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future cars

  Future cars in the making. Should they be an innocent drawing, a fine computer rendering or real driving concept, they always preview the cars of the future in some aspects.

Infiniti Etherea

It has been rumored for quite some time now that Infiniti is preparing to attack the premium segment for the first time with a new compact hatchback model. While rumors are out for about three years now, Infiniti decided to keep it a secret and only today the company confirmed that such a model is indeed under development and that it will arrive in 2015.

The model will be built as a production version for the Etherea concept unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. While previous rumors suggested such a model will be offered with an electric drive, we expect it to be offered with both gasoline and diesel engines, but also with the same hybrid power train featured in the concept.

Infiniti’s new compact hatchback will be just one of the new models underlining the brand’s ambition to become a major worldwide competitor. Still, it will have to take on models likeAudi A3 and BMW 1-Series - models that are leaders on the market.

The new model will be built at the Nissan’s production base in Sunderland, United Kingdom where Infiniti plans to invest around £250mn and to create an additional 1,000 jobs.

At the 2011 Geneva Motor Show Gumpert announced a new two-seater Tourer model to its lineup, and now the first images of the production version Tornante have finally surfaced on the internet. A big surprise for everyone considering that just a few months ago the company was facing insolvency.

The production version Tornante looks a little bit updated when compared to the concept unveiled last year. It gets a louvred rear window, horizontal exhaust pipes and taillights inspired by the Lamborghini Gallardo. Other updates include a new front lip spoiler and redesigned headlamps.

No details have been provided on the engine to be used in the production version, but we expect to see the same engine seen in the concept: a bi-turbo V8 with an output of 690 HP mated to a 6-speed semi-automatic gearbox controlled by paddle shifters. The concept was capable to hit a top speed of 186 mph, so we expect at least the same performance figures in the production version.

Source: WCF

Infiniti has just announced that starting 2014 model year its model lineup nomenclature will be significantly simplified. The company will drop the usual G , M , FX , EX and will adopt a simple naming strategy: Q – for sedans, coupes and convertibles, and QX, for crossover and SUV models. Next to the Q or QX lettering each model will also get a double digit representing hierarchy within the range.

This decision has been made to symbolize the brand’s direction and the commitment to Infiniti under the leadership of Johan de Nysschen, but also as an heritage to the famous Q45 – Infiniti’s first iconic flagship produced between 1989 and 2006.

The first model in the new lineup - the Q50 - or the replacement for the previously G sedan will be making its world debut in January 2013 at the Detroit Auto Show. It will be followed by the Q70 - formerly known as the M sedan, and according to The Car Connection, we will also see a new flagship sedan, placed above the upcoming Q70, but do not expect to see until late in 2015.

A few weeks ago, word circulated that a 1,700-horsepower Austrian supercar was being built by one Carlo Abarth. Naturally, anytime you start talking about vehicles with this much power, you start to wonder about its validity and whether or not there’s a legitimate chance the car is going to be built.

Turns out, Carlo Abarth is a lot more serious than we thought after releasing a teaser video of the Milan Abarth , complete with brief glimpses of the supercar. The first thing we heard about the supercar is that it’s being prepared to carry 1,300 horsepower on pump gas and 1,700 horsepower on race fuel, numbers that immediately blow your mind away. Add that to the expected weight of just 900 kg (1,984 pounds) and it’s safe to say that our eye and ears will be on full alert regarding updates on the Milan Abarth, which, by the way, will only be limited to just seven units, making for a truly limited-edition supercar.

The first salvo has been thrown by Carlo Abarth leading up to its debut in February 2013. Clearly, we’re expecting a lot more from now on until then.

Mercedes CLA 45 AMG

Mercedes has unveiled a series of official spy shots for the upcoming CLA 45 AMG sedan, which is set to be unveiled in the spring of 2013. The new images come with confirmation that the sports sedan will feature Benz’s famed 4MATIC system that will transform it into "one of the most dynamic, powerful and efficient four-cylinder series-production compact cars."

The upcoming CLA 45 AMG will be powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine that delivers a total of 325 horsepower and a peak torque of 295 pound-feet. The engine will be mated to an AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports transmission with dual clutch technology and will send the power to all four wheels via the aforementioned 4MATIC AWD system.

The new 4MATIC system will be feature a 3-stage stability program: ESP ON, ESP SPORT Handling Mode and ESP OFF. The first two programs will assist the driver with appropriate control strategies and will increase the torque send to the rear wheels, while the third mode has been specially designed for experienced drivers only on cordoned-off race tracks.

Audi RS Q3 Concept

Earlier this year, at the Beijing Auto Show, Audi unveiled the RS Q3 Concept and everyone knew that a production version was just around the corner. In a recent interview with AutoCar, Quattro GmbH chief, Stephan Reil, confirmed that Audi’s high-performance RS division will be adding four new models to its lineup in 2013.

Two of these four new models will be a production version for the Q3 RS concept and the production version of the long-rumored RS7 luxury sedan. The first to arrive will be the RS7 — most likely in January 2013 at the Detroit Auto Show — while the Q3 RS may arrive in March 2013 at the Geneva Motor Show.

The upcoming Audi RS7 will likely be mechanically identical to the recently launched RS6 Avant , meaning it will be powered by a 4.0-liter TFSI V-8 engine with an output of about 560 ponies and a top speed of 190 mph. The Q3 RS, on the other hand, will most likely retain the engine used in the concept version: a 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine tuned to produce 355 horsepower.

More details will be unveiled in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned!

Source: AutoCar
Acura NSX Concept

It looks like bad news does not cease when it comes to the upcoming Acura NSX . The supercar has been up and down so many times what we have already lost count and now it looks like when the model finally arrives on the market will be very expensive. It’s even more expensive — significantly more — than the Nissan GT-R , which comes in at a massive $97,820.

According to Honda spokesman, Chris Martin, the upcoming NSX is "going to be a technological marvel." Unfortunately, this marvel will likely come at a hefty price, as rumors suggest that it will be priced at about €100,000 – about $130,000 at the current exchange rates. Martin also confirmed the next NSX will use a mid-engine layout and a complex hybrid powertrain that will send power to all four wheels.

The NSX supercar will be built at Honda’s plant in Marysville, Ohio starting in 2015 and will be the first hand-built sports car Honda has ever built outside of Japan.

Source: WCF
Ferrari LaFerrari

Try as it did to keep all images and teasers of the Ferrari F70 under wraps, Ferrari shouldn’t have been surprised to see that a teaser leaked on the Internet a few weeks ago without its permission.

So instead of crashing against the waves, Ferrari decided to ride it, officially releasing the first teaser of the Enzo’s successor. It’s not all that clear, but it’s clear enough to make out a few of the design features of the supercar’s rear. A low roofline looks to be part of the F70’s overall design with a bubble cockpit that was done to presumably increase the headroom for both the driver and the passenger.

More clearly though, are the taillights that, not surprisingly, are connected by a long horizontal braking light similar to the automaker’s existing lineup. A retractable rear wing could also be part of the rear profile, although it’s not distinctly visible in the rendering. We expect one, nonetheless, similar to what the Enzo used to have.

Shortly after unveiling the 6-Series Gran Coupe at the end of 2011, BMW has started testing the most powerful version in the series: the M6 Gran Coupe. Today, after about one year of testings, the M6 Gran Coupe finally made its official debut today.

As with any other M6 model in BMW ’s lineup, the Gran Coupe will be distinguished by a more aggressive and sportier look compared to the standard model. The list of changes will include more aggressive front and rear fascias with the usual M-type elements, larger, 20-inch M light-alloy wheels, and, of course, a quad-exhaust system. The interior will also be updated with the same usual M elements: sports seats, a new M cockpit, lots of Alcantara and carbon fiber.

UPDATE 12/17/2012: BMW has unveiled a new video (above) revealing the interior features of its new M6 Gran Coupe. The model will come with M sports seats with integral belt guides, Merino leather upholstery and much more.

Updated 06/19/2013: BMW U.S.A announced today prices for the M6 GranCoupe. Click past the jump to see how much you have to pay for one.

Audi R8 TDI Le Mans

At the end of November it was speculated that Audi may unveil a R10 diesel supercar, but we took that with a grain of salt. To our surprise, Audi quattro gmbh boss, Franciscus Van Meel, has confirmed that such a model is indeed under development and he offered new details on it.

According to Van Meel, the new diesel supercar will be completely different than the R8 and will help transfer Audi’s Le Mans-winning race technology to the road. The model will be "the absolute best supercar" and according to Van Meel will be "better than the forthcoming McLaren P1."

He offered no details on the engine, but we expect it to fall be somewhere around 700 horsepower and at least 737 pound-feet of torque. Depending on its weight and aerodynamics, that would give it a 0-to-60 mph sprint time in the 3-second range and top it out in the in the 200 mph range. If realized, these numbers will make the upcoming Audi diesel supercar better than three upcoming monsters: Porsche 918 , Ferrari Enzo successor and McLaren P1. With all of that power means that this diesel supercar would likely come in near the €1 million mark.

Stay tuned for more details!

Source: AutoExpress

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