the place is packed full of incredible hypercars. These cars continually roam the crowded streets as London is extremely popular for rich Arabian businesspeople who often ship their car’s to the UK for its cool Summer.

This following video contains three core components: An incredible, blacked out Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV , a wealthy UK owner doing the videographer a huge favor, and an incredibly nasty Londoner who, as you’ll soon find out, brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘crazy.’

The videographer, who in this case was shooting for the supercarsoflondon YouTube channel, asked the owner to rev his stunning Lamborghini not expecting the onslaught which would soon followed.

An angry man swiftly goes up to the Lamborghini in protest that the insane revving “scared” him and others around the car, before releasing a barrage of assaults. That is when the NSFW content comes into play.

Although the owner does insult the pedestrian after his initial complaint, it didn’t warrant the insults which followed. The owner goes on to continually state that he was simply doing it as a favor to the man filming, but the “mental guy” doesn’t take that for an excuse.

Check out the video, and it’s obvious which side of the argument we’re on as who in their right minds could not enjoy that lovely exhaust note, but whose side are you on?

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