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Gemballa reminds me of some of the most hideous looking tuning jobs ever, but, once in a while they do make proper supercars stand out from the crowd. Gemballa also specialize in tuning Porsches .

One of the very popular models they have worked upon is the Carrera GT. Gemballa created a handful of unique special editions based on the Porsche supercar and called the Gemballa Mirage GT .

These one-off cars were sold out almost instantly and being unique pieces of German engineering, Gemballa made few bucks on every car sold. Now, a Gemballa Mirage GT ’Special Edition’ is up for sale in Germany.

Given the standard car would have cost about $450,000 in the U.S., the used Gemballa Mirage GT has a price tag of $780,000. That is a lot of money even for a Carrera GT that has been tweaked to produce 650 horsepower and is painted black with orange accents. The car has 12,000 miles on its odometer.

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Last year, German tuner, Gemballa , returned to the Geneva Motor Show with a number of aftermarket offerings, one of which was for the McLaren MP4-12C .

This year, Gemballa is headed back to Geneva, and low and behold, it has another McLaren MP4-12C that it’s bringing to the show, only this time, it’s the MP4-12C Spider.

Should anybody look for a more individual twist to the mighty British supercar, Gemballa has the answer in the form of its GT package for the 12C Spider. Just like the program for the coupe version, the 12C Spider features a carbon fiber aero kit of which the most significant components appear to be new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, new tailpipes, a logo kit and a new set of 21-inch Gemballa GForged-one wheels available in either "black magic," "gunmetal,” or an individual color of the customer’s choosing.

Inside, the modifications aren’t all that plenty either. There’s the usual leather and Alcantara upholstery, as well as instrument dials that customers can also have customized in colors of their choice.

No performance upgrades were announced, so don’t expect to see any when the MP4-12C Spider Gemballa GT makes its debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

Should you find the program suitable to your tastes, you can pick it up for a pretty steep price of €47,166, which is about $62,000 based on current exchange rates.

UPDATE 05/17/13: A fresh batch of photos of Gemballa’s McLaren MP4-12C Spyder have been released. Check it out by clicking on the gallery below!

We know how two models in a photoshoot with cars works, but now, how about we take a stab at three?

The leading lady in this particular spread is 20-year old Crystal, an outgoing woman doing her very first official shoot. Way to get baptized into the world of auto modeling, huh?

Together with two of Secret Entourage’s previous models, Misty and Kristen, Crystal gets acquainted to a number of exotics, including the Ferrari 360 Modena , Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale , and the Porsche 911 Gemballa Bi-Turbo.
This collection of hotness of the female and automotive variety is the kind of spread we’d love to have as our wallpapers. Not to mention, this Crystal lady is a real stunner, isn’t she?

She’s a tease too, which we don’t mind in a girl in the least bit. Crazy, stunning, and beautiful, that’s the best way to describe this 20-year old firestarter.

Check her out on the gallery below!

Porsche tuner extraordinaire Gemballa knows Porsche models like the back of their hand. So it comes as no surprise that Gemballa’s latest program, one involving the 911 Cabriolet , is a sight to behold.

Now, the truth of the matter is, their program is exclusively an aerodynamic package; no performance mods on this one. But that’s ok, because they did such a wonderful job with the bodykit that you’ll barely notice its lack of improved performance.

Constructed mainly out of carbon fiber, Gemballa’s GT package for the 911 Cabriolet includes an aggressive front bumper with three large air intakes and an integrated spoiler. It also has deep side skirts, a new rear bumper that comes with vertical reflectors, and a lower section with outlets. These outlets are present to accommodate six tailpipes that are part of the new sport exhaust system with valve control. Finally, the 911 Cabriolet has been fitted with a new set of 21" GForged-one alloy wheels that can be specified in a choice of two finishes - diamond cut or gunmetal.

For the whole program, customers will have to shell out €19,860, which is about $26,000 based on current exchange rates. Customers must then add €9,895 ($13,000) for the tire set-up.

You know when people say that "diamonds are a girl’s best friend?" Apparently, it’s also pretty close to German tuner Gemballa .

In what could be one of the flashiest, gaudiest, and downright most expensive new aftermarket products, Gemballa has introduced the "Genuine Diamond Coating." As the name clearly suggests, the diamond coating is the world’s very first exterior and interior diamond coating. And here we thought that Swarovski crystals were already a tad over the top. Silly us, right?

According to Gemballa CEO Andreas Schwarz, the German tuner isn’t kidding when they mean diamond coating. "When GEMBALLA speaks of diamonds, we really mean it", Schwarz explains. "Our complex process uses genuine diamonds as its key ingredient - not metal pigments, glass fragments, or crystals."

The process in creating diamond coating is a doozy. In order to ensure the product is ready to be ’coated,’ Gemballa ensures that grinding the diamonds into small enough sizes is done with painstaking attention-to-detail, all while ensuring that the diamonds don’t lose their brilliance. From there, it’s a matter of coating the car with the pulverized diamonds.

We gotta give props to Gemballa for thinking about doing something like this, even if it sounds and looks as extravagant - diamonds! - as any tuning program we’ve seen in recent memory. We’re curious to see how much this sparkly paint job will cost.

Gemballa Racing’s McLaren MP4-12C GT3 had its racing baptismal at the German ADAC GT Masters Series and as a way of paying tribute to their very first racing machines, Gemballa decided to commission the help of the fine folks over at Cam Shaft for a special dress up on a Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir .

The unique wrap made by Cam Shaft gave the Veyron Sang Noir a pretty intense look, combining Gemballa’s noted blue color trim with glow-in-the-dark lightning graphics and matching brand logos plastered all around the car. The specially-wrapped Veyron Sang Noir doesn’t carry any performance modifications because the car only served the purpose of being a promo vehicle for the Gemballa’s new racing team.

Whether they have plans of building a Veyron race car in the future, though, is a totally different subject...

As a quick tangent to the guys over at Cam Shaft, you might recall some of their previous offerings, particularly the Lamborghini Koi Camouflage , which we showed you in November 2011.

German tuner, Gemballa , has brought an interesting styling package for the Porsche Cayenne Diesel to Geneva , dissuading the notion that a practical daily driver can’t be turned into a mean and aggressive road runner.

In essence, that’s what Gemballa was going for when they went to the 2012 Geneva Motor Show to show off their subtle yet stylish GT Aero 1 modular styling package. Known as one of the best carbon fiber aerodynamic kit builders in the world, Gemballa’s AERO 1 components are direct replacements for the original parts, and fit to the factory mounting points, which means that if the owner wants to return his Cayenne to its stock looks, he can do so without hampering any of the other body components.

Included in the AERO 1 package is a new front bumper and spoiler, which gives the SUV a more sporting appearance. In addition, the package also has new side skirts, a deeper rear bumper, and a new set of 22" ultra-light, forged alloy wheels.

Despite the minimal modifications, the AERO 1 conversation is only the beginning of what’s shaping up to be a comprehensive program for the second-generation Cayenne . To that, we can expect more out of these guys, with a full body kit already in the works to go with performance modifications.

Porsche has always been Gemballa’s favorite automaker, having done plenty of programs for the German brand. And now that Porsche has released the new 911 , it was only a matter of time before Gemballa got their hands on one.

So with the new 911 Carrera in their possession, Gemballa set out to create an even more individual appearance for the iconic sports car, one that features a comprehensive aero kit and an impressive performance upgrade.

The Gemballa GT kit is exclusively made from light and strong carbon fiber and includes a new front bumper, new side skirts, and a new rear bumper. All these components have been designed along modular lines so that in the event Gemballa decides to add even more components to the car, they can do so without having to change any of the existing kits installed. Rounding off the exterior modifications are a new set of 21" ultra-light forged alloy wheels, which ironically lessens the overall weight of the wheel set-up despite being bigger than the stock 19" wheels on the Carrera and 20" wheels on the Carrera S.

“Lowering the unsprung weight despite going up a wheel size was a priority," explained Gemballa CEO Andreas Schwarz.

For the engine upgrade, Gemballa added its own exhaust system, complete with six distinctive outlet pipes to help the 911’s respective 340-horsepower 3.4 and 400-horsepower 3.8-liter flat-six engines breathe more easily, allowing for increased performance capabilities for the legendary Porsche sports car.

German tuner Gemballa is returning to the auto show scene with a specially designed McLaren MP4-12C . Called the Gemballa GT, this British super car is different from the Gemballa GT3 that they previewed late last year and also the first non-Porsche model to be badged with the ’GT’ monicker. It was given a noticeable aesthetic upheaval that Gemballa CEO Andreas Schwarz says will improve on the MP4-12C’s otherwise "generic look" and "imbue some of the missing emotion" that the supercar should have possessed in the first place.

"Our starting point is an aerodynamic styling kit and ultra-light forged alloy wheels, and we are developing an engine upgrade programme as well," Schwarz said.

For now, the Gemballa GT possesses a new aero kit that consists of a new front bumper and spoiler, new side skirts, a new rear apron, and a small rear wing, all of which are proudly German made and were built with the purpose of improving the MP4-12C’s high-speed stability. They are fitted to the factory mounting points so the original bodywork is not compromised.

Rounding out the exterior changes are a new set of 20" forged alloy wheels at the front and 21" sets at the rear, both of which were designed to fill the arches and give the supercar a more muscular stance, while further increasing mechanical grip.

According to Gemballa, the performance modifications done on the MP4-12C are still under development, but rest assured, it’s going to be something akin to what we expect these guys are capable of.

In 2011, German tuner, Gemballa , presented us with their new tuning program for the Porsche Panamera . Called the Mistrale , the modified luxury Porsche saloon was nothing short of remarkable. This year, those guys are headed back to Geneva with a reworked Mistrale, one that comes with a slight bump in horsepower from last year’s model.

Aesthetically, the Mistrale’s aerodynamic program appears to remain intact with all the major external carbon fiber body components still present in the project. The carbon fiber bonnet is still there, as are the doors, the front wings, and the front and rear bumpers. Moreover, the Mistrale still sports a set of lightweight 22" forged alloy wheels.

The main difference between this new model and last year’s version is that the former comes with improved performance numbers. Gemballa still has a two-stage engine update available for the car with Stage 1 taking the Panamera’s twin-turbo V8 engine all the way up to 610 horsepower and 626 lb/ft of torque. Stage 2 is where the improvement lies, from the 700 horsepower and 737 lb/ft of torque numbers up to 721 horsepower.

More information about the 2012 Gemballa Mistrale should be made available when Gemballa presents the car at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

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