2012 Genty Akylone

A new supercar was recently revealed Genty Automobile and it true to its boastful teasers, the car, called the Akylone, is promising a whole lot of performance capabilities.

Whether it lives up to its promise or not is still a matter of conjecture.

Genty Automobile is an independent French design company that seeks to produce high performance vehicles that go back to the basics of optimum power encased in a lightweight design. Their first offering is the Akylone, a supercar Genty is claiming to be a serious threat in the industry’s uber-competitive "supercar arms-race".

Despite being officially revealed, the Akylone appears to still be far from a finished product, which is a real bummer considering that we were expecting much more than just CAD renderings.

Nevertheless, new supercars are always worth their time on these pages, and it’s going to be very interesting how Genty follows up their official unveiling of the Akylone. Hopefully, we’ll get to see a live one up close real soon.

Updated 10/18/2011: This review has been updated with the official details, specs and images. Find out more about the Genty Akylone after the jump.

Source: Genty Automobile

Exterior and Interior

Genty Akylone

Design-wise, the Akylone looks and resembles what you’d expect from a start-up supercar. It comes plush with expensive materials - carbon fiber and aluminum, among them - to go with a swooping front fascia, a steeply raked roofline, a pair of scissor doors, an enormous rear diffuser, and all the bells and whistles - like LED daytime running lights - of a concept supercar.

Meanwhile, the interior of the Akylone doesn’t appear to be finished yet, although you could make out a few elements that you’d expect to be in the final version, including the sports seats, an elaborate infotainment system, and a wide center console.


Genty Akylone

The Akylone is powered by a 4.8-liter V8 engine that produces in excess of 1,000 horsepower and 940 lb/ft of torque while being connected to a seven-speed sequential transmission.

The numbers translate to the Akylone hitting 0-62 mph in just 2.7 seconds, 0-124 mph in 7.2 seconds, and 0-183 mph in 14 seconds, a time that is 0.6 seconds faster than the current king of production cars, the Veyron Super Sport .

As for top speed? Genty is looking at 220 mph, which is far from the Veyron Super Sport’s 267-mph top speed, but still worth its weight in supercar figures.


Genty Akylone

No word yet on how much an Akylone will cost. Genty is targeting around 15 models being built in its factory in France with one set to be displayed at the Paris Motor Show next year.


Genty Akylone

Genty Automobile has made its intentions known as to who its targeting in the industry. Whether or not it can give the Bugatti Veyron a serious run for its money will all depend on how its testing and development goes over the next few months. It’s easy to talk a big game now, but if you only have numbers and CAD renderings to back up your words, well, that certainly doesn’t mean a whole lot unless the Akylone’s bite is as threatening as Genty Automobile’s bark.

  • 1,000-horsepower engine will catch your attention
  • Looks a little blah
  • No live car shown yet
  • Pricing could be steep. Very steep.


This one can really get lots of attention, because on its super sleek and classy body paint and aside from that,I have to agree that it is absolutely looks so classy and luxurious of its sleek body paint, and its gold wheels cool!

I have to agree that it is already looking great on its sleek body paint, and I bet it will become too pricey on its market production, and I’m glad that it had a striking horsepower.

This one can really get lots of attention, because on its super sleek and classy body paint and aside from that, it is absolutely oozing with angst and appeal!

I have to agree that it is absolutely looks so classy and luxurious of its sleek body paint, and its gold wheels seemsvery cool! However, I noticed that it is too futuristic for this generation.

I love the spacious interior of this Akylone, but I do really hope that they would put this concept super car into market production because I will surely wait and would love to see this in person. smiley

A very classy and expensive car because on its sleek black body paint and even on its luxurious interior amenities. Furthermore, I’m glad to know that you can line up this one of those super cars but why is it they still didn’t announce if when will be the production of it?

This is what I am talking about!! This one is the unique, remarkable, one-of-a-kind car I would love to put on my collector’s item. Look at its final output, the inside design and the performance level – well very upgraded!

Expect it to be very steep guys! Anyway, I would have to agree that it really looks so impressive on its platform and other styling, but I was really hoping that they would put this one on the market.

It really looks like a super car on its aggressive appearance and I just noticed that it also had some futuristic touch most especially on its interior and yes, I must agreed that it can absolutely catch lots of attention on its looks and powerful engine.

This Genty Akylone makes me feel so excited! It is so intriguing and interesting future car. I wonder if what will it looks like, and Hendy Alfonso was rights. It makes it more interesting on its 1000 horsepower.

Wow! I can’t wait to see this car soon! The car has 1000 horse power. Very impressive car. I think this car is one of the fastest car and strongest car ever.

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