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Wait, wasn’t it just a few days ago that Geiger Cars unveiled their Mustang Shelby GT640 "Golden Snake" ? Now it’s become apparent that the tuning firm is out to even the score by releasing a package for the Mustang ’s key competitor, the Chevrolet Camaro SS ? Well, we guess that is one way to keep things balanced between the two sides of the muscle car fanatics.

Geiger Cars’ package for the Camaro follows along the same lines as the package for the Mustang, but while the Mustang received a subtle gold exterior to highlight the modifications made, the Camaro is sourly eye-catching in this green exterior paint. Hideous as the color may be, the Camaro was also outfitted with a nice exterior package and can now scream down the road with its upgraded 564 HP. Can we forgive the color long enough to enjoy the ride? Absolutely.

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The 2011 Mustang Shelby GT500 is a star among Mustang stars, but German tuner, Geiger Cars, has released a package that is sure to make the muscle car shine even brighter. The Mustang Shelby GT640 "Golden Snake" has undergone a transformation that includes a bump in power and a sparkling new exterior color. It can be yours for 89,000 euros, or about $126,000 at the current exchange rates.

The 550 HP aluminum 5.4 Liter supercharged V8 engine has been manhandled to deliver 640 PS (531 kicking ponies) with the use of a 2.3 liter compressor and a new exhaust system. The exterior is brightened up with a dead gold that lights up with the reflection of the sun. Geiger Cars then used matte black Geiger rims and a carbon fiber hood to contrast with the vibrant new exterior color.

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For most of us the Corvette Grand Sport is a perfect car in its standard version, but even a great car can get better. That is, if you have a few thousand dollars in your pocket. The German tuner, GeigerCars has prepared a tuning package for the Grand Sport that improves both the car’s aerodynamics and performance because, hey, the car wasn’t fast enough already.

The 6.2 liter V8 engine has been tuned to deliver an impressive 588 hp at 6,490 rpm and torque of 738 Nm at 4,030 rpm leaving the original and measly 430hp eating its dust. The result is a sprint from 0 to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds and a top speed of 209 mph.

The aerodynamic package includes a wider front fender (obviously to illustrate its engine’s size) and a rear fender with additional vents, a front diffuser, and larger rear spoiler. Overhauled sway bars, shock absorbers and springs, and 18 and 19 inch light alloy rims, with 275/35 and imposing 325/30 tyres round off the powerful package.

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While winter is over in most of the world, Geiger Cars has decided this is the best time to unveil a Hummer H2 customized for any road condition including 1 meter high snow.

Called the H2 Bomber, this vehicle is equipped with Mattracks 88M1-A1 rubber tracks at each wheel measuring 40cm wide and 150cm long. The interior gets a matte silver finish with extra headlights on the roof and lettering printed in an army style, but an added element of fun can be seen in the sunroof, navigation system with a Kenwood DVD drive, roof monitor with headphones, and rear-view camera.

Under the hood the V8 engine has been tuned to deliver 398 bhp and 574 Nm of torque.

So, off-roaders, what are you waiting for? Oh yeah, next winter!

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The Ford GT is without a doubt one of the best blue oval cars of all time, so it is no wonder that despite being out of production since 2006 tuners are still tweaking the 21st century retro super cars today. The most recent group to turn a wrench on a GT are the U.S. high performance specialists at Geiger Cars when they readied their HP790 package for the Ford.

Ford GT "Geiger HP790"

The Geiger HP790 is powered by a the Ford GT’s standard 5.4 Liter V8 unit, however it has been boosted by about 240 HP to produce a maximum output of 790 HP and 637 lb-ft of torque. Thanks to the newfound power the Ford GT is able to sprint from 0 to to 60 MPH in under 3.6 seconds and climb all the way up to a top speed of 223 MPH. In order to keep the super car stable at speed, the GT has been lowered by about two and a half inches that eliminates whatever fender gap was in between the body and the car’s 20 and 21 inch staggered wheel setup giving the tuned Ford GT the stance it deserves.

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What happens if you are an automotive enthusiast with dreams of chasing the limits of a modern day muscle car on one of the last unrestricted stretches of pavement in the world? The car is the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro , and the road is the Autobahn, only one problem. The car is in the U.S. and the highway is in Germany, delivery could entail an epic road trip retracing the migration patterns of the native Americans back across the Bearing Straight through the twisties of the Himalayas and finished off by a cruise along the Mediterranean coast; but by then you will be too tired to fully enjoy the SS’s 422 HP LS3 on the great German freeway.

Due to GM’s current situation, it doesn’t look like the automaker is too worried about exporting a limited number of high performance models overseas. So the last thing you can do is contact an importer like Geiger Cars, and let them m take car of the whole importation process for you. They will even provide performance modifications like upgraded brake packages as well as more muscular sounding exhaust systems. So if you are planning a bowtie fan’s vacation of a lifetime check out the link to see what they are all about.

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Source: Geiger Cars

For those who know of GeigerCars.de, the tuning specialists native to Munich, this name instantly calls to mind their impressive Hummer Hummer SUVs. Up until now, these SUVs have long been regarded as the sumo kings amongst automobiles – however GeigerCars.de has decided to change all that and have now served up something significantly larger on their plate: the Ford F-650.

Geiger Ford F-650

This monster truck is a solid 21.3 feet long and brings an entire 5.2 tons of curb weight to the scale. The car’s documentation will attest to the fact that the vehicle has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 7.5 tons. As it just lies under the limit, the Ford F-650 can be driven based on the regulations of the “old” class 3 driver’s license. The wheelbase totals 15.1 feet - just barely under the total length of a Hummer H2 (15.8 feet, 2.9 tons). Next to the Ford F-650 the Hummer H2 takes on the appearance of a compact car.

Geiger Ford F-650

A simple push of the F-650s ignition button awakens the diesel engine typical of American trucks. The 6.7 liter capacity of the formidable Cummins diesel engine is distributed amongst only six cylinders, which means the combustion chambers take on the dimensions of milk bottles.

The Ford GT is a living legend. For those who have driven this car before it is hard to imagine what it means to gain 29 % more performance power. Its supercharged engine with an impressive 701 bhp/ 523kW producing a peak torque of 7407 in-lbs reaches a top speed of 211 mph. The engine’s shear force gives you goose bumps and its deep base just about takes your breath away. With the tuning modifications carried out by GeigerCars.de the Ford GT really outdoes itself.

The tuning experts at GeigerCars.de have taken the new Hummer H3 Alpha with its 5.3 liter 300 bhp V8 Vortec engine a step further: it has been modified to create improved performance, more driving power,more speed and not to mention its exclusive styling – it is an impressive package both on and off road.

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