2011 BMW M3 GTS by G-Power

The BMW M3 GTS is no doubt one of the most impressive M3s ever: lightweight body parts, carbon aerodynamic parts, titanium exhaust, racing suspension, roll cage, and racing bucket seats with six-point seat-belts. However, according to G-Power, the GTS is missing one important thing - ultimate output - and the German tuner is ready to offer it.

In order to increase the car’s output, G-Power is offering a "Sporty Drive" supercharger system, adapted specifically for the BMW M3 GTS. The new system will increase the car’s output from a standard of 450 HP to 635 HP and 464 lb-ft of torque.

The new "Sporty Drive" supercharged system is combined with a lightweight, all-titanium exhaust system that delivers the necessary reduction in exhaust back pressure. The exhaust, developed specifically to suit the requirements of the SK II supercharger system, is equipped with 100 cpsi metal catalytic converters.

With the new output, the G-Power M3 GTS will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds and to 124 mph in 11.9 seconds. Top speed is 200 mph.

If you are interested in obtaining the new "Sporty Drive" system, G-Power is offering it for a price of €23,500 - or about $33,500 at the current exchange rates - not including taxes or installation.


Well,as expected M3 package is quite lovely, that’s no wonder on why this car looks sporty just like any M3 edition. I think this aftermarket company did an amazing job here,
200 hp boost in the power is quite impressive.

No doubt about that M3 series is quite a successful line of BMW. I was amazed that they are going to upgrade the performance of the car, I really love power on sportscar! Im looking forward on this car.

Yeah, that’s why I like this one a lot. They have really tricked out the M3 to make it look anything but ordinary. And I like the fact that they have boosted the engine too.

I don’t really like the M3 that much, it looks like an ordinary family car to me. But the upgrades that they did are really something that I like.

Actually, they had to remodel the whole engine in order for it to be able to handle the amount of power that they have added. Specifically, they have replaced the pistons with stronger ones.

hmm. I don’t think so. I think when it comes to expectation, BMW would never left us disappointed about their production. IMO, M3 is one of the most loved line of BMW including the 6 series and as much as possible the car manufacturer maintains the classy look on their cars.

I hope that they have reinforced the M3 engine bay. Though it can take all that added horsepower, that will still put a lot of strain on the car’s engine.

G-Power is rather well known for making great performance upgrades, but I am still awed at the fact that they will be pushing the GTS upgrade that far. That’s certainly going to be one heck of a machine.

the only best thing about this car is the rear taillights. I would hate the automatic version of this one.

I agree with you, I really don’t get why there are some that hate the Mercedes. can’t they see the special and classy look of the Mercedes that every time yo
u stare at it all you can say is "wow" even for 15 min.hehe

Not to mention it lacks the classy looks typical for the BMW design.BMW, never fades when it comes to quality and design of its car. Thumbs up for them!

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