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GEMBALLA is offering for the current 997 Turbo, a complete aerodynamics kit and an extra portion of power. The result is the "GEMBALLA Turbo GT 550", which is an absolute sensation in terms of its appearance and driving dynamics!

Gemballa has set his sights and his wrenches on ratcheting up both the performance and appearnace of what many consider to already be the owrld’s ultimate super car, the Porsche Carrera Gt.

With the new Gemballa GTR 650 Avalanche, based on the Porsche 997 Carrera, the German Porsche conversion specialist Gemballa has created the dream car for the 2006 sports car year. This ultimate German sports car will be available to a selected clientele starting next year. With this refined, ultra-sporty and equally reliable automobile, Gemballa is continuing in its very own great tradition of sports car construction. The Gemballa Avalanche, Mirage and Cyrrus models from the 80’s didn’t earn their legendary reputation for no reason.

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Do you think that the Porsche Cayenne Porsche Cayenne is a mean looking fast car? Well, after you see the Gemballa 750GT Aero the Cayenne will seem a granny`s car. The German tuning house, Gemballa, created this extremely insane package of upgrades for the Porsche Cayenne, in an attempt to blaze the ultimate upgrade path among tuners of the tram-sized SUV. The 750 GT Aero package is the highest level among several tiers of upgrades the company offers for the Cayenne, with engine mods alone boosting (...)

Is it even possible to improve on premium sports cars like the 650 hp GEMBALLA GTR 650 Avalanche, based on the Porsche 997 Carrera? You bet it is, because Porsche conversion specialist GEMBALLA in Leonberg, Germany has raised the bar for this ultimate 2006 dream car by giving it an exclusive special paint job in »Blood Orange«. One of the many highlights of the GEMBALLA GTR 650 Avalanche evo orange-black, in addition to the exterior color scheme and the extravagant interior, is the 20 inch matte-black racing wheels, featuring Michelin tires sized 235/30 ZR 20 (front) and 325/25 ZR 20 (rear).

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