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GM’s Vice President of Global Vehicle Engineering Karl Stracke has a lot to say. In fact, he is pretty much spewing all kinds of information on GM ’s plans to take on the automotive world.

In a recent interview with Motor Trend, Stracke said: "Our goal is Cadillac against BMW — very clearly. We will bring performance to these cars…and be on par or better than BMW. That is our plan." Sounds promising, doesn’t it? Their hopes for Cadillac go beyond just improving themselves enough to pass BMW by a hair: "We will be better than BMW on unsprung mass." And for that Cadillac will prevail with an approach that relies on high technology and basics, like weight reduction.

The most surprising bomb to drop from Stacke’s mouth was the confirmation of the Camaro Z28 . Its resurrection hasn’t exactly been a secret, but up until now, confirmation has not been achieved so openly. According to him things are going to change for the next Camaro Z28; it will be built on a new Alpha platform (and not the Zeta like the current car). He also said that he doesn’t like the steering wheel controls on the Camaro because they are placed too far and the driver needs to remove his hands from the wheel when trying to reach them. A couple of other tweaks will be made to ensure the new Camaro will be exactly what he wants it to be. “We need to win,” he said repeatedly. “Not just shoot for the middle.”

For Buick , he is preparing a full lineup of vehicles, starting with a compact sedan based on the same global architecture as the Cruze and a small crossover below the Enclave .

And he ended up with defining the new GM: "We know what we need to do. Good products…strong products…with the right powertrain."

Source: Motor Trend

Octane ratings are more than just stickers posted on gas pumps; they have a pretty important purpose too, and one that - if not used the right way - could lead to problems for the 2010 Cadillac SRX crossover.

According to General Motors , the SRX, which comes with a turbocharged 2.8-liter V6 engine, could have a pretty embarrassing chink on its armor wherein putting in gasoline with an octane rating that’s lower than 91 could lead to some pretty serious problems causing pre-ignition. As such, GM is trying to nip the problem in the bud by recalling about 547 SRX crossovers that have been tagged by the NHTSA as potentially having this deficiency.

So if you happen to own a 2010 Cadillac SRX crossover, you might want to head over to your GM dealership to have your Engine Control Modules reprogrammed at no cost.

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Traditional gas is going to be a thing of the past if General Motors has a say in it. And guess what? They do. General Motors has teamed up with Hawaii’s major gas energy provider, The Gas Company (TGC) to provide hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles in that state. Currently, Hawaii utilized imported petroleum for about 90% of their energy according to Charles Freese, executive director of GM Global Fuel Cell Activities, and pilot project with General Motors will hopefully dramatically decrease that number soon.
TGC currently produces hydrogen and synthetic natural gas and flows it along the utility gas stream. This process already in place will allow for a smooth transition into providing local fueling stations with hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles.

“This is the type of enabler that a hydrogen transportation infrastructure needs because it addresses both the source of the hydrogen and a feasible way to deliver it for fuel cell vehicle use,” said Freese. “The Hawaii infrastructure could eventually support tens of thousands of fuel cell vehicles.”

Check out full story and the slide show from the presentation of General Motor’s hydrogen collaboration project with The Gas Company of Hawaii after the jump.

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Bumblebee is headed to the land of Gyoza after General Motors made the announcement that the Chevrolet brand, led by the Camaro , will finally be brought to South Korea.

GM Daewoo president and CEO Mike Arcamone made the announcement at the Busan International Airport, saying that, "the introduction of Chevrolet [to South Korea] will enable us to provide our customers an array of exciting new vehicles from the brand’s global lineup, giving them more driving options."

Despite the impending arrival of Chevrolet to South Korea, GM has decided against replacing the Daewoo brand, which has been one of the company’s leading brands in South Korea for quite some time now.

Either way, it looks like South Koreans may have more options to choose from now that Chevrolet is on its way to the country. And if their big fans of the Transformers franchise, you can bet your bulgogi that the Camaro will be a hot-seller when it hits the Korean market in 2011.

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General Motors has been speeding down the track like a train with a purpose. What is GM’s purpose? To pay out all of their outstanding loans and invest for a better tomorrow. General Motors Chairman and Chief Executive confirmed today that General Motors has made payment on the $5.4 billion loan (2 billion of the loan was already paid) to the U.S. government, $700M of which was interest. Ouch. This payment was made five years ahead of schedule and illustrates GM’s progress since declaring bankruptcy last July. General Motors has also been able to repay loans to the Canadian and Ontario governments totaling $1.1 billion (in addition to the $400 million already paid). How’s that for progress?

Source: DetNews

General Motors is putting up some roots in South Korea after the US automaker officially opened its Seoul Advanced Design Studio today. The new design studio, which is located at the up-scale district of Gangnam, will house GM’s interior and exterior styling for all of the brand’s mini and small car designs all over the world.

All in all, the new design studio in Seoul will house over 30 of GM’s designers, in addition to the numerous other employees under GM’s payroll.

Ed Welburn, GM’s Vice President of Global Design, noted that the selection of Gangnam as the location for the brand’s new design studio was attributed to the city’s trendy lifestyle. “Our car designers get inspiration from life and Gangnam is a place where people worship design, style and fashion,” he said. “Our Korean designers will sample perfection every day surrounded by some of the top brands and fashion houses in the world and this ideal location will nurture their creative souls."

Among the GM vehicles that have already been designed by the team that will now be based in Seoul includes the Chevrolet Cruze , the Spark and the new Aveo RS .

Source: GM

You gotta love those crash test dummies. Not only do they play an integral part in ensuring that the vehicles we drive are up to par with today’s safety standards, but contrary to what the name suggests, these crash test dummies are anything but stupid.

General Motors has a bunch of these state-of-the-art proxy humans in their Anthropomorphic Test Device Laboratory, and as they so generously show us in this latest VoltAge video, modern crash test dummies now come with their own recording device that is about the size of a cellphone. What this does is removes the burdensome old practice of having these devices put on the test car’s exterior, resulting in a complicated wiring system.

Apart from that, these modern test dummies are also more sensitive to their predecessors, which is a good thing because it allows company’s like GM to gather more pertinent data that could end up being used to determine a vehicle’s safety standards.

Source: VoltAge

Over the course of a number of months we’ve been bombarded by Chevrolet with photos, videos, and even a detailed description of the Chevy Volt .

By the sheer amount of time and money being invested on this car, you would think that it should, at the very least, already be in the production stages, right?

Well, as it turns out, developing such a car takes longer than any of us ever expected. Yet, despite the slow-rolling of the Volt, Chevy has remained pretty steadfast in their commitment to making the Volt a reality and their latest piece of good news seems to be a step in the right direction.

According to Chevrolet, the first pre-production Volt recently rolled out of the company’s production facility in Hamtramck, Michigan.

Just so we don’t get ahead of ourselves, we have to point out that the car is a pre-production model, which is pretty much a glorified test car to determine whether the Volt is up to par to the enormously high standards General Motors has given it. But even if it is a ‘pre-production’ model, the mere fact that something finally rolled out of the assembly line leads us to believe that the Volt could very well end up out on the road one day.

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You’ll never mistake a professional sports athlete for having a good head on the world of art, let alone make the art themselves.

Retired England cricket captain Michael Vaughan wants you to know that it does happen and he’d be all too happy to show you that he’s exhibit number 1.

After retiring from playing cricket, Vaughan has found a new way to spend his post-playing days by becoming a self-proclaimed art-baller, which, if you don’t know, constitutes to hitting paint-soaked cricket balls at blank canvases until he finds an ‘image’ that he’s happy with.

General Motors seems to have taken a liking on Vaughan’s work that they commissioned him to make an art-ball-inspired Chevrolet Cruze . From what we’ve read, the entire project took about eight hours to make and used up about five gallons of paint. Vaughan even takes time to describe the whole process on how he became interested in art-ball and also gives us a close look at the man in cricket-swinging action.

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GM is working on leasing four retail spaces to open a “Test Drive Studio” that would offer consumers a chance to test drive cars from rival manufacturers, including three of rival Chevrolet’s vehicles before purchasing them, The test drive program will launch in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and Philadelphia and will include the Equinox , Traverse , and Malibu as well as rival vehicles by Ford , Toyota , and Honda .

"You come in and drive any of these competitive products at your leisure," Steve Tihanyi, GM’s general director of marketing services, said during a conference in Chicago. "You don’t have to go running around town to go to a bunch of dealerships."

"It fits perfectly with ’May the best car win,” Tihanyi said of a slogan used by GM in recent advertising. "We’re going to see how it plays out."

The program is due to launch by mid-spring.

Source: Reuters

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