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While most of us never think on how the cars will look like in 2030, there are people out there that want to bring a part of the future in our days. In China for example, GM launched the EN-V (Electric Networked-Vehicle,) Concept. There are three different versions of the EN-V, each of them representing three different characteristics that emphasize the enjoyable nature of future transportation: Jiao (Pride), Miao (Magic) and Xiao (Laugh).

The En-V is powered by electric motors in each of its two driving-mode wheels. The power for the electric motors is provided by lithium-ion batteries that produce zero emissions and have an autonomy of at least 40 kilometers on a single charge.

The body and canopy of EN-V are constructed from carbon fiber, custom-tinted Lexan and acrylic, materials that are more commonly used in race cars, military airplanes and spacecraft because of their strength and lightweight characteristics.

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At any other time, this would have been a really cool replica to have. But one company seems to think otherwise and unfortunately for Mongoose Motorsports, that company just happens to be General Motors .

The Ohio-based company produces unlicensed replicas of the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport, a car that’s as rare as any car you can find in history. Despite its exclusivity and rarity, Mongoose seems to have learned to make a detailed replica of the down to every last curve of the ’63 Corvette. They do it so well, in fact, that GM saw fit to file for copyright infringement. As part of the lawsuit, GM wants access to Mongoose’s financial records, in addition to an undisclosed amount in financial damages.

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Source: Detroit News

GM ’s next-generation heads-up display technology will accomplish one of two things. The first thing is that it could revolutionize car safety by essentially allowing drivers to be able to see out of their own windshield on any condition. On the other hand, similar to just about every concept car we see these days, GM’s Enhanced Vision System could also end up in the same boat, never leaving the research and concept line of GM’s human/machine interface department.

In this video, GM’s Thomas Seder introduces the new technology and describes in great detail what it’s all about, including the technology’s capacity to be able to augment objects in the real world and highlight them so that the driver has a better understanding of where he is at all times.

While the video does a good job of describing the technology in broad strokes, it still left us with more questions than answers on whether this new system has a real place out there on the road or if it’s nothing more than a forward-thinking technology that’s more concept than it is feasible.

Source: GM

It’s pretty much been common knowledge to a lot of folks that the new Chevrolet Camaro has become quite a popular item for General Motors re-launched the brand last year, but we had no idea that it had become THIS popular.

According to Camaro5, the Camaro recently reached a historic milestone after the GM’s Oshawa assembly plant rolled out the 100,000th Camaro. Fittingly enough, the historic Camaro was an Inferno Orange Metallic SS .
The feat is even more remarkable considering that the Camaro reached 100,000 units in less than a year’s time – if you wanted to be anal about it, the first Camaro was rolled out on March 16th of last year.

If you round out the average, that’s about 282 Camaro’s being rolled out every day!

Remarkable; to say the least.

Source: Camaro5

This time, General Motors vice chairman Bob Lutz is definitely having no second thoughts. After temporarily holding off his retirement plans last year to lead GM’s marketing department and act as a senior advisor to GM chairman and CEO Ed Whitacre, Lutz has officially called it a day.

According to CNBC, the larger-than-life Lutz will officially retire from General Motors effective May 1st.

The man a lot of people refer to as ‘Maximum Bob’ for his boisterous personality is also widely regarded as one of the principal figures responsible for jump-starting the company’s product development after it became a little too stale back in the early part of the millennium.

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Source: CNBC

General Motors has apparently gotten used to the age old adage, “if there’s no drama, then it isn’t worth the price of admission”.
We’re telling you this because, as it turns out, Hummer , which was on the brink of the guillotine after GM’s impending sale of the brand to Tengzhong fell through, may just have found new life.

According to the Wall Street Journal, two prior bidders for Hummer have stepped up to the plate in the hopes of saving the All-American SUV from the dust bin. The Wall Street Journal didn’t go on record as to say which two suitors have renewed their chase for Hummer, but it sure is worth pointing that this whole situation is eerily reminiscent of the whole General Motors-Saab -Spyker soap opera, which by the way, wasn’t made official until early this week.

Whether or not these two supposed ‘old’ suitors of Hummer have anything to offer to GM to make them consider selling it, it sure is going to be a very interesting few weeks for all the parties involved. But at the end of the day, Hummer has only two places to go. Either it follows Saab to salvation or it goes follows the bread crumbs left behind by the recently-deceased Saturn and Pontiac .

Keep it here and we’ll update you as soon as more information becomes available.

General Motors had a hard time unloading Saab off of its hands until Spyker eventually came to its rescue. Now it looks like GM is facing a little case of déjà vu after reports that Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery, the company that has been linked – for the longest time – as the would-be buyer of Hummer , is apparently getting cold feet.

According to Reuters, the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce, the two governing bodies that would have to approve the sale of Hummer to Tengzhong is questioning the rationality of buying a brand that’s not necessarily famous for fuel-efficiency, in light of the fact that the country is now taking steps to become more eco-friendly. Guess nobody saw that coming, huh?

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Source: Reuters

If you’re looking for a measuring stick in terms of producing some of the most provocative and compelling documentaries in television today, you can’t go wrong with HBO, especially after their latest creation, “The Last Truck: Closing of a GM Plant” was nominated for an Academy Award for the Best Documentary Short category.

Recounting the story of the abrupt closing of General Motors ’ Moraine Assembly Plant, ‘The Last Truck’ takes viewers into a first-hand look on the effects the shutting down of the plant had on the workers and, to a greater extent, the entire community. After having promised that the plant would not shut down until after a few years, GM’s quick about-face – the company decided to shut down the plant last Dec. 23 - on the matter shocked the community and the employees, many of whom were given enough time to continue their jobs while also looking for better opportunities elsewhere.

If there’s one documentary that we’re going to urge you to watch, it’s this one. Not only does it paint a unique portrait on the lasting effects of the global financial crisis and all of its ramifications, but it also touches on the stories of all those people that thought they were given enough time to sort their jobs and priorities together, only to see the rug get pulled from them unexpectedly.

Source: HBO

By now, a lot of us have probably been hammered with lectures and tutorials about the idea of electric cars and how it’s going to revolutionize the auto industry in the future.

One of the most visible proponents of electric cars has been General Motors and with the Chevrolet Volt , the auto conglomerate has the ideal car to show everyone the merits of EV driving without compensating for performance and reliability.

But for every one of us that know about electric cars like the back of our hands, there are probably hundreds – maybe thousands – that still can’t tell the difference between standard vehicles and those that run on electricity.

So, in a PSA round-about way, GM decided to release a video showing exactly how the Chevy Volt works. Don’t worry; if you’re watching this for the first time, it’s not as complicated as it looks. GM did a smart thing in keeping it simple. After all, you can’t teach someone new tricks without having to explain it in as easy a way as possible first.

Source: Chevrolet

The Chevy Camaro may have been one of the most popular cars of 2009, but despite the enormous success it garnered, the Camaro still fell short against its one-true rival - the Ford Mustang – in the one category it so desperately wanted to win: sales numbers. According to sales data released by Ford and GM , the Mustang outsold the Camaro in 2009 by a tally of 66,623 to 61,618 – a difference of only 5005 units.

Despite the relatively close numbers, the Camaro’s late charge in sales towards the latter part of the year still wasn’t enough to overtake the Mustang for pony car supremacy, which got a shot in the arm of its own after posting 6,327 sold units in December - a 60% increase from its sales figures in November.

We all know just how popular the new Camaro has been but we figure that this is going to be a bitter pill to swallow for the folks of GM. You can have all the awards in the world but at the end of the day, the only number that matters is the number of cars sold for the year and the Camaro – at least for 2009 – will have to settle for second place to the Ford Mustang.

Source: Ford

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